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Tuesday, 30 June 2009


My great grandma passed away on 23/06..
And my relatives reached here on 26/06..
I took a few days off work..
Went for the ceremonies and stuff..
Met relatives that i have never met before..
Drank 10cups of Nescafe in less than 4hours..
Which caused nose bleeding the second day..
Bleed twice..

That place was located at Cheras..
Xian En Bereavement Centre..
Doesn't even look like a Bereavement Centre..
It was more like a 5* hotel..
The service was good..
The enviroment was not scary at all..
The only scary part was the buddhist prayers..
5generations of relatives was there..
Scary siot..
So many people..
We have to wear white shirt..
And tie a white cloth with a red cloth tied to it..
Plus we have to pin a piece of cloth
on the right side of our sleeve..
Different colour for different generation..
The body was cremated on sun..
And my aunts left that evening..

Jessica my cousin..

That's my bro behind and this is the gals toilet..
See how long is my hair now..

My niece..
She's around 3.. *i think*

Jemimah, Jessica..
Rowena, Lois, Jia En (L-R)

On the last day..
There was some stupid marathon going on..
A 10mins journey became 1hour ride..
So suffering..
Everyone reached there late..
And one of my genius cousin
don't know how to listen to instruction..
And that caused my dad's phone..
She kept calling him and asking the directions there..
Coz most of the roads were blocked
for the STUPID marathon..
Asked her to stop at the road side to draw/write down..
But she choose not to..
His stomach was paining..
So he went to the toilet..
She kept calling..
So in the end...
Tamatlah Riwayat Telefon Itu..
p/s: forgot to mention
we need to wear red shirt
after the body was cremated..
i don't even know why..

My sony is still not fixed..
Need to wait a few more days..
Coz they need to send it back to the factory..
And it'll cost me Rm180..
Luckily will get paid in a few more days..

The other day i was watching
Miss Malaysia Universe 2009..
Their english was so damn bad..
Such an embarrassment..
I really felt like i was gonna die listening to their english..

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