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Monday, 11 May 2009


Yesterday was at RedBox Curve..
With Evie, Aaron, Daniel, PrettyPink,
Anna and Nathaniel..
Reached at around 11..
Then sing until....
I think around 2.40..
Basically i was just sitting there..
And eat..
And listen to them sing..
Somehow i still prefer Neway..
After we left..
Walked around abit..
Finally got myself "Love Matters" dvd..
Didn't get to catch it in the cinemas..
Then my brilliant sis bought Kay's album at CdRama..
I really think that it's a waste of money..
If it's Kay Tze i would think it's worth it..
This is the Kay from project Superstar..
Liao lui nia..
Then me, anna and evie was sitting outside Popular
while wating for the other four
who is in the pet shop..
And i got myself a handphone strap that's kinda lala..
In my opinion..

Do you think it's lala?
Don't really know why i bought it..
After that Daniel, PrettyPink and Nathaniel left..
The 4 of us decided to eat..
So after discussing awhile decided to go Manhattan..
Full like mad..
The portion is really huge..
Saw someone next door..
Someone that makes me go
Jaslyn will know who i meant..
Don't think she recognised me though..
Which is a good thing..
Went home around 6++..
Or so i think..
But before leaving
went to Secret Recipe to get cake..
For me..
And my mum..
But my Chocolate Indulgence no more..
I really need to cut my hair d ah...
It's like grass now..LOL..
I'm still lacking of sleep..
Which results in alot of typo..
My friend keep asking me what i typed..
Even now i'm still doing typing error..
What's wrong with me..

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