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Monday, 15 June 2009

I'm bored,tired,sleepy..
and my whole body is paining..
Yesterday was supposed to go out..
But had to ffk last minute..
Damn effin pissed..
Then was forced to go
visit my great grandma at the hosp..
Grand aunt called and said ah chor was in hosp..
My mom asked me if i wanna go..
My respond was "Up to you"..
Coz if i said i dont wanna go but
they force me to go i stil have to go..
And vice-versa..
So might as well dont ask..
In the end i was still forced to go..
Rush me to bath and everything..
But in the end........
Visiting hours is after 5pm..
So i went back to sleep..
Went at about 4.30 i think..
With my aunt and cousin & his gf..
Ah Chor was at the Sunway Hosp..
Icu which means only 2 person will
be allowed in at one time..
Went in for awhile..
Then waited outside..
My grand aunt/uncle came..
Then waited there for my uncle and cousin..
Was so damn hungry and bored..
Then went to walk abit..
At about 8pm the 5 of us were damn hungry..
So we went and eat first..
Then my parents came to find us..
After that my other cousin came with his gf..
We sat at the mamak from 8++ til bout 1130..
Shud've seen the table..
The food and drinks that we consumed..

Oh ya..
The phone shop just called me..
Need more time..
Still checking on my phone..
It's been almost a week..


I think everyone knows this right..
Two line i agree on most..
1. You know you dont trust anyone really,
not even yourself..
2. You're afraid of people going behind your back.......

-Nice Hair-

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