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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Last Day..

The two younger kids of my boss is here..
I guess i won't have much time to online..
Today is 31st December 2008..
Last day..
Tomorrow is 2009 - counting down 25days to CNY..
Tonight i'm gonna stay at home and sleep peacefully..
Or so i hope..
And today 10am Yan Wan Chean will be on MyFm..
Which is about half an hour from now..
Somehow i'm afraid of 2009..
Times passes by so quickly..
And i haven't achived anything..
I must get my lisence in 2009..
And also save money..
I want to buy loads of stuff..
I:e - Laptop, new handphone, more shoes..
Speaking of which - i got a new pair of sneakers yesterday..
B.U.M sneakers..
Yes i love..
Counting down 20mins to 10am..
Yan Wan Chean..
Yan Wan Chean..
Bye bye 2008..
Welcome 2009..
And in 365 days it'll be bye bye 2009, welcome 2010..

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Tomorrow is 31st

Each time i hear the ad about Yan Wan Chean on MyFm,
my fragile heart break once..
But evertime i hear her song..
And her voice..
*melts again*
Tomorrow she will be on MyFm at 10am..
And will be counting down at Sg.Wang..
Cannot go...
Haizz.. Sim tia.. Sim tia..
Now MyFm is playing "Fa Da Chai"..
But they haven't played my fave "Xin Nian Wan Wan Shui"..
Speaking of which..
Someone googled Chinese New Year 新年万万岁 lyrics.
And ended up in my blog..
The other one is my astro chinese new year song .
They must have ended up disappointed..
Some of the other disappoinments are..
1. yan wan chean ep download.
2. stop being a kepo.
3. 9pek9bo.
I wonder whats their reaction when they found nothing here..
Feel like eating Curry Mee all of a sudden..
I like the one at Jalan Barat (i think its there)..
It's the corner lot..
Near a Restoran SamYou or something..
The curry mee there.. Tudiah..
Damn nice... It's been like a thousand years since i've been there..

I used to go there every saturday..
Coz i work around that area but not anymore (thank god)..
I just realised that most of my post have different upper half & bottom half..
It's like 'takde kaitan'..

The upper half has no connection to the bottom half whatsoever..
I don't even know why..
MyFm was playing 颜帅's Zhan Zhi Gao Fei..
I love this song..

You know i love her..
Should've told me earlier..
Eh i want to know your friend..
She's so damn cute..
I LOVE the pics..
She looks so damn cute..
Sorry i'm talking about 颜帅..
Not Joyce' friend..
It seems her friend is working as a make up artist..
And does make up for Yan Wan Chean..
*Jealous gila*
I want to post up the pictures..
She looks damn cute.. With the O mouth..
But not today..
I want to admire it first..
When i saw the picture i laugh like it's no one's business..
She's really cute..
My sister' friend knows her..
My friends friend knows her..
But why i don't know her..

Monday, 29 December 2008

Working on a Holiday..

Today is the first time MyFm played "Wan Shi Da Ji Xiang"..
It's one of my fave songs..
Love it..
My colleague and boss must think i'm crazy..
Coz once it started playing i grinned like an idiot..
It's really much better that the one from 988..
The one my sis bought from 988 has been neglected..
Yesterday i cleaned my room (like finally)..
Previously it looked like World War II..
I have to clean it now..
CNY is in like what? 27 days?
So all the places that have never seen the day light need to be cleaned..
And of course to do that you'll need to be in the "mood"..
So.. We played Cny songs..
So damn loudly i think my neighbour have gone deaf..
Then we repeated it..
After i don't know how long my sis is done..
Since i like to lag i contined slowly..
Then i on "Tou Hao Peng You",
and repeated it around 5-6 times..
Until my sis who fell asleep got annoyed by me..
Did i mention i finally have all her 5 songs in my phone??
4 from her Ep + Hao Bu Hao..
Wakaka.. So happy..
And since that moment i've been listening to it non-stop..
I know i've been annoying everyone off their ass with my
"Yan Wan Chean" here and there..
Sorry can't help it..
If she's that good, i have to keep mentioning..
And her voice... *melts*
I wanted to cut my hair last night..
But the place i went was closed..
So i decided to go Hair Zone..
The f*****s there buat tak nampak..
Knn Mccb..
Don't expect me to go there to get my hair cut..
And i hope you tutup kedai..
Last night i lost my temper..
After i don't know how many years..
I now have a sore feet..
My knuckles hurt and the skin crack..
Self-inflicted pain..
If you touch my knuckles now it feels like sand paper..
But i wasn't the cause of everything..
So i slept at 3am and wake up feeling like a zombie at 7.40am..
Coz i need to WORK..
Everyone is blogging about 2008 is coming to an end..
And 2009 is beginning..
Yes great..
Time flies..
I have no resolution/revolution/evolution..
Never have..
It doesn't matter to me..
I don't know what's the big deal..
All that i look forward to is...
Maybe go for more Yan Wan Chean event??
I'm still hating the fact that i can't be at the "qian chang hui"..
Pity me.. T.T
If i'm not mistaken, the radio ad,
says that she gonna sing her new song..
I cannot confirm as my chinese sucks..
And if that happens i will regret even more..
Let's hope 2009 will be a better year..
Bing Bu Shi Wo Shu Bu Qi,
Hou Lian Pi Lai Zhe Ni,
Shi Wo Ai Ni,
Mei You Ni,
Bu Ke Yi.
-Hao Bu Hao-

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Cny Cards...

This morning is busyyy..
I need to chop all the Cny cards..
Fold them..
Put it in the envelope..
Seal it..
Stick the address on it..
Count how many..
Stick the stamps..
And maybe later take it to the post office..
My hands are all red and glittery..
If only i was paid to do only this..
Almost everyone has seen the video of
"Li Kai Je Ge Xing Chui"..
I feel so left out.. :(
The first thing i did this morning was pop the Cd in the player..
And played the songs like it's no one's business..
Stomach pain like hell..
For the past few days it's been like hell..
I wonder whats wrong with me.. Hmm...
I love MyFm..
I love it for playing Zhan Zhi Gao Fei..
Yes i love....

Friday, 26 December 2008

Kill Me Please..

All my dreams are shattered..
Darkness is ahead of me..
Will there still be sunshine??
Is there still hope??
My heart is broken in a thousand piece..
I feel so sad..
So devastated..
My dreams came true..
Not in a way i wanted it to happen..
I wanted Yan Wan Chean to have "qian chang hui"..
I wanted to watch the video of
"Li Kai Je Ge Xing Chiu" &
"Zhan Zi Gao Fei"..
It's both happening..
The "qian chang hui" will be held on 3rd January..
In two places..
Seremban at 2pm - too far/church/don't know how to go..
Klang Parade at 8pm..
Same day same time as S.H.E event..
Ain't that "great"?!
And yesterday another bomb dropped on me..
The screening of her music video,
will be held soon..
Counting down 21days from today..
January 17 2009..
At Heaven Cafe..
This is even more 'keng chao'..
At 3pm..
How to go??!!
It's at Curve if i'm not mistaken..
Why 3pm??
Why saturday??
Can't it be at 5.30??
Can't it be later??
When i heard that they will be screening her Mv
I was DAMN happy..
But when i heard the date and time,
i feel like the whole world just crashed on me..
I can't even go to the countdown that will be held at Sg.Wang..
She is performing that night..
Everytime i hear Zhan Zhi Gao Fei i feel that it's so touching..
And it's playing right now..
I really love this song..
I just dropped everything just to concentrate on the song..
I'm really going crazy right now..
If i can go then i can buy more of her Ep..
Right now i've only got 2 in my hands..
There are people who buy 8 - 10 pieces..
I'm so in love with her songs..
Normally i won't support Malaysian singers
that came out from singing competitions..
I have this skeptical thinking that most of them won
because of their good looks or votes from their family & friends..
But Yan Wan Chean is totally different..
I love her voice..
I love her singing..
I love her style..

Yi Chi Xue Xi, Yi Chi Chen Jang..
Yi Chi Chen Gong, Yi Chi Rong Yau..
Bu Ju Fong Yu, Bu Pa Tiao Jan..
Jang Kai Je Pang Siang Je Mong Xian Yi Chi Wang Chian Fei..

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Ho Ho Ho for you.. Bo hoo hoo for me..

Today is Christmas Eve..
How i wish today is a day off..
I only have tomorrow as holiday..
There are a few company and shops that are closed today..
Too bad mine is not closed for 2days..
Pity me.. T.T
But at least tomorrow is a day off..
Yesterday i listened to 988..
颜帅 was so funny..
I love the way she talk..
And she's so natural, not faking it..
She keeps saying that she doesn't want her Ep to sell more than 5000..
'Coz she'll have to wear heels..
I would LOVE to see her in heels..
She said that during the competiton she was forced to wear heels once..
But not when she performed..
I wonder if anyone took pictures..
And she told during practice for ASQ she fell..
The way she said it made me laugh my a** off..
She said "gou chi shi" as in fell flat on the face..
And the Zhu HaoRen laughed at her..
Kesian.. : (
2 songs from her Ep have recorded the video..
I want to watch..
It's Li Kai Zhe Ge Xing Qiu & Zhan Zhi Gao Fei..
And my fave song on her Ep is same as her..
And it's playing on the radio right now..
Zhan Zhi Gao Fei..
So happy..
My sis did the pinyin for me..
Even though i have the Ep,
but when i listen to it on the radio i feel happier..
Oh great..
What my "genius" sister said came true..
She asked me what if one day,
S.H.E and 颜帅 have event on the same day, same time..
Which one will i go?
S.H.E will be in Malaysia on 3rd Jan..
颜帅 Yan Wan Chean will have her "qian chang hui" on the same day..
Seremban Parade & Klang Parade if i'm not mistaken..
One is in the afternoon and the other one is at night..
S.H.E is at 8pm in Sg. Wang..
I want to go for both...
Feel so miserable right now..
I was so excited when i heard the radio saying there's "qian chang hui"..
My dreams shattered liao..
Can't go..
If i don't have to work/no church/have license/a car/know the way,
then i can go Seremban..
But too bad..
So sad..

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Time to listen to 988..

I'm not gonna stop listening to MyFm..
It's just that today at 3pm..
颜帅 - 顏莞倩 will be on 988
I will be listening to 988..
But i still love MyFm..
I want to go to the Countdown organised by MyFm..
It's at Sungai Wang..
Too bad i can't go and i don't have Astro..
Damn it..
I want to watch 颜帅 perform..
And also HaoRen & Lo Yise..
MyFm is playing Zhan Zhi Gao Fei..
So damn happy..
Omg i love her voice so much..
When the Dj say 顏莞倩 -展翅高飞,
My face was :D
I want to see her again..
And now 988 is playing Bu Shi Wo Bu Guai..
Me love.
Me love..
Me love...
Me love....
Me love.....
How i wish there is a radio station,
that only plays songs from 颜帅 & S.H.E..
That would be the perfect radio station..
But that would only happen in my dreams..
But i can blast their songs everyday..
Lai qing ju lai ju fu~~
MyFm Cny song..
I likey...
Jan fang le ni de siao lai qing ju xing nian dao~~
Chuan tong de jia jie ni bie wang liao~~
I love her voice..
I'm chatting with this guy on msn now..
And he likes 颜帅 too..
He said her voice is nice..
And looks cute even though dressed in a boyish way..
Half an hour more..
Even though i kinda like other Top5 of the ASQ..
But 顏莞倩 is still the best..

Monday, 22 December 2008

Happy Die Me~~

Let's start with Saturday..
It was the SOYEG..
Shout Out Year End Gathering..
It was held at Andrew's (Drewnity) house..
There were tonnes of pics taken..
Worst than press conference..
I was almost blinded by the flash..
I don't remember how many people were there..
Let's see..
There's like so many more..
That night was so much fun..
And the jokes they tell that night was..
I reached home at almost 2am..
I hope i can join again next year..
She's SO damn freaking CUTE!!
When i saw her..
My heart beat 894654132154981651321 times
She's DAMN yeng!!
We reached there at about 12pm..
I know it's damn early for a programme that starts at 4pm..
And we got her poster from the lady that set up the table..
That was the ONE AND ONLY piece that hasn't been touched..
I was so happy..
When she came in, i was super excited..
If i decided not to go i would regret like crazy..
She's super polite..
And she's so real..
My heart melts when she smile at me..
Some of her fans are kids and also the kids mom..
One of the kid was super excited when he saw her..
And there's one boy that was too shy to take a pic with her..
She was there for only half an hour..
Too bad she didn't sing..
And Hao Bu Hao wasn't in the Ep..
There's this song Ce Yau Ni..
So nice & sweet..
She's REALLY cute and friendly..
The way she laugh kinda reminds me of Kate Moennig..
Even though she's dressed in a boyish way,
but she's actually quite feminine..
She looks real good..
And her hair..
I can actually go on and on..
And tonight she will be at Bandar Puteri Puchong..
With the MyFm crew..
Too bad i can't go.. T.T
When i reached home i listened to the songs,
like a thousand times..
Over and over again..

This was the set up..

This was her reaction when she saw us taking out the poster..

-cute kan-

She looks damn cute and yeng in pics..
But wait till you see her in person..
She will blow you away..
The camera can't capture all her 帅-ness..
And her cuteness..

Wan Chean & My brother..

顏莞倩 with Anna
I know you're expecting the next one to be :Me and 颜帅..
But no way i am gonna post it up..
I look ridiculous..

-right angle-

-left angle-

Look at 颜帅 mouth..
In most of the pics it's like that..
Cute -nyer.........

I guess this is her fave pose..
Super Yeng..
I like this picture..

I love this too..
I like her expression..

I was taking her pic when she strike this pose for me..
Really happy die me..
I sat right in front of her..
Can't get my eyes off her..
She looks SUPER nice..
And she's so damn cute..
Makes me want to scream...
The high pitched one..
I think she should smile more..
I mean in promo pics..
She damn cool i admit..
But she looks super super cute when she smiles..

Even from the back she looks so nice..
No i did not stalk her home..
We were going to the same direction..
I went there just for 颜帅..
So when 颜帅 left, i left..

But i left Ground Floor and she went L.G..
But she turn back and waved..

I got 2 piece of her Ep..

- See the bottom right-

One word - 帅

My name..

I got two sets of her bookmark..
But obviously i won't use it..

Saturday, 20 December 2008

It's 4pm not 5pm..

It's actually FOUR pm not 5pm
Pardon my stupidity..
Yan Wan Chean will be at Ikano at 4pm not 5..
This just proved how bad my chinese is..
I really need to go for chinese class i guess..
I slept at 3am last night..
Still excited..
Still hyper..
I fell asleep with a smile on my face..
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
And tomorrow..
FOUR pm..
Yan Wan Chean..
This morning i heard her song on the radio..
Must get her Ep this Sunday..
If not i will die..
I love "Li Kai Je Ge Xin Chiu"
"Zhan Zi Gao Fei"
"Hao Bu Hao"
"Bu Shi Wo Bu Guai"
And her voice..
Yesterday my sister asked;
"What if daddy say cannot go to S.H.E event?"
If he really said that i would just die..
After so many years of waiting..
Finally one chance..
With VIP tickets..
And he says "NO"..
You will see my face in obituary..
I don't think there will be another chance..
For another few thousand years...
Please pray hard for me..

Friday, 19 December 2008


*edited below*
It's been a loooonnnngggg time since i use the word fuck in my blog..
But today with the second post for the day this word will come out..
Those who listen to MyFm will sure know S.H.E have a meet the fans session..
It's on 3rd Jan 2008..
Which is a Saturday..
I didn't call in..
Today i heard it's at 8++..
It won't clash with my church..
I asked my sis to call since my chinese is kansai..
But she say couldn't get through..
So i tried to call even though my chinese is kanasai..
It was Phoebe's show..
Both couldn't get through..
I was down..
Then during Vivian's show..
My sis Im me..
She tell me she's with Vivian now..
I thought she is crapping me..
She won the tickets..
I was more nervous than her...
I'm still hyper about it..
Even though now i owe Anna reload..
But it's still worth it..
I'm gila kansai siao long in office right now..
FOUR FREAKING tickets babeh!!
I've been waiting for many years for this chance!!
I'm gonna be hyper bout it til months to come..
*I forgot to mention something..*
Note the VIP!!
I'm still not over with this..
Damn happy..
And the person who got the tix is..
---> Anna

Help Me Decide

I found out yesterday that on Sunday there's only 2shows..
One is at Sunway,
The other one is at Ikano..
My sis say go to the one is Ikano..
I want to go for both..
My sis don't want to go with me to the one in Sunway..
She says it's too far..
Ask me to go alone..
Later i sesat there how??
I've been there less than 5times in 18years of my life..
Should i go both or Ikano only???
Yesterday i went online and opened YouTube..
I was looking for her songs..
Then i came across this one song..
Zhan zi gao fei (Soaring To Greater Heights)
顏莞倩-展翅高飞 -
MyFm is playing this song right now..
I LOVE this song so much..
And yesterday Anna printed the pinyin lyrics for "
Hao Bu Hao"..
Love the songs so much..
And she sound so wow! when she sang "
Ai Ai Ai"..
I really like her voice..
It has something different to it..
It's not something you can find easily..
I can go on and on and on..
She refer to herself as "Yan Shuai"..
颜帅 is seriously damn 帅..
I MUST get her Ep..
Even though now i'm totally pokai-ed..
No way i'm gonna buy pirated..
In one of the interviews she said,
"If the Ep sell more than 5000 piece,
I will wear high heels".
Actually i want to see her wear dress..
I wonder how she will look like..
Will she look like Shane in a dress??
-Sunway / Ikano-
-How to decide?-

Thursday, 18 December 2008

~Sunday - Sunway~

This Sat which is 20th,
Yan Wan Chean will be at
Selayang Mall,
Summit Usj,
One U at 5pm..
Selayang & Summit i didn't get to hear the time..
And Sunday there's also 3 stops..
Tak sempat dengar..
Coz the boss was talking so DAMN loudly..
Don't think that i can make it..
Sunday i MUST go..
Even if the Sky drop or Tsunami,
i will still go..
Hurricane Katrina,
i will still go..
Because it's Yan Wan Chean..
And i CAN go..
Coz my parents are away..
If they're here i don't think so i can go..
I think i will leave the house at 10am..
Is it a lil early?
Since the autograph session starts at 2pm..
I think A LOT of people will be there..
And since i haven't get her Ep,
I should be there early to grab one or two..
I think i will just drop dead on the spot
the fella tell me "No Stock"..
Let's just hope that won't happen..
I've been poisoning myself lately..

Every single day and night..
Yes i am serious..
I'm poisoning myself with this..

MyFm Cny Album..
I've been listening to it since the day i bought it..
It was on the 8th i think..
I really like the songs in this album..
I have to say,
It's WAAAYYYYY better than the one produced by 988..
Last time i don't listen to chinese stations..
But since i started working at this place..
I've been hooked on to MyFM..
Even when i go to the toilet i will listen to the radio..
I tried to download the song & screensavers..
But the first time i tried it wouldn't load..
The other day i tried again..
I downloaded the wall paper and screensaver..
I have 4 of the songs in my phone..
And i have been repeating it since Monday..
I like the songs alot..
It's nice..

-front cover-
-see the left top corner-

-The Cd was in the player-

-Here it is-
-My ringtone is currently Qing Cu-
-And also Xin Nian Wan Wan Sui-
You think i'm crazy don't you??

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

~Just A Short One~

I don't know what's wrong,
But i couldn't open blogger & few other sites..
I was trying to update..
And suddenly the whole thing was down..
I thought it was banned by my boss..
Thank god it wasn't blocked..
I thought i was going to die..
Oh ya..
There's "Meet the Fans Session",
this Sunday at Sunway 2pm..
At CdRama..
I want to go so badly..
It's Gan Wan Chean..
It's on Sat & Sun..
But sat i can't go..
Only Sunday i can go..
But all i heard/understand was :-
Sunway Pyramid L.G - CdRama at 2pm..
Anna says there's another session at 1U..
But i didn't hear..
I must listen more carefully next time..

-Gong Hei Fatt Choy-
Cny is in 39days..
And not forgetting,
"Merry Christmas"
It's in one week..

-She looks so feminine with that flower-

-Ella Chen-

-Hebe Tian-

-She's so darn cute-
- Selina Ren-


Hebe & Selina

- Sweet-