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Friday, 8 May 2009


So damn blur..
I actually wrote todays date as 08/04/2009..
And realised it after i faxed it to the customer..
Need to sleep early tonight..
Or else i will die..
Lack of sleep = brain not enough oxygen..

Not enough oxygen = retarded..
It's been forever since i last had enough sleep..

Yesterday i wanted to sleep at 11 something..
But my friend smsed me..
She was having some love problem..
So chatted with her awhile..
Slept at around 1am..
So, still considered early..
For me la.. Haha..
And my leg is still hurting from yesterdays cramp..
So i cant sleep properly..
Some smart ass told me to put cold water..
Walao..Put cold water will become more jialat ok..
Please ignore my english..
I know its bad..

David Tao - Tian Tian
i like this song..

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