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Saturday, 16 May 2009


Yesterday i slept at around 9..
Damn early right..
But i woke up at 11.20..
Coz someone so smart went and call me..
I msg-ed her earlier and told her not to call me..
Coz no mood and don't feel like talking..
But if it wasn't for her i would've slept til this morning..
Some of my friends are so sensitive..
In a good way of course..
Even we're not face to face they can notice..
One my mood turn bad,
everyone noticed..
Well, almost everyone..
Even through msn they noticed..
In less than 10mins there were at least
6 people that ask me if i'm ok..
Thnx for asking.. thnx for supporting me..
Especially Chanty.. Thnx..
I will be ok i guess..

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