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Saturday, 9 May 2009

No Wax, No Cap

First time i leave the house without wax..
And without wearing a cap..
Feels so damn proud of myself..
Don't know why i decided not to wax my hair..
Maybe i'm starting to feel lady..
Yesterday one lady came in to my office..
Doing some dono wat for dono wat bank..
The only thing i heard them said was something bank..
When she saw me..
She was like "Wah your hair so yeng"
Then she asked for my name and stuff like that..
Asked for my age..
Then reacted over crazily..
Coz i'm only nineteen..
But i just continued playing my game..
But she and the guy said they'll be back next week..
No time to entertain them..
Cant even play my game in peace..

Will be going out tomorrow..
With the shouters..
To The Curve..
Red Box..
Which i will end up
sitting there, eating..
I only sing with my bro and sis..
I know it's so damn weird..

Oh ya..
Most probably i won't be going on the 15th..
So sorry..
Maybe next time..

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