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Saturday, 28 February 2009

Words - Boyzone

To You,

Smile an ever lasting smile
a smile can bring you near to me
don't ever let me find you gone
'cause that would bring a tear to me
this world has lost its glory
let's start a brand new story
now my love
you think that I don't even mean
a single word I say

it's only words
and words are all I have
to take your heart away

talk in ever lasting words
and dedicate them all to me
and I will give you all my life
i'm here if you should call to me
you think that I don't even mean
a single word I say

it's only words
and words are all I have
to take your heart away

it's only words
and words are all I have
to take your heart away

this world has lost its glory
let's start a brand new story
now my love
you think that I don't even mean
a single word I say

it's only words
and words are all I have
to take your heart away

it's only words
and words are all I have
to take your heart away

it's only words
and words are all I have
to take your heart away


Yesterday my 5th aunt arrived from Johor..
It was around 12am..
Then my other cousins came over from Sg.Buloh..
The teenagers + 2 kids went out to mamak..
Then went home at around 1something..
But the adults went out to mamak pulak..
Was damn sleepy..
Went to bed at 2am..
But didn't sleep yet..
Coz was talking to the 2 kids..
They're just 8 + 9 years..
I didn't know that kids at that age talk so much..
Talk so much, ask so much..
And the thing is they speak mandarin..
I almost laugh myself to death trying to speak to them..
Halfway through fell asleep..
Then around 3 something our parents came back..
And my aunts voice was so damn loud that i was awaken by it..
Her voice is damn high pitched..
Then went back to sleep again..
And the worse thing is i have to work today..
So so so damn sleepy..
And later got prayers.. Die la..
Sure fall asleep..
And for the next 4 days i'll be even more bored..
Beh tahan...

Friday, 27 February 2009

I'm So Bored I Decided To Tag Myself..

001. Real name → Joanna
002. Nickname(s) → Sam
003. Star sign → Gemini
004. Male or female → Female
005. Elementary → Perkim (perak)
006. Middle School → 1) S.R.K ACS (perak-for 2months -.-" lol)
2) S.K Sri Petaling (bestest ever)
007. High School → S.M.K Taman S.E.A
008. Hair color → Brownish.. But planning to dye grey+green..
009. Long or short → Short
010. Loud or Quiet → Sometimes quiet,mostly loud.
011. Sweats or Jeans → Jeans
012. Phone or Camera → Phone
013. Health freak → Not at all.. (my room is world warIII)
014. Drink or Smoke? → Drink socially, smoke no..
015. Do you have a crush on someone? → Yea
016. Eat or Drink? → Food & Water.. -.-"
017. Piercings → Ears
018. Tattoos → Never..

019. Been in an airplane → Nope..
020. Been in a relationship → *Secret* (for me to nkow and for you to find out)
021. Been in a bicycle accident → Yea..
022. Been in a fist fight → Think so..

023. First piercing → Ears..
024. First best friend → Rebecca
025. First award → Don't remember.. It was long time ago..
026. First crush → Std4.. K.L
028. First vacation → Need to refresh my memory..

029. Last person you talked to → My colleague..
030. Last person you texted → Jaslyn Khew..
031. Last person(s) you watched a movie with → Family
032. Last food you ate → Roti Telur..
033. Last movie you watched → Can't recall at all..
034. Last song you listened to → Yam Tin Ga Khei -Janice (radio)
035. Last thing you bought → A Phone..
036. Last person you hugged → Err... :hmm:

037. Food → Mom's cooking..
038. Drinks → Cold plain water or Cina Teh Ais..
039. Clothing → T-Shirt & Jeans
040. Books → Comics got la..
041. Musics → As long as i like the song.. Doesn't matter..
042. Flower → None.. I hate flowert..
043. Colors → Orange & Green..
044. Movies → Alot.. But mostly is chinese movie..
045. Positions → -.-" those in karma sutra ah?
046. Subjects → 1) WBS - Waktu Belajar Sendiri..

IN 2008

047. [ ] Kissed in the snow - malaysia got snow meh?
048. [ ] celebrated Halloween
049. [x] had your heart broken
050. [x] went over the minutes on your cell phone
051. [x] someone questioned your sexual orientation.
052. [ ] came out of the closet
053. [ ] gotten pregnant
054. [ ] had an abortion
055. [ ] done something you've regretted
056. [x] broke a promise - i think
057. [ ] hid a secret
058. [x] pretended to be happy
059. [ ] met someone who changed your life
060. [ ] pretended to be sick
061. [ ] left the country
062. [x] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
063. [ ] cried over the silliest thing
064. [ ] ran a mile
065. [ ] went to the beach with your best friend(s)
066. [x] stay single a whole year

067. Eating → Food..
068. Drinking → Water..
069. I'm about to → Die of boredom..
070. Listening to → WanChean's song & Ai Zai Bu Zai - Debbie..
071. Plans for today → try not to die of boredom in office..
072. Waiting for → alot of things to happen.. (but i want 6pm to come faster)

073. Want kids? → I think so.. (if i'm not the one giving birth lmao)
074. Want to get married? → Maybe..
075. Careers in mind → Not even one..

076. Lips or eyes → Eyes
077. Shorter or taller? → Not too tall not too short..
078. Romantic or spontaneous → A lil bit of both..
079. Nice stomach or nice arms → Nice arms..
080. Sensitive or loud → Both..
081. Hook-up or relationship → Relationships..
082. Trouble-maker or hesitant → My trouble maker Xp

083. Lost glasses/contacts → Nope..
084. Ran away from home → I so "guai" tak mungkin la..
085. Hold a gun/knife for self defense → For fun got la..
086. Killed somebody → Yea yea yea.. In games..
087. Broken someone's heart → Don't think so..
088. Been arrested → Nope..
089. Cried when someone died → Yes..

090. Yourself → Not really
091. Miracles → Yes..
092. Love at first sight → Yes..
093. Heaven → Yes..
094. Santa Claus → Not at all..
095. Sex on the first date → Never..
096. Kiss on the first date → Not really..

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now?
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life?
Not really..
099. Do you believe in God
100. This is the 100th and last
And i'm still bored..

Thursday, 26 February 2009


My mood is so like the weather..
First it's sunny..
Then it'll rain like there's no tomorrow..
First i'm happy,
then i'm moody..
And yesterday the person that i like asked me,
"Who you like?"

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Xing Guang

Today i finally know how they look like..
And can actually differentiate them..
Why i'm interested in them all of a sudden..
This morning i was going through my mails and stuff..
Then i logged in to Facebook, etc, etc..
Went through some stuff..
My colleague saw a pic of Wan Chean,
she opened her mouth and say this,
in cantonese..
"I feel she looks like Zhou Ding Wei,
from some angle"
I didn't know how he look like..
So i asked Mr.Google..
But couldn't find..
Asked for help..
Then voila..

Judy Zhou Ding Wei

Stanley Xu Ren Jie

Peter Pan Yu Wen

I seriously think Wan Chean is way cuter..
If she said she looked like Peter Pan or Stanley then ok la..
Coz they're cuter than Judy..
And his name is "Judy"..
But her name is Angie..
The first time i heard that i had a good laugh..
Coz it really doesn't suit her..
If my given name was "Angie",
i would have changed it too..
That's why my name is Sam..

Yan Wan Chean

Tuesday, 24 February 2009


My head is feeling super heavy right now..
Went in the rain again this morning..
It's been raining for hours..
Thank god there is no thunder or lighting..
Then stay in aircond room..
Then run around office..
Then sweat..
And my damn office is damn cold..
And my body is aching..
And my heart is aching..
And i'm missing someone..
And i had a great time chatting with someone on msn..
And now i'm bored..
And tired..
And sleepy..
And having stomach pain..
And i don't know why i keep using "and"..
And i still think that Wan Chean is super cute..
And i want to watch ..
And i'm having stomach ache..
And i'm wondering if i should go see the doc..
And the dumbest thing anyone has ever asked me was..
"Is Your Surname Jo?"
That was damn freaking stupid..
And two different person asked me this..
And i'm missing someone..

Monday, 23 February 2009


Yesterday i went to the park in Sea Park,
to play volleyball..
IVY asked me to go..
See the SACRIFICE i will make for volleyball..
It started raining quite heavily at around 3.30 i think..
I was so damn upset..
But i still went..
Went to her house first coz i don't know where the park is..
They told me opposite edusmart..
Yea right..
So damn "smart"..
Can't just tell me it's the park at the SeaPark Apartment..
Went all the way to Ss2 to come back to SeaPark..
Waited in the rain for YuenLing and others..
Natalie,YeeEn,Ivy,JehYing,YuenLing & Me..
Then there were the guy..
Don't know their names..
There were 7 of them (i think)
Played until halfway,
some smart ass (my brother)
Decided to serve the ball the the direction of the Indah Water..
Those who live there or passed by there before,
WOULD notice the Indah Water there..
The ball was directly in the center..
There was NO way we can get it back..
YuenLing was so upset..
Then at about 6.50 everyone left..
But, me + my bro + ivy tried to get the ball back..
But the gate was locked..
There was no way we can climb in..
Then somehow someone got the idea of taking out fence..
And we really did that.. Wtf..
We "tore" open the barbed wire fence..
It was funny,scary, exciting, stupid..
And we risk getting caught coz of a ball..
We were trying so hard to keep quiet..
But failed miserably..
Coz there was a party going on in the house right behind us..
Lucky there were trees blocking..
And we were gigling,panicking, laughing..
The fence was about 10feet or so..
And we made a gap from the top to bottom,
at the risk of getting caught and also blind ourselves..
And my bro ran in to take the ball..
Then we took off, running for our lives..
Went to look for her hs..
She said /33..
Then after about 10mins looking for her house,
called her again..
Now she says it's /43..
So we gave up and went to pasar malam..
With my stupid wet hair, wet shirt+ wet pants..
I was soaking wet..
And the wind ws blowing so damn strong..
Reached home at about 8sumtin or 9..
I was dead tired..
And now my shoulders hurt and i'm sick..
Hurt coz i have this habit of not stretching or warming up..
Sick coz i didn't went and bath straight away..
And i finished watching The L Word Season4..
My head feel so heavy,and i'm dizzy and cold..
And jealous and sad..

If only i could play as good as them..

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Of Fried Chicken & Burger

Yesterday i went to Ss2 again..
With my sister..
To eat dinner..
It's my second time eating McD this year..
There's a difference between Kfc & McD..
Which is:-
McD = Have food..
Kfc = No food..
Why do i say this?
Well, the other day i went to Kfc,
in SeaPark, with my bro..
We were damn hungry..
My bro went to order..
Then after 10mins of waiting,
he told me..
"Eh, no spicy..Need to wait 25mins"
Fine.. Gave it 2sec of thoughts,
decided to take original..
2mins later..
"Eh, he say original also need to wait."
Wtf.. I was annoyed..
So i walked there and asked how long do we need to wait..
"Need to wait 12 mins"
I was already annoyed and pissed..
I was hungry so i said i'll take the Zinger burger..
The worst thing is, the fella opened his mouth and said,
"Kena tunggu 10minit"
I can feel the heat coming out from my head..
Can't he tell me earlier??
"Sorry we don't have food here..All we have is chicken bone,
whatever bullshit you order, you'll have to wait"
"Oh, i wish you don't die of hunger while waiting"
I was damn annoyed, just feel like slapping him in the face..
My bro asked to wait, but i just walked out from there..
At McD last night, i ordered nuggets..
It wasn't ready, the guy said he'll bring it up..
He didn't, coz there was TOO many people..
But at least he didn't show me a face that i feel like slapping..
At least the service is better..
At least he said sorry..
At least there was FOOD..
I wonder why there is no McD At SeaPark..
If there is..
SeaPark would be HEAVEN..

Friday, 20 February 2009

Ai Lai Guo

I'm so damn bored that i decided to do this..

1. Put your iTunes/Napster/Zune Player/WinAmp/etc on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You MUST write that song name down no matter how silly it sounds!
4. Tag 10 or more friends who might enjoy doing this as well as the person you got it from.
Here we go...

If someone says "Is this okay" You say?
- Bi Ni Jian - S.H.E
directly translated as 'lebih keji dari awak'.. haha

What do you like in a guy/girl?
- Bu Gou Cheng Shou - By2
immature? wtf..

How do you feel today?
-Yang Chong - Aska Yang Zhong Wei.
depends on who asked

What is your life's purpose?
- Forever Love - LeeHom
means i can't hate anyone?

What is your motto?
- Cha Yi Dian - Ah Du.

What do your friends think of you?
- Hao Bu Hao - Yan Wan Chean.
whatever that means.. but i love this song Xp

What do you think of your parents?
-Bie Zai Ku Le - Yise Loo
i've never made my parents cry..
*i think*

What do you think about very often?
- Lon Si Wui Dio Li - Li Jia (All Because Of You)
It's an old hokkien song that i really love..
But it's really something i think about alot..

What is 2+2?
- Chu Dian - S.H.E
So 2 + 2 = keluar electric?

What do you think of your best friend?
Yuen Fang - S.H.E
it really feels like she is far away..

What do you think of the person you like?
- Yi Ran Shi Peng You - Yu Heng
yea, we can only be friends..

What is your life story?
- Wo Bu Pei - Jay Chou.
I know i'm not worthy..

What do you want to be when you grow up?
- Li Kai Zhe Ge Xing Chiu - Yan Wan Chean
I want to leave this planet? Wow..

What do you think when you see the person you like?
- Sen Mi Jia Ping - Yoga Lin You Jia.
Mysterious guest? Kinda..

What do your parents think of you?
- Qi Kai - Vick Teo
Wtfish.. Pengemis..

What will you dance to at your wedding?
- Boom - S.H.E
How to dance?

What will they play at your funeral?
- Shan Hu Hai - Jay Chou + Lara.
Erm.. Why?

What is your hobby/interest?
- Zhong Gou Hua - S.H.E
YES!! I want to learn chinese..

What do you think of your friends?
- Wo Huai Nian De - Stephanie Sun
I miss my friends T.T

What's the worst thing that could happen?
- Qing Ju - MyAstro Cny Song..
No way man.. That's one of the best thing that can ever happen..

How will you die?
- Beep - Pussycat Dolls
I will die because of Beep.. Right..

What is the one thing you regret?
- Zhe Dui Ni Shuo - Jj Lin
i only will regret for not telling how i felt that time..

What makes you laugh?
- Jie Kou - S.H.E
Excuses..if it's stupid excuse..

What makes you cry?
Wu Ke Jiu Yau - Ping Guan..
I was hopeless before..For someone

Will you ever get married?
WalkAway - Paula Deanda
Looks like i'm not gonna get married..

What scares you the most?
- Yu Zhou Xiao Jie - S.H.E
I'm afraid of "Miss Universe" Haha..

Does anyone like you?
Chuan Shou - Yoga Lin + Jade Liu
Myth... Hmm.....

If you could go back in time, what would you change?
- Du Chang Ching Ge - Tank + Selina.
Why would i wanna do that?

What hurts right now?
- T-Shirt - Shontelle.
My shirt doesn't hurt.. but this song..

What will you post this as?
- Ai Lai Guo - S.H.E
damn sweet la this song..

I have alot of S.H.E's song in my phone..
And most of the songs in my phone are chinese songs..
Even though i don't really understand..
But i always felt that chinese songs have more "feel" in it..

Thursday, 19 February 2009


I think i like someone..
But i'm not sure about how i feel..
I'm wondering if i should tell..
But a friend is a friend..
I don't want to ruin a friendship..
What should i do?

Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Am Confused..
Very Confused..
Damn Confused..
What Can I Do??
I Don't Know What To Do..

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Track 004

Zhăn Chì Gāo Fēi - Yan Wan Chean

zhăn kāi chì băng shì wéi le fēi xiáng
shēn chū shuāng shŏu shì wéi le yŏng bào
xīn lián zhăo xīn shì wéi le lì liàng
yīn wéi lì liàng wŏ men fēi de gèng yáo yuăn
*zhăn chì gāo fēi
wo men shŏu qiān zhăo shŏu
yī qĭ fēi xiàng wŏ men de tiān kōng
zhăn chì gāo fēi
wŏ men bù zài gū dān
xiàng zhăo mèng xiăng zhăn shì wŏ men de lì liàng
kuáng fēng bào yŭ
ràng wŏ men jiān qiáng
gāo shān dà hăi rèn wŏ men áo xiáng
fēi de yuè gāo
wŏ men kàn de yuè yuăn
xiàng zhăo mèng xiăng gāo shēng nà hăn
Repeat *
yī qĭ xué xí yī qĭ chéng cháng
yī qĭ chéng gōng
yī qĭ róng yào
bù jù fēng yŭ
bù pà tiăo zhàn
zhăn kāi chì băng xiàng zhăo mèng xiăng yī qĭ wăng qián fēi
Repeat *
xiàng zhăo mèng xiăng zhăn shì wŏ men de lì liàng


Was it you who spoke the words,
that things would happen but not to me.
Oh things are gonna happen naturally.
Oh taking your advice.
I'm looking on the bright side.
And balancing the whole thing.
But often times those words get tangled up in lines.
And the bright lights turn to night.
Until the dawn it brings.
Another day to sing about the magic that was you and me.
Cause you and I both loved.
What you and I spoke of.
And others just read of.
Others only read of the love,
the love that I love.
See I'm all about them words.
Over numbers,unencumbered numbered words.
Hundreds of pages, pages, pages forwards.
More words then I had ever heard and I feel so alive.
You and I, you and I.
Not so little you and I anymore.
And with this silence brings a moral story.
More importantly evolving is the glory of a boy.
Cause you and I both loved.
What you and I spoke of.
And others just dream of.
And if you could see me now.
Well I'm almost finally out of.
I'm finally out of
Finally deedeedeedee
Well I'm almost finally, finally.
Well I'm free, oh, I'm free
And it's okay if you have go away.
Oh just remember the telephone works both ways.
And if I never ever hear them ringI.
f nothing else I'll think the bells inside.
Have finally found you someone else
and that's okay.
Cause I'll remember everything you sang.
Cause you and I both loved.
What you and I spoke of.
and others just read of and.
If you could see now
well I'm almost finally out of.
I'm finally out of,
finally, deedeeededede well
I'm almost finally, finally,
finally out of words.
Been listening to this song since i was a kid..
Jason Mraz - You And I Both..

Monday, 16 February 2009


Today finally i received the voucher from MyFm..
Actually it was sent a week or two ago..
But no one was at home..

So they sent a notice saying they will send the stuff today..
My parents passed by my office,
so my mom gave it to me..
Everything inside is chinese..
I still have to wait until i reach home,
then ask someone to read it to me..
Actually i was more excited to receive
& open the package than winning it..
I told my mom not to open it..
And the other day i was eating some cookie at home..
It's chocolate or something..
With almond on it..
I didn't really liked it..
I ate coz of the almond..
And after i ate like 2 piece,
i became EXTREMELY hyper..
Tak boleh duduk diam at all..
But i didn't stop eating the cookie..
I am so bored recently..
I want to go out..
Anyone wants to organize an event??
Please do..
I'm gonna die of boredom..
Suddenly i just feel annoyed by
all those weird signs some people put for their name on msn..
Ex -

(1)[c=20]ღღ ---------- 。◕‿◕。[/c=47]
(2)[c=21]-°o.O•°o.O––• [c=#FF93E4][b][a=1] ♥ [/a][/c][/b] •––O.o°•O.o°- [/c]
(3)$#FF0000 ♥·$#FF8000·#·$#FF0000 ♥·$##%&#&*%^&
(4)[c=#FF0080][c=#FF64B1][c=#FF158A][/c] <33>

And the other one is,
those who change their name everyday..

Day1. ––• [c=#FWF93HE4FFE80][c65a54aw=#ღღ
Day2.^^*&#! iwUwEw4EvA%%^^
Day3. %^^^&hAt3U4eVAQ%$#%*&^kIlL#$%^&
Day4. i123At$$hiT)(&#&*$%^.^*($%$^$!#

My question..
How am i supposed to know who you are?
Out of every 10 person at least 7 does that..
Wtf.. I have to double check
everytime i wanna IM someone..
Why am i talking about this?
I don't know..

Track 003

Zhi Yau Ni - Yan Wan Chean

wŏ tīng zhăo nĭ
tīng tīng nĭ wéi hé dān xīn
wŏ hū xī zhăo shì nĭ de qì xí
wŏ kàn zhăo nĭ băo bèi
méi yŏu wèn tí
hĕn duō rén bù găn kĕn dìng
zuì ài huì zài chū liàn
wŏ kĕn dìng zhè yī cì wŏ de yăn
* wŏ qīng chŭ nĭ
bù xiăng fàng qì
wú lùn duō shăo de lĕng yán hé dă jī
wŏ men yī qĭ jué duì bù shì wú lĭ
xuăn zé nĭ shì bù biàn de jué dìng
** wŏ qīng chŭ nĭ duì wŏ
yĕ qīng chŭ wŏ méi cuò
bù xiāng xìn tā men de hú yán luàn yŭ
wŏ bù lĭ quán shì jiè yuàn bù yuàn yì
suŏ yŏu de zhàng ài ràng wŏ gèng míng bái
zhī yào nĭ
Repeat All
bì shàng yăn
dōu kàn jiàn
bù guăn jìn
huán shì yuăn
zhī yào shì ài zhăo nĭ yī qiē jiù hăo
yŏu yī xiē găn qíng
zhī yào xiāng xìn
jiù huì shí xiàn
Repeat *,**

Saturday, 14 February 2009


I wanted to blog about something but i forgot what it's about..
I just heard on the radio that,
next years Chinese New Year is on Feb14..
Yesterday i went to Ss2 with Jaslyn,
to meet up with Joyce to eat dinner..
Was supposed to meet up at 6.30..
But i went home and then went to Jaslyn's house..
Almost lost myself on the way there.
It's been such a looooooong time since i've been there..
On the way there i called Joyce..
but i got the wrong Joyce..
I called Joyce Chin.. -.-"
Too many "Joyce" in my phone..
Then she tell me she's still at Kl Sentral..
Damn zha dou..
I thought i was late.. Manatau..
She halfway across the universe at Kl Sentral..
And yesterday was the day i finally found out that,
Mainstream Music/Moqi is in Ss2..
In case you don't know,
Wan Chean is signed under that company..
Then Jaslyn Khew wants to go in to ask something..
And i just wanted to go in..
I passed by there so many times but i never noticed..
Yesterday i noticed coz they stick her poster at the door..
Even though i have 2 of the posters but,
I so badly wanted to steal the poster..
Then we went in..
I can see pictures of her inside..
Haha.. And i took the business card..
Coz got her face..
Then we went to a bookshop and i bought another chinese mag..
No need to ask for the reason la..
We reached there even later than Joyce.. Wtf..
I was flipping through mags for...
Then went to Yipee Cup..
Ate there..
Nothing much happened..
Reached home at 9.20..
Feel damn sleepy..
But i waited till after 11 to fall asleep..
Y? Coz there's an interview on the radio..
No need to say who ryt? There's repeat at 6pm today..
Haha.. Then i fell asleep and wake at 12.15am..
Went to bath..
Sms.. Then slept at 1am++..
Yes.. I have a boring life..

Friday, 13 February 2009

Track 001

Li Kai Zhe Ge Xing Chiu - Yan Wan Chean

* zĕn mo nĭ zhù zài zhè gè xīng qiú
yóu xì tài guò dān diào
guī zé tài guò fán suŏ
duì yú wèi lái nĭ zŏng shì bù zhī suŏ cuò
zĕn mo nĭ huán zài zhè gè xīng qiú
xīn wén tài guò luó suō ŏu xiàng bù gòu Kuso
kuài băi tuō wú liáo shēng huó gēn wŏ zŏu
** nĭ huán yào huái yí shén mo
nĭ huán zài yóu yù shén mo
kuài wò zhù wŏ de shŏu dài nĭ lí kāi zhè gè xīng qiú
zhuī qiú nĭ kĕ wàng de zì yóu gēn wŏ zŏu
*** zĕn mo nĭ zhù zài zhè gè xīng qiú
diàn yĭng tài guò shān qíng
yīng xióng tài guò ruăn ruò
duì yú wèi lái nĭ zŏng shì bù zhī suŏ cuò
zĕn mo nĭ huán zài zhè gè xīng qiú
ài qíng méi yŏu zhăo luò shì yán cuò zì tài duō
kuài lí kāi shī liàn gòng hé guó
Repeat **,***
Repeat *
zĕn mo nĭ zhù zài zhè gè xīng qiú
yóu xì tài guò dān diào
guī zé tài guò fán suŏ
duì yú wèi lái nĭ zŏng shì bù zhī suŏ cuò
zĕn mo nĭ huán zài zhè gè xīng qiú
ài qíng méi yŏu zhăo luò
shì yán cuò zì tài duō
kuài lí kāi shī liàn gòng hé guó

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Don't know why but this few days i damn boh mood..
Just feel sleepy,
Damn sien..
I only feel happy/excited when,
i hear her voice/song..
To hear her voice i need to wait til 11pm..
The interview on MyFm..
But i can hear her songs anytime.. :D
And this song from Asq Top5,
Wo Men Hui Zhai Jian..
It's so damn nice..
I love the way she sang in that song so much..
Her voice is super super nice..
But everytime i hear that ad..
My mood drop 10%..

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


Just now while listening to MyFm,
my colleague asked me..
"Why you didn't call in to join?"
I wanted to cry on the spot..
She was referring to the call in segment,for Valentine's Day..
Nothing special right?
The winner gets to spend time with Wan Chean..
Even though it's not on the exact day of Valentine's..
BUT still..
Can eat with her..
And my smart sister said to me,
"You win already also no use la"
I asked her why..
And her answer was
"You see her already you still can eat meh?"

Actually quite true..
If i see her i don't have to eat..
I don't even have to go to the toilet..
First time at Ikano, Second time at Low Yat..
I needed to go to the toilet badly..
But i didn't go..
I know it's really stupid..
I'm feeling so damn sleepy right now..
And damn cold..
And i am so damn bored..
My colleague just told me she is going out for one hour..
My brain is jammed..
I want coffee..
I want to go home and sleep..
Everytime i hear the ad on MyFm,
i feel like banging the wall..
And right now i really should..

Monday, 9 February 2009


I want to get rich..
Imagine if i went and buy the number 2403..
Then get First Prize..
Huah! That time sure damn syiok..
But for now, just dream on la..
And this month most probably
i will be a guai guai lui and stay at home..
Coz i am totally broke..
100% broke..
Even yesterday Wan Chean was at Leisure Mall i didn't go..
And now i'm even sadder..
Too sad to even explain..
I don't know why but,
when i'm sad i won't explain..
If i'm happy i will talk about it for days..
Or even weeks if it's really big for me..
And boss just came to tell me,
"Go home at 3pm"
Mood better a lil..
But still very sad..
Still got 20mins to go home..
I want to go home and rip songs again..
Last night sleep at 2am ..
Coz was ripping..
I love Debbie Lim's songs..
It's from the Asq Top5 Ep..
But i love Wan Chean's voice in "Wo Men Hui Zai Jian"
Damn nice..

Saturday, 7 February 2009


Today me is very the extremely no mood to update..
Very lazy..
Very sleepy..
Very sad..
Very bored..
Very disappointed..
是我爱你 没有你 不可以..
Do you know how much i love this line..
Even though it takes such a long time
for me to understand what it actually means..
Really love this song..
And the singer Xp

Friday, 6 February 2009

Chee Ji Night..

Second day of Cny..
Went for dinner at some place i don't know..
Then we went to the Istana Anak Bukit..

Istana Anak Bukit..
Camera, Light, Action!!
Ok no action but there's camera + flash..

Parents,Youngest aunt + Uncle, 3rd Aunt,
5th Aunt + Uncle + 2nd Aunt + Uncle..

Look at his stupid face..

The "Elder" Generation

The Ladies

2 Retards

3 Lalas yang tak menjadi..
Act cute dao..
Don't ask me why i like to do this face..

Leon + Doreen
Lois + Jessica + Jemimah

My bro + Sis

So called S.H.E

Act Cool..

The last picture taken before we ran to the car..
Then went home..
*Unrelated Note*
Yesterday i was listening to MyFm..
Then i heard one ad..
Make me feel so sad..
Tak boleh tahan..
Beh Tahan..
I think i don't have to mention why..
As everyone can guess who this is about..

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Pantai Merdeka

Not much..
It was on 2nd day of Cny..
Went to Pantai Merdeka to baptiz..
2nd uncle + cousin..
My cousins Gf + 4 cousins + 1 niece..

Kena nag for taking lousy pics..
Itu scratch ear mya is Jacob..
Itu dua pakai belang punya is 5th Aunt + Uncle..

Lois + Jeminah..
Don't she look like she is being squashed by Jemimah?

My 2nd Uncle + his son getting baptized..


Leon, Leo's brother..
Don't play play..
He's a weigh lifter ok..
Gold medalist..
All makan ice-cream..


This 2 pics were taken later that day..
There was one that i look damn retarded..
So i won't post it up..