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Sunday, 30 November 2008

1.Whats your name spelt backwards?
- Annaoj.. Not too bad right??

2. What did you do last night?
- Errmm..

3. The last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
- The last time i downloaded something was like a gazillion years ago..
It's Diner Dash..

4. Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery?
- How does a 9volt battery look like??

5. Last time you swam in a pool?
- Beginning of this year i think..

6. What are you wearing?
- As usual T-Shirt & Jeans..

7. How many cars have you owned?
- Alot.. But toy cars only..

8. Type of music you dislike most?
- Heavy metal, hard rock like..

9. Are you registered to vote?
- In the next few years maybe..

10. Do you have cable?
- Usb cable i have..

11. What kind of computer do you use?
- Desktop in office..

12. Ever made a prank phone call?
- A couple of times..

13. You like anyone right now?
- Not sure..

14. Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving?
- Can i do both??

15. Furthest place you ever traveled?
- Erm..

16.Do you have a garden?
- If i did it will turn out as jungle..

17. What's your favorite comic strip?
- Garfield..

18. Do you know all the words to the national anthem?
- Yes, i was forced to sing it for 11years..

19. Shower, morning or night?
- Night..

20. Best movie you've seen in the past month?
- 'The Vampire Who Admires Me"..
For the past month i only watched like 2-3 movies..

21. Favorite pizza toppings?
- Pepperoni..

22. Chips or popcorn?
- Chips.........chipsmore.... Yay!!

23. What cell phone provider do you have?
- Cell phone.. Nokia & Sony Ericsson..
Service provider = maxis & digi..

24. Have you ever smoked peanut shells?
- Smoked what??

25. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant?
- Never did never will...

26. Orange Juice or apple?
- Orange, anytime..

27. Who were the last people you sat at lunch with?
- Family la..

28. Favorite chocolate bar?
- I suddenly forget the brand..

29. Who is your longest friend and how long?
- My friend is not long.. Our friendship is long..
Rebecca, since std 1..

30. Last time you ate a homegrown tomato?
- Actually i don't eat tomato..

31. Have you ever won a trophy?
- Primary school, yes.. Secondary school, only warning letters..

32.Favorite artist?
- Alot..

33. Favorite computer game?
- Computer game as in? Downloaded or ?

34. Ever ordered from an infomercial?
- I don't even know what that is..

35. Sprite or 7-UP?
- 7-Up.. Sprite kinda taste weird..

36. Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work?
- I bet everyone in Malaysia wore uniforms before..

37. Last thing you bought at OneUtama?
- Shoes..

38. Ever thrown up in public?
- Omg.. Yes..

39. Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love?
- Can i be a millionaire who found true love..

40. Do you believe in love at first sight?
- I always did believe in that..

41.Can exes just be friends?
- It depends on each individual..

42. Who was the last person you visited in the hospital?
- I hate hospitals.....actually i don't really remember...

43. Did you have long hair as a young kid?
- Yes, extremely long..

44. What message is on your voicemail machine?
- Hi this is.... no i don't have one..

45. Where would you like to go right now?
- Many many places..

46. What was the name of your first pet?
- Blackie, a doggy with black long fur and ears..

47. What kind of back pack do you have, and what's in it?
- Backpack, backpack *sings the song from Dora The Explorer*
I only use backpack when i'm staying overnight at my aunts place..

48. Last incoming/outgoing call on your phone?
- Incoming - Mom & Dad, Outgoing - Jacob & Matthew..
Got two fon ma..

49. What is one thing you are grateful for today?
- Today? to be alive and everyone is safe and sound..

50. What do you really want right now?
- I want alot of things..

Saturday, 29 November 2008

I'm boring myself to death in office..
Yesterday i finally get to watch "Kungfu Panda"..
My bro borrowed from his friend..
It was kinda funny..
And guess what??
He watched the sneak preview of "Wild Child"..
I never even heard of it before..
And and and.... He saw someone there..
But didn't see the other person..
Haha.. Not my problem anyway..
But i don't feel like watching it at all..
I feel like there is nothing interesting screening now..
*Please don't read the bottom part*
*It is not related to the above section*
Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!!!!
This is FUCKING frustating..

LAN JIAO!!!!!!!!
If only i can physically shout..
Need to release frustration..
Is there anything i can punch..
I know i am voulgar..
And abusive too..
When i'm angry/sad/frustrated i need a punching bag..
I need to scream my head off..
I need to punch something..
Be it the wall, cupboard,floor, anything at all..
I should go for anger management class..
I really think i should..
If you come ask me maybe i'll tell you what happened..
But only a certain people..

Friday, 28 November 2008

I'm feeling like bullshit today..
No mood at all..
Something is on my mind now..
But it has nothing to do with my post..
You know the thing about banning beer or some shit like that?
Lets see... Hmm... Ok..
I want to say FUCK YOU to them..
It's really damn ridiculous..
What's a chinese wedding without wine/beer?
And also Cny without beer..
Fuck man.. It's like Cny with no mandarin orange..
Wtf? Just because Islam can't drink beer..
As if they don't secretly drink it..
They can't gamble or buy 4D but i still see them buying 4D & gamble..
And also the thing about closing down the pig farms..
Hello if one day Indians come out and protest,
ask to close down the cow farm? (<-- is this what you call it?)
What will you do?
Will you close down the cow farm?
And previously was the one on catching TB..
Even my singaporean friends was saying it's damn FUCKING stupid..
Everyone of my friends said "I want to migrate"..
If you wear pants means you're TB??!!

How do you differentiate the real TB from those girls who just likes to wear guys clothes?
So every girls in this country MUST wear skirt?
So it means i need to migrate to Singapore also?
'Coz i DON'T wear skirt/dress..
And all the girls have to grow long hair..
If you have short hair please don't leave the house unless you wear wig..
Actually i'm feeling kinda lost now..
& down at the bottom of a deep dark hole..
I just don't feel like laughing or smiling right now..
Can someone come cheer me up..
Can anyone reassure me that eveything will be alright??
Can anyone tell me that you'll always be there for me??
And not only say it for the sake of saying it..
I want you to really mean it..
I know i'll always no matter what be there for my friends..
I'll do anything to protect them..
But i need to know will they do the same for me??
Ok lets imagine..
If one day i was walking down the road &
i got knock down by a car..
How many of my friends will actually go visit me?
Or if i just died,
who will go to my funeral?
Who will cry?
Who will be sad?
Will there be anyone that is grateful if i just drop dead & died?
Can anyone let me know??

Thursday, 27 November 2008

~sLePy HeAd~

I woke up late this morning..
Usually i wake up at 7.40..
I set two alarm..
But this morning when i heard the alarm it's already 8.15..
And when i looked at the phone i only see the .15 and not the 8..
So i went back to sleep..
I was thinking wtf is wrong with my phone..
Then about 8.30 my mom called..
I thought it's 7.30..
She asked me have i left the house..
I said no and i said that i just woke up..
She ask me to hurry up..
So, i went out to the living room sat down and sleep..
Then the alarm on my watch went off..
It was already 8.40..
When i look at my watch i was like SHITSHITSHIT x 10..
Ran to the bathroom dot dot dot...
In about 5mins i was done..
Rushed to work..
No breakfast..
Yesterday was bad enough..
My boss' kids came to the office yesterday..
The younger two..
Playing computer games..
The younger one i think is 7..
She was playing some lame barbie game,
and she keeps asking what colour i want,
what design i want..
It was kinda funny..
Had to put up with them for the whole day..
Overall it was ok, but i couldn't go online..
I feel so sleepy and hungry right now..
Think i'm gonna go out for early lunch today..
My whole body is aching..
Is it because of the way i sleep??
Oh ya,
I've been eating 'Char Siew Fan' for the past 3 days..
I think i'm addicted to it..
Will i die from eating too much 'Char Siew'??
*Berita Utama*
Remaja yang berusia 18 tahun telah dimasukkan
ke hospital kerana keracunan makanan..
Remaja tersebut telah makan terlalu banyak
'Char Siew Fan'
ataupun dikenali sebagai
'garpu bakar nasi'

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

-No Update-

Today is a loooonnngg day..
No bullshit today..
Suffered for 8hours..
There's one more hour..
No, it's not 'coz there's alot of work..
I'm dying here..
Please help me..

I didn't shout at all today..
Can't even check my mail..
It's not the connection..
If you're wondering what's this all about..
I'll let you in on it tomorrow..

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

I just realised it's been a long time since i had good coffee..
Not those in Coffee Bean or Starbucks..
What i meant was those in 'kopitiam'..
Last time i used to drink up to 3-5 cups of coffee in a day..
I think i clogged my blood due to too much coffee..
Then i finally cut down on coffee..
Why did i do that?
'Coz my stomach cant take it anymore..
Too much coffee makes you 'lao sai'..
But every sunday morning i still drink..
"Kopi-peng-kao" two cups..
I think it runs in the family..
Everyone on my father' side likes coffee..
Especially during CNY every morning there will be a big pot of my mom's famous 'kopi-o'..
Some people say they cant sleep after drinking coffee/tea/milo..
But for me,
No matter what i drank i still can sleep..
I love CNY!!
I love Kedah..
If i don't go back to Kedah/Perak it means it's not CNY for me..
Even my 7 years old cousins say the same thing..
61 more days to CNY..
I really can't wait..
After i get my salary i'm spend it all on clothes..
And i need a new year resolution..
Especially - start saving money..
- stop buying irrelevant stuff..
I've been working for 9months + 9days..
And yet my savings is less than Rm500..
If you ask me where my money went,
I will open my mouth and stare at you..
After 3hours i will say "donno"..
Let's see..
How did i spent my money for the past 9months..
Forced to buy some formal clothes for work..
Bought two pairs of jeans..
Two phone..
Two pair of shoes..
Few pairs of t-shirts..
One earring, not those 'geli' types ok..
Changed phone housing.. *note to self - need to buy new housing
Spent Rm300++ in 3 days during Raya at Times Square/NZX/1U/Curve..
Bought some things for cousins..
The L Word Season 1-3, gonna get 4th Season soon..
Few Cds..
Watched few movies..
Went K-box few times..
And since i'm a retard that haven't get her license,
I need to take cab every where i go..
-I wonder where else my money went-

Monday, 24 November 2008

Last sunday was my mom' birthday..
Me & my sis decided we should get a cake..
On sat my parents & my bro went out..
SO we went to Sec14 King's to get the cake..
Wanted to take cab but there was none..
So we walked since it's so near..
On the way there i saw something and i get all excited..
A vending machine..
It's been like a million years since i last saw one..
Just because i want to try if it's working i wasted my sis' Rm2..
I know i'm damn retarded..
I saw two in a day..
It's just around my work place..
I watched The L Word yesterday..
Dana died & Shane proposed to Carmen..
It's so damn sad..
I almost cried..
It's feel like that time when my uncle passed away..
I couldn't control myself..
I was in the office when my mom called me to tell me 'bout the news..
I was still working at the tour company..
Once i saw the caller ID i sense something is wrong..
When she told me i didn't open my mouth to answer her..
Tears in my eyes..
Whatever she said all i answered was "Em"..
She said she's coming to take me home..
Once i put down the fon my tears dropped..
I went to the toilet..
One guy saw me, asked me what's wrong..
I couldn't open my mouth to answer..
I cried in the toilet..
Then i went down told my colleague i will take the rest of the day off..
They were joking with me asking me to don't take off..
No one knew what was going on..
I started to cry like shit..
Applied for leave..
I didn't stop cring..
I really sobbed like a baby..
Right now i got tears in my eyes..
I was waiting for my mom at the bus stop..
I cried and cried..
I bet all the people there was thinking i'm crazy or something..
I don't know how long exactly i cried..
From the first moment i answer the fon..
Until i went home, went over to my aunt's place..
I really don't remember..
I stayed the night there..
We were guarding outside..
Many of my relatives there, the coffin wasn't kept in the apartment..
Me, few of my relatives slept outside..
I barely slept..
It was damn cold..
Me & my cousins were talking..
Then the sensitive part came..
I cried over & over & over..
The second day was worse..
It was really saddening..
But he's in a better place now..
He was such a strong man you know..
And when cancer hit him he became so different..
It's really heart breaking..
Thank god he was already baptized..
I really cant go on..
Don't wanna cry in the office..
Sometimes i do miss him..
It's like i can't see him anymore..
I guess it's really bad for my aunt & cousins..
I really need to stop now before i become a river..
Sorry for being so emo today..

Sunday, 23 November 2008


Chatted with UncleKey yesterday..
For whole hour..
I didn't time it ok..
It's the time stamp..
He's not actually an uncle..
Just that i like to call him UncleKey..
Somehow i look at his recent pictures and i feel he look like my cousin..
I'm not actually blogging right now..
Guess why??
I'm so damn bored..
I don't know i'm talking bout Unclekey..
But he's a nice guy..
And we are still on with the 'Hantu Tetek' & 'Hantu Yogurt' thingy..
He's a funny guy..
Ok i better stop or else Anna will have something to say..
I want to watch L Word.. My parents going to Malacca..
So Happy...
I'm actually still sleeping..
So, Go figure..

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Same Same

This morning when i woke up my leg cramp again..
Yesterday was left today is right..
Tomorrow both leg..
I'll die man..
Yesterday i blogged bout the stupid things we did in school..
I'll continue today..
Let's see...
When i was in form1 it was Mawar class..
Owh i just realised i started in Mawar i finished in Mawar..
Cool.. Lol..
Anyway, the students were naughty..
Well maybe more than just naughty..
There's this Pn.Ho she's a new teacher..
Teaches my class history..
I don't remember what happened but my class made her cry..
It's so funny, she ran to the toilet and cried.. OMG!!
The same thing happened in form2..
Her birthday is the same day as one of the student in the class..
So we wanted to make her happy..
The students wrote "Happy Birthday to Pn.Ho & (student' name)..
She was so happy, UNTIL..
One 'kepo' student asked her..
"Teacher, your husband didn't celebrate with you ar? Got candle-light dinner onot?"
Then she said her husband went outstation for work..
Then the 'kepo' asked "Where?"..
She said CHINA!!
So, two idiots opened their mouth to say something to their friend..
One of the idiot being me & the other one is a guy (cute guy)..
I whisper to my friend "Go china bao yi lai" (find mistress)..
I don't know what the guy said to his friend but 4 of us were laughing..
I guess she knew what we said..
She was so pissed, she shouted something, don't remember what it was..
All i remembered was she ran out from the class, to the toilet and cried..
I heard that the school office was burnt down by students before..
In the 90's if i'm not mistaken..
Students these days are not so notorious anymore..
If i'm not mistaken last time the fees for one month was Rm50bucks a week..
And for quitting was few hundred..
Then bout 4years back Rm50 a month..
Then last year some idiot told me it's Rm5 a week..
And quitting is Rm200..
I was surprised..
It dropped so rapidly..
Maybe it's 'coz they were losing their power..
Last time the "leader" don't show up unless there's something big going on..
But now... *sigh*.. They're all over the place..
'Sudah takde power'..
When i was in form2 i saw one guy coming in from the back gate..
He just came back from back field..
There was a fight i guess..
His back was slashed & blood was oozing out from the wound..
He tied his sweater on it..
I wasn't grossed..
The first week when i was in form1,
there' a few person that asked me to join their gang..
Shoud i be happy or sad??
But i just ignored them..
I don't need any stupid gangster to protect me..
I can take care of myself..
I just realised i never gotten into a fist fight before..
No one dared to i guess..
Just quarreling..
There were a few bitches that kept wanting to quarrel..
But whenever i said 'Jek chao la' (1 on 1)..
They don't dare..
So ended up quarrel la..
I don't go around picking fights..
For me it's an eye for an eye..
You don't disturb me i won't touch you..
You don't like me i won't like you..
I almots beat up a girl once..
She was really annoying me..
So instead of beating her what i did was;
took her pencil case threw it at her and her stuff scattered all over the place..
And there was this girl that Jaslyn & me always made fun of..
Her surname is _ _ _ fill in the blanks..
I didn't want to but i had to..
She's damn rude to me for no reason and she's 1year my junior..
My ex-pet sis let's call her A, that time i was only in form2..
When i'm in form2 i always skipped class..
So, i went to find A..
Me & Jas was outside A' class then she wants to pass by..
She didn't even say "Skewme"..
What she did was 'langgar lari'..
Then A said "This girl don't like you!"..
I was like "Why?"..
A said she didn't know but she said she don't like me..
I was still ok..
Then i became friends with this one fella, which was her friend..
So, one day me and my friends was playing "Dare"..
something happen..
We became mortal enemies..
Everytime we meet there will be a fight..
I was so damn pissed at that two..
The whole afternoon session knows about it in less than 1hour..
My reputation gone in less than 1hour..
Then the next day was worse..
My friends came asking me..
I got so much explanation to do..
From one thing they started another rumour..
One of my friend told me that "someone" said something bout me & Rachel..
I was even more angry..
I lashed out at everyone..
I even grabbed my friend on the collar asking her to tell me who that was..
Even in the public i just shout at her "Stare Fucks ar?!!"..
Which of coz she won't respond to in the public..
Even her 'kawan - kawan' got some from me..
I was in so bad mood for one period of time..
Look at me and you'll get it..
I can't beat her directly, if i did i'm in big trouble..
Had to wait till she hit me first which of coz never happened..
I feel she's damn 'kiasi'..
There's once i was in the toilet, she was there too..
She didn't dare to open her mouth..
Until she went out..
I went out after she did..
Then Jaslyn Khew said "The fella call u a bitch"..
Of coz my reaction was "Mahai, y din say earlier?"..
Then started la..
I shouted at her ^&!$%^*#$^&%*#$!#^&#%^..
She shouted back *(&)&#$%)(*%^)($#*%$#)(%!(*%..
It stretched on for about 10metres??
Why 10metres? Coz she was walking..
Until i said "Jek chao la pat po"..
-Enough of keganasan for one day-

Friday, 21 November 2008


I've broken a record yesterday..
The record of having the worst leg cramp at night..
Almost killed me..
It still hurts till now..
Oh ya Jaslyn Khew will be going to Singapore..
She will be there from today til Sunday..
And i'll be stuck here bored..
No one to sms with..
She have the guts to ask me don't miss her..
Perasan betul..
I've known her since form2..
We were in the same class..
I was sitting with Rachel..
But i don't know how i wind up sitting in front of her..
We're actually sitting at different ends of the class..
Maybe it's 'coz we have the same hobby..
Hobby being bullying Yong May Yan..
Everyone in the class knows how notorious we are..
Even complaining to Shanti didn't help her..
We skipped class almost all the time..
Talking back to teacher..
Did stupid things together..
Then in form3 we went to different class..
Weren't close anymore..
But but but, in form4 we're in the same class again..
Fate wanted to us to work together to kill the teachers..
So that's what we did..
Then Ivy came along..
It became worse..
Me, Ivy, Jaslyn & Joyce became the "Gang of Four"..
Everytime we went into the staff room all the teachers will look at us in a weird way..
The even gossiped about the four of us in the staff room..
Then things started to changed in form5..
Ended up being me, siew peng, jaslyn, ivy & pik woon..
The teachers areat a higher risk of getting heart attack..
We talked and joked and laughed like it's no one' business..

Until one day 5 of us got punished to stand outside by Pn. Lim our science teacher..
We were joking in the science lab as usual..
Not doing our work..
Few of us were playing with the metal locker in the lab..
I hid in there to scare people..
We laughed like some kind of mad people..
It was hilarious..
Then she gave us warning..
So we sat down and continued to joke/laugh/talk cock..
Until she was really pissed and we got kicked out..
Punished to stand at the badminton court..
Opposite of me & siew peng' siblings class and other form threes'..
But we were walking around..
Still continue with our antiques..
Then Pn.Julie one of the most feared disipline teacher saw us..
I thought we were going to die..
But but but, she asked us to go back to the class.. Lol..
We went back in and Pn.Lim almost exploded when we say Pn.Julie ask us to go back inside..
Good old times right..
I don't really hate Pn.Lim i just dislike her..
I love to make her angry..
There's this once i didn't copy notes.. Ok more than once..
Second day she she asked me where is my book..
So i said "Yesterday forget, today didn't bring" ..
She asked me what's the difference..
Me & Ivy said the same thing at the same time..
It wasn't planned at all..
At the same speed same time we said;
"Forget is forget didn't bring is purposely wan"..
Then we started laughing like idiots..
She was so surprised and shut her mouth and leave..
I can actually go on and on and on with the stupid things we did in school..
There's this Pn. Teh Wan Ying that we call mop/mushroom..
In form4 i thought she was actually going to whack me with the book or something..
We even had a "staring competition"..
My place is next to the window..
There were Form5 students play rugby..
I kept looking outside, wasn't paying attentio to her as usual..
She kept asking to me stop looking outside..
After awhile i stopped..
Then she shout at me ask to to stop looking outside and why i kept looking outside..
Being me i got pissed off and shouted back at her..
My friends was shocked..
Then i started at her without blinking..
She keep saying i 'cabar cikgu'..
THEN, i opened my mouth to say stupid stuff..
Like, "OMG i need eye mo moist!!"..
My stupid friends start to laugh..
But i didn't blink or look away..
Then she asked me & ivy to show her our note book & exercise book..
Which of 'coz was empty..
We still joked right in front of her..
She was really pissed..
I forgot how it ended but i know she asked us to finish copying all the notes..
But we just went back and still continue our stupid stuff..
I remember a few person coming up to me, thanking me..
Ok i should stop here and continue tomorrow..

Thursday, 20 November 2008

~Two Posts In A Day~

I hate this too but i can help it..
This fucker with the number - 0132464370 keeps calling..
Motherfucker i told him/her "salah nombor"..
But this fella keeps saying "takde takde"..
Mahai.. Niasing..
I wanted to curse at the fella..
BUT since i'm so civilised i didn't..
What?? I'm civilised OK!!
And i was in the toilet doing my business so i didn't want to shout..
I said 'Salah nombor like a thousand times and the fella still insist that they have the right number..
I ask "Cari siapa"..
The fella was saying something like "Dwayne, Dame, Zane, Sane" or something like that..
I'm really annoyed..
I wanted to say "FUCK YOU LA... I say wrong number means wrong number la.."
Please can anyone help me prank call this person or something..
Or miss call this fella in the middle of the night..
One more time this fella call he/she will get it from me..
If you're wondering why he/she it's because there was 2 person..
The lady was talking and the guy was interrupting..
There's one more thing that annoys me..
Fucker didn't even say sorry and just hung up..
I must get a revenge..
Not the first time and it's the same number..
Other times the fella didn't say anything..
I should call the fella at 3am and ask;
"Ello puki ada ar puki? I nak cari puki la.. Kalo puki takde Tetek pun ok la"
Try and call me one more time..
Just try me..


I dropped my phone again this morning..
On tar road..
Recently i keep dropping my phone..
Guess what??
3 out of 5 of my boss' daughter is here..
So today will totally be like crap..
And i'm having bad stomachache now..

I met May Yan yesterday..
She was with Jacky..
She walked by my shop and i called her..
& & & She's got a new phone..
Guess who it's from..
We were talking on the phone while she is standing outside..
We're looking at one another through the glass door..
She asked me to join her for dinner..
I didn't want to but she forced me..
In the end i sat there as a lamppost..
I didn't feel like eating..
So i just drank..
Didn't even know what it was..
May yan was telling me bout the surprise in her college arranged by Jacky..
And she keeps asking me to talk to Jacky..
We were having a hard time communicating..
It's totally weird..
The three of us were like chicken talking to a duck..
Ok more to 2 chicken talkng to 1 duck..
But at least we still can communicate right..
Need to polish up on my chinese..
It's getting worse..
So we were there from 6+ till around 7.30..

When i was walking home i went to get my Season3..
Went home, waited for my parents to go out..
Then watched 2 episodes..
I wanted to watch somemore..
But my stupid sis wants to watch "ForenSICK Heroes"..
So i stopped at Episode2..
Hope tonight parents won't be at home again..

I am here typing 'coz my boss & her daughterS went out..
They'll be back but i don't know what time..
So i'm typing as fast as i can..
Pray they'll go home..
'Coz her kids are using my comp to play Neopets..
Also known as Jipets..
I wish i can finish watching Season3 A.S.A.P..
Then Season4 then Season5..
But Season6 (last season) will be coming out next year January..
It's time for me to go check on other peoples blog..

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Finally I finished watching Season2..
The L Word..
After work today i'm going to get my Season3..
My salary for this whole month went down the drain..
Season1 was only Rm20..
One disc was Rm10..
There was 2 disc with 18 episode..
Then the fella got smart..
He made it into 4 disc..
So Rm10 x 4 = Rm 40..
So if i wanna get all 6 seasons it'll be..
Season 2 to Season 6 = 5Season
Rm40 x 5 =Rm200 + Season1 Rm20 = Rm220..
I heard Cny songs..
It's from 988..
Damn nice..
Make me feel so touched..
Can CNY come faster??
I miss my relatives..
Damn it...
At first i was grining like an idiot..
Then i got tears in my eyes just listening to the Cny song..
I want to go back to Kedah&Perak..
Don't tell me Xmas will be here first..
'Coz i don't care 'bout Xmas..
I only want CNY..
Going to get Season3 later..
I think my parents are not at home tonight..
So, i can watch..
Wonder how long it'll take for me to finish Season3..
It only took me 2 nights to finish Season1..
But quite sometime for Season2..
There's a few person wanting to borrow from me..
I should rent it..
First come first serve..
Whoever that meet up with me first can borrow..
I wish Carmen & Shane will be together in the end..
Tina & Bette too..

- CNY-
-Season 3 here i come-

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


My brain is currently in workshop..
So this is what did..
And it made me realise how bad i was (still am)..

How much of your teenage life have you messed up??

[ ] made out with someone before dating
[x] gotten a phone taken away in class - no thnx to someone
[x] gotten suspended - zaharah
[x] gotten caught chewing gum - more than once
[x] gotten caught cheating on a test - approx 5 times?
[x] arrived late to class more than 5 times - for me it should me 500 times
[x] didn't do homework over 5 times - around 5000000 times
[x] turned at least 3 projects in late
[x] laughed so loud you got kicked out of class - can't help it i'm a funny person
[x] got your mom, dad, etc to get you out of school
[x] text people during class - who don't? but we text to one another in the class

[x] passed notes - we even passed exam answer sheet
[x] threw stuff across the room - all the time even during exam
[x] laughed at the teacher - laughed till tears came out and was punished

Total so far:13

[x] took pictures during school hours
[x] called someone during school hours - i did that bout 1000times
[x] listened to iPod, CD, etc during school hours
[x] threw something at the teacher
[x] went outside the classroom without permission - everyday/hour/minute
[x] broke the dress code - no one in this world that don't do this
[x] failed to go to class for lesson - not one day that i don't miss lessons
[x] ate food during class - everyday with a bunch of friends
[x] gotten a call from school - to my dad from Shanti
[ ] couldn't go on a field trip cause you behaved badly
[x] given a teacher the finger when they weren't looking - did it even when they're looking
[x] swore during class/school - *ahem*
[x] forged your parents signature
[x] slept in class - everyday
[x] cursed at your teacher - almost got D3 for cursing & throwing eggs at her house
[x] copied homework - all the time or just hand up empty books
[x] got in trouble with the pincipal/vice principal -
few times

Total : 16

Overall: 29
Multiply by 3*
- 87% school gangster

Monday, 17 November 2008


I just realised almost every monday my blogs starts with,
"I went to 1u yesterday"..
And yes i did went yesterday..
My dad wanted to see Asimo..
So i went with my family..
I'm not really interested in Asimo though..
We reached just in time for the show to start..
So after awhile there Asimo had to recharge or something like that..
The emcee was like "Please don't leave Asimo will be back in a short while"..
And what did the typical Malaysians did??
They all left..
Just walked around and i wanted to buy a Body Glove shirt..
It costs around Rm40 but my mom says it's expensive..
Is it really??
Went to Wong Kok to "yum cha"..

I think my temper is getting worse this days..
I will get angry even though it's just a small matter..
Need to go for anger management class..

Cny is in less than 70 days..
I'm so exited..
Can't wait to go back..
It might sound crazy but i have started listening to Cny songs..
My sis have pre-booked & deposited money yesterday..
She's getting the Cny album from 988..
Whereas i want the one from Myfm..

Recently i keep saying "This is bullshit"..
I don't know why..

By the way today is the exact date of May Yan' Birthday..
I wished her last night..
She's so happy.. Lol..
I reminded a few person to wish her..
But i don't know if they did..
There's an idiot which replied to me..
"For wat!" I was like =.=''
One other fella just said "Ok, thnx"..
I'm not a greedy person..
For my birthday i just want a bungalow, a Bmw, a new phone..
I'm just kidding..
I just want a simple "Happy Birthday" wish from my friends..
Which i never really get..
Only a few person actually wished me this year besides my ex-colleagues..
And the self-proclaimed ''best friend'' wished me one week later..
When i was at my uncle' funeral..
Wtf!! She still can add "haha"..
I think only Pamelah wished me on exact date..
Even my ex-colleagues had a combined "surprise" party for me & one other fella..
I'm not asking for anything more than a wish..
If only i can find out how many people actually remembers my birthday..

You can stop reading now..
This part below is for cursing..
But if you want to continue i'm ok..

I'm beginning to hate someone..
She's a total bitch, a BIG FUCKING bitch..
She WAS a family member..
Notice the WAS ?!?!
I hate her, her son & her daughter..
They're all fake fake fake fake..
I'm really angry after i found out what this asshole said..
Fucking son of a bitch..
I don't care if we have same blood flowing in the vein or that we share the same surname..
You're just another motherfucker..
Like what the malays says "Bagai Kacang Lupakan Kulit"..
And your mom is a total whore..
Fucking desperate cunt..
So what if you WERE married to my uncle?!
Even though i'm just a kid and i'm not in the place to interfere but you're still a bitch..
I lost all respects for you and that two piece of shit..
Used to call you due to respect, now i'll call you cuntie..
I just want to tell you to FUCK OFF..
You and your two useless son & daughter..
He feed you, clothe you, you want a car he bought one for you, laptop, gives you everything..
You still dare to say he owe you money?
What kind of son are you??
It really saddens me when i heard what they said..
Even though i'm not the perfect daughter but i'll never say what you said or do what you did..
I admit i'm rebellious..
At least i'm not fake like the three of you are..
Fucking slut..
Cunt face..
Dick head..
- i'm done for the day-

Saturday, 15 November 2008


This is gonna be quite a long post..
I'm gonna bore you to death with what happened for the whole of yesterday..
I will put in almost every single details..
And no pictures at all..
I put in details 'coz i never ever want to forget this day..

I'm not gonna start with the i woke up thing..
I went to 1U yesterday..
It was a birthday celebration for May Yan and Karmen..
For May Yan it was a surprise..
I took leave & Jaslyn Khew skipped school..
She didn't tell me until that morning..
And ivy too..
She told me she wasn't going on thurs then on friday morning she called, told me she was going..
I went to 1u with Jaslyn..
Took a cab from Kj lrt station that cost me Rm15..
Yoke Cheng (organizer) told me to meet at Secret Recipe at 1pm..
So i reached around that time - maybe a 'lil late..
When i reached there i called her..
She said she's inside but i can't see her..
She was actually on her way from the other side..
She came with Ying Kee..
I was surprised to see him there..
Then ivy came..
Later on was Karmen & her Bf (Kenneth)..
Then it was Mandy..
She came from behind and closed my eyes..
We were standing outside Secret Recipe for bout an hour or so..
Then we went in..
Ordered food..
Then Jacky came with May Yan..
She was surprised she was really happy..
Then Jacky said she's going to toilet..
Bout 5 - 10mins later May Yan said she wants to go to the toilet..
So i went with her..
I knew Jacky wasn't in the toilet..
I don't know where she went but i had to cover up for Jacky..
When we're in the toilet May Yan told me she is really happy..
And she cant stop smiling..
She scolded me for lying to her..
'Coz she actually asked us to celebrate for her and all of us told her that we're busy..
I had to lie to her twice..
The first time i said i couldn't get leave..
Second time i said i have work & prayers..
She was really sad when i said that..
I felt so bad for lying to her..
Then we went back to Secret Recipe..
Kenneth and Karmen sat opposite me & Jaslyn..
It was nice enough for him to put up with our antiques..
Especially Me & Ivy..
It's been a long time since i had so much fun with my friends..
We're eating, talking crap, laughing like idiots..
Then Voon Hong came..
Then more crap was said..
And Jacky bought a bouquet of flower for May Yan..
Its was really nice..
It costs more then 100++..
And there was two cakes..
One was from Baskin Robbins and the other was Secret Recipe..
Read Karmens blog for the pics..
Costs more then 200 bucks..
And she didn't want us to pay for our shares..
What surprised me more was that Cheang Ee, Dwayne & Siew Haur actually showed up..
Then May Yan came over to my place and says she want to keep me company..
Then she asked me who's present was that..
Is it mine?
I said "Its not mine.."
Then she didn't believe me..
We were speaking in cantonese..
I only speak to her in cantonese, no one else have this privilege..
She was like if it's not yours why is it next to you , i said "Don't know"
Then she was ok with it..
About 5mins later i said "May Yan this is yours"
Then she was scolding me..
Not in a serious way..
She was like saying i'm such a liar, good acting..
I said i wasn't lying, it really is not mine it's hers..
Jacky supported me..
We sat there for few hours..
Karmen & May Yan was like so happy..
I made then not to open the gift..
Laughing, talk crap, tell lame jokes, laugh like idiots/banshees..
Then Karmen & Kenneth, May Yan & Jacky went back to the car and put their stuff..
The rest of us went to the cinema to wait for them..
I knew May Yan ws going to open it, and she really did..
Then that 2 pairs came back..
May yan was supposed to leave at 6 but i think she called her mom saying she'll be late or something..
So we watched "Coffin"..
And this smarty pants Yoke Cheng accidentally went into the male toilet..
We were laughing our asses off..
When we're inside May Yan asked me if it was a horror movie..
I knew what she meant at that time..
I feel "Coffin" wasn't as nice as "The Vampire Who Admires Me"..
It was kinda boring..
Jaslyn & Voon Hong was covering their face half the time..
The two pairs was cuddling..
Me, Ivy & Yoke Cheng was telling lame jokes..
Laughing like some idiots..
Since the movie was so boring we couldn't help but making jokes..
Yoke Cheng was saying watching horror movie with us it'll end up as comedy..
After the movie finished May Yan had to go home..
Then Karmen went with her bf to celebrate his friends birthday or something..
So it was only Me, Mandy, Jaslyn, Yoke Cheng, Ying Kee, Voon Hong & Ivy..
We went to Wong Kok to have a drink..
And being the jokers that we are we joke around more..
I was complaing to Voon Hong that i cant read his blog coz its in chinese..
So his latest post is in english..
And May Yan actually texted me to thank me..
After Wong Kok, Yoke Cheng left..
So we went out seperate ways..
I left with Voon Hong and Jaslyn..
We went to old wing to take cab but there was none, and mind you it was raining..
Then we went to New wing, saw Henley & Angie..
Wasn't a big deal though..
When we finally reached new wing the sky dropped on me..
'Coz the fella said no cab..
The road was closed no thanks to some stupid rehearsal and Jaclyn Victor was there..
3 of us walked in the rain to the bus stop in front of one school there whatever the name was..
We asked the "jaga" there what time will the bus be there..
He said 10.30..
I almost died..
And we walked back to 1U in the rain..
Went to old wing..
Praying all the way there for cab..
Then finally we we're in the cab..
It was around 9.30..
We stopped at Kj..
Then me & Jaslyn took lrt to Paramount and her sis fetched me home..
I was dead tired when i reached home..
This was what May Yan sent to me..
*i edited her msg though*
"Hey! May yan here! Thanks for ur present & coming today.
I'm really happy..
Thanks ya =)"
*I replied*
"Thanks anyway la =).
Thanks for purposely taking leave & come,
thanks for ur present..
My dear said ur the one who have "heart" is u.. hehe"
"Haha.. I'm very important as a gf to me dear also too rite?
Hehe.. -- did a lot of things.. cake needs to be ordered 5 days before..
And -- did a an album of us..
Damn "gam dong""
Ok.. So..
May yan said she'll appreciate her dear..
And her dear is really important to her..
She wont mind how other will look at them..
The main point is they're really happy together..
She says she getting more & more confident of their relationship..
And they've been together for 8months..
She can't believe it..
'Coz she was never really serious before..
And she ask me not to worry..
She'll really appreciate things that they have..
I'm really happy for both of them..
And we can all get along..
Even though the night was like crap but i had a great day overall..
Wish we can do this more often..
Spend some time together..
But we all have our own lifes and shit to attend to..
So maybe once in a few months it's ok i guess..
To Karmen & Mandy..
My blog is not emo ok..
Too bad Siew Peng & Pik Woon couldn't make it..
It was still fun..
It's been a long time since i laughed so much in a day..
This will be the first and last time i say this..
Ho May Yan..
I Love You..
I mean not in a gay way..
Just as friends..
I don't think she'll ever read this..
Unless if someone printed it out, which i hope no one will..
-i took 2hours+ to type this-