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Tuesday, 31 March 2009


These days i sleep damn early..
12am+ i will be sleeping..
Don't know what's happening to me..
And i'm getting more absent minded recently..
Die liao la..
Yesterday i forgot to lock up
the back gate of my office..

Can ANYONE tell me
how to strengthen memory??
It's getting from bad to worse..

Monday, 30 March 2009


I went to change my ic on friday..
Coz my ic is already kns-ed..
And finally went to get my cert..
After two years...
Mandy fetched me and Anna..
And Karmen was already waiting..
Karmen was wearing a white singlet & jeans..
Mandy wore skirt.. It wasn't short..
Me same as usual jeans and T-shirt..
Now the stupid school is DAMN mafan..
When we go in,
we need to fill in particulars..
Take a form, write some shit ass stuff..
Take it with us to get it chop.. =.="
The worst thing is..
Mandy and Karmen is not allowed to take their cert..
Reason being 'pakaian menjolok mata'..
It's the rule..
If you're wearing skirt the length
has to be until at least 3inch above the ankle..
And he still can say no like baju kurung..
Wtf... They're afraid that we'll influence the students..
Please la.. As if you know what the students
do outside, what they do behind your back..
So in the end we decided to exchange clothings..
I already took my cert..
SO karmen wore Mandy's jacket and went..
Mandy in turn wore my jeans..
And all the stupid teachers were laughing..
Mandy actually asked me to wear her skirt..
Wtf.. I'd rather die..
So what i did was..
Hid in the toilet with my boxers on..
Then waited for ivy to come..
Took the stupid cert..
Wait for Joyce..
Everyone of the teachers was SHOCKED..
Even my friends couldn't recognise me..
Most of the teachers tot i was a boy..
"If i were a boy, i think i could understand"~~
The most priceless reaction was SukMunn,
"OH MY GOD!!!!!!"
Pn.Teh, En.Kamal, Rachel..
And Kamal said my bm is still good.. Xp
Went to 1u..
All 7 of us..
6 of us and Shannon..
When we were there i told Joyce
i didn't want to watch movie..
So she went with Shannon..
Then the 5 of us went to Gardens..
Walked around..
Then more talking laughing..
About 5something we went to WongKok..
Sit talk drink eat laugh..
Then me,Joyce and Shannon went to play pool..
Shannon left at 7..
Joyce and me continued playing..
Then rush back to meet them at Skin Food..
I tell you these girls...
They can go to 5shops to look for one nail polish..
Not buying them,
and then go back to the first shop to buy..
Serious sweat case..
Went home at about 8pm..

Actually right..
I want to pierce another hole in my right ear..
But i'm scared that my dad will chop me
into 1000000 pieces..
And dye my hair metallic green..
Damn nice..
But my mom say will look like lala..

Thursday, 26 March 2009


Been busy the whole day...
Thank god i'm on leave tomorrow..
And i forgot to bring my mirror to work..
Cannot bervain..
Even though i used my phone..
But the effect is different..
I'm seriously freaking tired now..

Even though i'm tired i still have the mood to surf the net..
She looks so cute..
And so yeng..
But girly..

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Today one of our clients came..
He brought us drinks..
He bought chrysthemum..
If you know me well enough,
you will know i hate that..
And barley and kundur..
And whatever that tastes like that..
I hate herbal tea..
The only tea i drink is chinese tea..
Please keep that in mind..

Yesterday 'Minnie' called me..
Ske asked if i knew who was that..
I said Minnie..
The question she asked made me laugh my head off..
She asked me,
"From H.K or U.S?"
My answer?
I feel so lame..
Wonder why..
Today is wednesGay..
The day after tomorrow..

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Can't Wait For Friday.. Xp

This morning it rained like mad..
My parents dropped me for breakfast..
And the stupid rain washed off my wax..
My hair can't stand..
And i took leave for fri already..
To make myself clear..
I won't hate every girls that cry to me..
For some small stuff..
"omg i broke my nail"
"oh no my phone no battery"
"he called me short"
"i missed the bus"
Just a few of those who always cry..
And those who don't appreciate me..
Or maybe just that one person..
Maybe some will think that i'm
'siu hei' or 'kei sau'..
But seriously I'M NOT..
Everyone said that i should be pissed about this..
Imagine someone said this to you
"I'd rather choose (insert bf's name)
over you all"
Pls remember that YOU said that to me..
Now everytime you had a fight with him,
you will come to me..
And when you reconcile you'll treat me as air..
This happened more than once..
Everyone can see they way you treat me..
You asked for chance over and over again..
And i have it given over and over..
But the same thing will repeat all over again..
So why should i waste my time over something
that i already know the ending..
I've already been through it so many times..
It's like you're watching a movie..
But it's for the 10,000th time..
Isn't it stupid??
Waste of time..

By the way..
Today is Wan Chean's Birthday..

Monday, 23 March 2009


Yesterday went to klcc..
Wit Joyce and pc..
Ate Burger King..
Walked around awhile..
Then wasted one hour of my life..
During which ivy called me and cried..
I hate girls who cry to me..
Unless of course if you're a kid..
Then about 3.40 sent pc to Kl Sentral..
Not really sure what time reached there..
Then me and Joyce went to Sg.Wang..
Then went to find her friend..
But bumped into her cousin..
Then walked around abit..
Went to Coffee Bean..
Drink and hang awhile..
Then went to find my friend..
Then left at around 6.30..
I reached Paramout at around 8.10..
Coz there was some *technical error* Kl Sentral..
Was hungry..
Went to tapao laksa.. =p
And burger..
Talking about laksa makes me hungry wtf..
I tapao-ed but i didn't went home to eat..
Went to Cc..
Until around 9.30..
Then only went home to eat..
I spent Rm100 yesterday..
And now i'm damn sleepy..
Coz slept too late..
Thanks to the Mocha..
It's sweet..
Too much sugar in my blood level
makes me hyper..

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Stupid Kid

I'm seriously addicted to Pet Society...
Been playing everyday since monday..
And my Mrs. Boss will be back on next monday..
She went for a trip to HongKong..
If i'm not mistaken..
Yesterday after work,
went to dinner at KFC with my family..
Then came in 3teenagers..
Aging around 14-16..
One sissy + one gal + one tb..
Stare stare stare..
Stare cock ah..
Never let me whack before..
Since the moment they stepped in
they've been staring..
Then i sudah tak syok..
When we were leaving,
my mom was looking inside..
I was looking at the tb..
She opened her mouth to say something..
I read her lips..
She said 'sohai'..
Was damn pissed..
Stood there and stared at her..
She didn't dare to look up..
Just talk to the sissy guy friend..
I seriously wanted to go back there
and beat the crap out of her..
Me and my sis wanted to go back inside..
But my dad asked us not to..
We were still outside for awhile..
Coz i bo kam muan..
Then she asked the girl to come and see..
She wasn't there,
so i guessed the FF asked her to take a look..
Seriously cannot tahan the look on her face..
Damn snoobish..
Her FF lansi face..
Kids these days..
Parents never teach..
Maybe she was afraid we we're still outside..
See if we're still there..
Coz 2mins after we left in the car,
they came out..
If i see her again and she does the same thing..
I know what i will do to her..
Don't think i'm innocent
just coz i play Pet Society

Friday, 20 March 2009

I Want To Eat Burger

Something is wrong with me..
I'm getting more and more lazy these days..
There's a funeral march passing by my office..
Somehow i feel the music so nice..
Especially the drum beat..
I've been wanting to eat
Ramly's Burger since last week..
Still got no chance to eat yet..
So sad..

This fella damn smart..
Wanna treat people to drink..
Tapao but didn't bring straw..
Gek sei..
How to drink??
Office cups all damn small..

Thursday, 19 March 2009


I'm so hooked on Pet Society all of a sudden..
I feel so retarded..
And i still haven't decided on sunday..
Haven't asked my dad..
And someone is annoying
the crap out of me again..
Everyone is asking me to ignore her..
You treat me that way before..
Who can guarantee you won't do that again..

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

"(I was working the candy bar
when a I was approached by a man
seeing Bridge to Terabithia
with two young kids.
He points to the popcorn machine:)

Customer: “I’ll have two boxes of cockporn, please.”

(There was a two second pause
as the customer’s eyes went wide with horror..
and then I started to laugh..
He got the popcorn and ran upstairs,
with me standing behind the counter
with tears running down my face.)"

I'm gonna try that one day..

And my cute adorable cousin
is kacau-ing me on msn..

Tuesday, 17 March 2009


I love my hair..
I'm a lil high right now..
Not enough sleep..
My relatives came down from johor last night..
And i slept at 2.30am..
They we're talking outside my room..
And being the kepo that i am,
i went and joined them..
And talked and talked and talked..
Now i'm regretting..

Should i go out again this sunday?
I feel so damn lazy to go out..
But the two of them are forcing me..

Monday, 16 March 2009


Yesterday went out with Karmen,Mandy&Ivy..
The initial plan was to go OU to watch movie..
But Ivy forced all of us to go Ikea first..
Decided to watch at CineLeisure..
Spent 2hours there..
Talked alot of crap..
I love it when i hangout with high school friends..
I can talk alot of crap..
And hear them laugh..
After spending 2 hours at Ikea,
went to CineLeisure and bought the tix..
We went through the listing..
Bought the one at 1.50pm..
Race To Witch Mountain..
We bought the tix at about 1.10..
Went to eat at Manhattan..
Rush to the cinema,
went in about 2.05..
The movie has started..
So we sat down, thinking we missed 10mins or so..
Then about 45-50mins later,
someone came and open the EXIT door..
We were so disappointed..
Then went to buy some stuff..
I bought a necklace..
And ivy bought one exact same one..
Except her's was gold and the size is smaller..
Then went Starbucks to have a drink..
I reached at 5something..
And when my siblings came home,
they said the movie was damn nice and
it's about 2hours..
Then we looked at newspaper..
It's only then i realised that it's the wrong time..
The 1.50pm is for Platinum Class..
The movie started at 1.05pm..
So basically we missed the whole show..
I feel so so stupid that i almost died..

And my siblings keep saying
the movie is damn nice..
And beginning from today,
til thursday..
Wan Chean will be on MyFm from 11am - 1pm..
As a guest dj..
Her voice so damn nice..
Will be going back to school on 27th..

Saturday, 14 March 2009


I have another brother now..
His name is Hantu Yogurt..
And he is DAMN vain..
He's like ten thousand times,
more vain than me..

I'm bored..
And i have nothing to do..
I hate working life..
It sucks like mad..

Friday, 13 March 2009

Thursday, 12 March 2009


The time is 12.25pm..
Damn sien..
Why is next week school holidays??
I want to go back to school..
Life sucks..
And the worst thing is.......

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


I feel disappointed..
I feel stupid..
I want to feel numb for now..
I don't wanna feel anything..
I want to go home to my bed..
Cry myself to sleep..

Found this site..
Not Always Right
Some of it are damn funny..

This is funny..
(An elderly woman well into her 70s
comes through the check-out line
with a single bottle of wine.
I start to scan the bottle through.)
Customer: “Wait! Aren’t you going to check my ID?”
Me: “Er, no, ma’am, I don’t think it’s really necessary…”
Customer: “Well, that’s no good!
You should check all ID if you’re selling alcohol.”
Me: “Well, okay. May I see your ID, please?”
(She hands over an ID card that is obviously fake.)
Me: “…ma’am, this card says you’re seventeen.”
Customer: “Oh, dear! You’ve caught me!
I’m much too young to be buying this!
It’s a good thing you were checking IDs.
I’d better just go now!
*skips out the door*
Me: "..."

I thought i was over..
But this morning...
I realised i'm not over you..
I'm gonna go crazy soon..

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Yesterday was my dad's b'day..
Nothing much..
Just got a cake for him..
The cake was nice..
Black Forest or something..

But yesterday my mood wasn't that good..
Sometimes i just feel like running away..
From all this shit..
So damn frustrated..
Life sucks......
I just hate life so much sometimes..
Physical pain can actually numb emotional pain..
When you feel pain physically,
you won't feel anything else..
I'm serious..
Better than taking drugs..
I want to take up boxing classes..
Damn syok ah..

Monday, 9 March 2009


Omg this week really sueh..
I snapped my damn earphones early this morning..
I feel like i'm dying..
And now i can't listen to my songs anymore..
Need to get new ones urgently..
And i need to work today..
So sleepy..
And i got over you faster..
So fast that i shocked myself..
The previous one still stuck..
And i dreamt of that person yesterday..
And once a few days ago..
How hard is it to get over someone??

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Kena Cheat!!!

I kena cheat..
Didn't get to see and and spend so much money..
I so so so feel like dying when she wasn't there..
Damn sad...
So feel like cursing...
And i spend almost 200bucks today..
This morning my parents woke me up by,
yelling "Yan Wan Chean"..
Damn chun-ted right my parents..
Went and ate Sifu Wantan Mee..
But i had the Char Siew Fan..
Had my haircut..
And i feel it looked nicer this time around..
Today i finally found out that the name of the saloon is,
Today the guy that cut my hair is sooo nice..
And you'll feel he look damn yeng with the scissors..
His name is Gisbon or Gison..
Coz the lady said Gibson but she wrote Gison..
And he said he's same age as me..
I was shocked..
But he's really nice..
If i'm going back i'll be asking for his service..
They have 2 other branches..
One is at Jalan Changkat..
The other one is at Sungei Wang Plaza..
This one is WAY better than Monsoon-Id and HairZone..
The service is so much better..
And they're more professional..
The HairZone people can go jiak sai..
I'm sticking with La'Belle..

Saturday, 7 March 2009


Last night i was bored..
So i ss-ed in my room..
But not gonna post the pics here..
Uploaded to Friendster..
This morning i told my dad..

"Dad, let's go LeisureMall tomorrow"
He looked at my mom and said,
"How many times has she said that?"

Went to bed at 1am++..
But couldn't sleep..
So i did these..
I was too bored..
Really to to find something to entertain myself..
And i want to go back to school to get my cert..
My useless Spm cert..
My main purpose is not that though..
I have something more important going on..

Friday, 6 March 2009

Rome Puzzle

Yesterday the stupid connection was down..
Don't ask me why..
I've been playing this game for the past week..
It's called Rome Puzzle..
Not damn interesting..
But i like to play this kind of games..
Yesterday after work went to ChowYang..
Meet up with Joyce there..
Don't know where to eat..
In the end,
she decided McD..
After eating she wanted to buy something..
Then went to Secret Recipe to buy cake..
Later she went to put her stuff at home..
Went to padang to sit..
Until 11+..
Then walked her home..
Met with my bro outside her house..
When i reached home i was dead tired..

i will go home and pester my parents again..
My mom said depends on my dad..
I need to be a good kid for the next fews days..
If i don't get to go i will cry..

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


I have nothing better to do..

Played some games..
Loading another game..
Really need to go get my haircut..

What to do..
Who ask my hair to grow so fast..

I want it to be shorter
than the first time..
But, when i said i want to
cut my hair again..
my dad started to nag..

He keeps saying,
why girl must cut short hair..
Feel like asking him why cannot..
My hair i like la..
I'm even gonna dye it..
Just not sure what colour..

My hair, my money..
I cut anyhow i like..
It's not like my hair is damn short pun..
It's still longer than his..

pray for me..
Pray that this sunday
i can get to cut my hair..
And also meet her..

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Cut Hair

Planning to cut my hair this sunday..
LeisureMall again..
Why this sunday?
Because it's the 8th..
Wan Chean will be there..
For what?
I don't know..
But Danell Lee and other singers will be there..
*i think*
I've been pestering my mom to take me..
Since last night i kept repeating the same sentence..
"This sunday we go LeisureMall"

Monday, 2 March 2009

Street Fighter, The Legend of Chun-Li

Watched this last sat..
With Leon, Doreen & my siblings..

Kristin Kreuk is damn pretty..
I wanted to see her in something like,
the one on the right..
We were at the mamak when we decided to go to the cinema..
They decided on this..
But the earliest ticket is 9something..
And the only seats available is front row..
And the other time was 11.40pm..
3rd row..
So we took that..
Full house man..
It was only 8something..
*i think*
We went to eat first..
Ipoh Road Yong Tau Fu..
Damn nice & cheap..
Then sit there..
Til around 10..
Then went back to 1u..
Walk around abit..
Went outside to the Mamak Corner..
Sit til 11.20..
This was the first time i saw on empty 1u..
I feel this lady is quite pretty..
Even though i didn't catch her name..
Kristin Kreuk..
She's damn pretty..
And her eyes..
Ada electricity..


But the way he died was a lil'..
Bison punya perempuan, Cantana..
I used to think she's so hot and pretty..
But now i couldn't recognise her..
She looks so different..

And i just found out today that,
Josie Ho is the daughter of Stanley Ho..
Actually i don't know who that is..
But he is a Macau Casino Tycoon..
And is estimated worth of $7 billion USD..
Damn rich..

My most favourite scene was,
the one in the pub..
The dancing scene,
then went into the toilet..
Don't ask me why..
I just like it..

I would watch it again..

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Track 002

Bu Shi Wo Bu Guai - Yan Wan Chean

bà bà nĭ zĕn mo bù shuō huà
zhàn huŏ jí jiāng yào bào fă
wŏ men de chén mò jiù xiàng nĭ shuāi huài de jí tā
mā mā nĭ yĕ zĕn mo bù shuō huà
yăn guāng lĕng lĕng kàn zhăo wŏ zhèng zhā
* bù shì wŏ yĭ bù guāi
méi gù yì bù shùn cóng nĭ
bù shì wŏ yĭ bù guāi
nĭ zĕn mo huán bù xiāng xìnbù shì wŏ yĭ bù guāi
nĭ bă wŏ zhā de tài jĭnràng wŏ wú fă zài hū xī
** wŏ dào dĭ yào zĕn yàng gāi
zĕn yàng bă suŏ dă kāi
suŏ yŏu de shù fú tōng tōng dōu chĕ kāi
wŏ bù yào mĕi yī bù dōu huì yŏu míng míng ān pái
wŏ yŏu quán zhŭ zăi zì jĭ de wèi lái
wŏ dào dĭ yào zĕn yàng gāi zĕn yàng bă suŏ dă kāi
bă nèi xīn de huà chè dĭ shuō míng bái
wŏ bù yào mĕi yī bù dōu huì yŏu míng míng ān pái
bù zài shì nĭ xīn zhōng de xiăo hái
bà bà nĭ zĕn mo dōu bù shuō huà
zhàn huŏ jí jiāng yào bào fă
wŏ men de chén mò jiù xiàng nĭ shuāi huài de jí tā
mā mā a qĭng nĭ shuō shuō huà
nĭ zĕn mo rĕn xīn kàn zhăo wŏ wéi mèng xiăng zhèng zhā
Repeat *,**
wŏ bù shì bù guāi
wŏ bù shì biàn huài
wŏ bù zài shì nĭ yăn zhōng mĕng dŏng de xiăo hái
wŏ bù shì bù guāi
wŏ bù shì biàn huài
wŏ yào bă chì băng dă kāi
qù zhuī qiú wŏ de mèng xiăng
Rap:zhè gè píng fán gù shì zài bù jiŭ yĭ qián fă shēng
wŏ wéi le yīn lè mèng xiăng bà mā fă shēng zhàn
zhēngtā men kàn dào wŏ de rèn zhēn
gĕi wŏ băi fēn băi de xìn rènràng
wŏ zài zhuī qiú mèng de lù shàng yī diăn dōu bù pà lĕng
xī wàng zài wèi lái de rì zi kĕ yĭ fă guāng fă rè
jiāng yī qiē chéng jiù yī qiē róng yào sòng gĕi tā men
xī wàng kĕ fŭ píng zhè rì zi yĭ lái
bà bà xīn zhōng de shāng hén
mā mā liăn shàng de lèi hén
*** găn xiè nĭ xìn rèn wŏ xiāng xìn wŏ bă shŏu fàng kāi
gĕi wŏ suŏ yŏu bù yán huĭ de ài
zhàn zài zhè yī gè zhēn zhèng shŭ yú wŏ de wŭ tái
ràng wŏ qù zhŭ zăi zì jĭ de wèi lái
găn xiè nĭ xìn rèn wŏ xiāng xìn wŏ bă shŏu fàng kāi
dié dào le wŏ huì yŏng găn pá qĭ lái
zhàn zài zhè yī gè zhēn zhèng shŭ yú wŏ de wŭ tái
shì nĭ ràng wŏ huó de jīng căi (ràng mèng xiăng biàn de jīng căi)
Repeat ***