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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Late Again

Two days in a row i woke up late..
But managed to reach office in time..
My friend was making fun of me..
Coz i'm 19 and i still need my mum to wake me up..
Not all the time..
Just sometimes when i'm very tired i can't wake up..
But i'm always tired..
Coz doing big business..
Somehow i feel today my hair is so damn nice..
*perasan mode ON*
Eveytime after i cut my hair
i will become more vain..
Long hair - x vain..
Short - vain x 10..
Shorter - vain x 50..
Even Shorter - vain x 100..
Wayyyyyyy Shorter- vain x 500..
I'm now at vain x 500..

My Sony died..
It died and i don't even know why..
Cannot play with my 3G..
Cannot play with the damn camera..
I'm soooo sad & depressed now..
I can't even eat, sleep,walk & talk right..
Actually i'm just crapping..
I'm still normal..
Minus the fact that i cant SS anytime i want..

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