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Friday, 5 June 2009


Yesterday i was soo hyper..
Don't know what was wrong with me..
Just ask Mandy & Jaslyn..
Went to Picadilly yesterday..
After eating Mcd @ Ss2 and also
went to pasar malam..
Actually went home oredi..
But Jaslyn msg-ed me..
Telling me her CG is over..
So 3 of us went to yamcha..
Picadilly is at Milennium Square..
But there was a monsoon drain there..
So it stinks like shit..
And the "fresh lemon juice"
tasted like longkang water & wash toilets detergent..
Reached home at 11++..
Was locked out..
Then my sis opened the door for me..
What's the big deal la..
Its only 11+..
When my bro is out til 12am its ok..
Wtf la...Sexist..
Damn pissed..
At around 1.30am..
I went to check on my hamster..
Like what i always do everyday and night..
And found out that..

My baby hamster died..
Kena eat by the mom..
So sad...
Then my dad still can come out and nag at me..
And my 'friend' kinda betrayed me..
Then my friend angry at me..
No mood kns..
Thank god tomorrow is public hols..
Can sleep in abit later..
And watch cartoon..
IF my dad doesn't start nagging..

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