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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Little Nyonya

My mom and lost their minds..
Ont wednesday I reached home at 6.30pm..
My dad asked her what time she started watching..
My bro said 2something..
She was watching a dvd series..
It's called Little Nyonya..
Then my sis joined my mom..
They watched non-stop..
Until 12am..
Then finally my mom went to sleep..
And yesterday my mom continued watching..
When i reached home it was finishing..
My sis came home at about 6.30..
After she finished watching the finale with my mom,
she watched it all over again..
From the beginning..
She started at about 7.30..
Till 9.30 coz she wanted to watch Mr.Siao..
After that she went and did her things..
10.30 she continued again...
Till 12am..
Don't know why they're so crazy over it..
IT's kinda nice..
But don't have to stick in front of the tv for so long..

My baby hamster started growing fur..
And i'm becoming more forgetful..

Today one fella said me vain..
Another one said i'm childish..
One more poke fun at me coz of the colouring book..

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