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Thursday, 21 May 2009


My boss is not gonna be around til next monday..
At least more freedom..
Today i printed the 3 sets
of the same quotation 5times..
Because i forgot to make some small changes..
So distracted.....
Even my colleague asked me what's wrong with me..
I'm hooked to FML again..
Things i do most in office..
Reading Blogs..
Read FML..
Basically that's it..

Yesterday one lady came in to my office..
Then we started talking..
She said my voice is nice...
She said i can be a dj..
Then someone said my voice sounds like a ducks..
Then i received an sms..
"I believe ducks can die,
i believe ducks can touch the sky..
They think about it every day and night..
Spread their wings and try to fly"
Was telling her what my friend said about my voice..
Right after i pressed send..
I received that message..
Gek dao..

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