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Saturday, 18 April 2009


Yesterday i slept at 3.20am..
Damn freaking sleepy now..
This is a record..
Ever since i started working
i have never stay up so late..
I mean on a working day..
But last night was so so so happy..
I can sacrifice my sleep..
Really don't mind at all..
But fell asleep for awhile..

Last night finished watching
The L Word Season6..
Even though i hate Jenny~
Still feel sad..
And the saddest part is...
Now i have no more tv series to chase..
Normally i hate drama's..
Those tvb, taiwan, korean & japan drama..
I only liked "Autum In My Heart"..
Was only in primary school i think..
Watched every single episode..
Cried during every single episode..
My aunt even asked me to
put a box of tissue next to me..
That was such a long time ago..
I cry alot when i watch movies..
Even cried a lil during Spiderman3..
One of the movie i cried the most was
"Fly Me To Polaris" and "Money No Enough2"..
Damn chek ark ah..
Cry until became hamdan chiu yan..
Long time didn't watch a movie that made me cry..
Any suggestion??

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