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Thursday, 11 June 2009


It always rains on the wrong day..
It shouln't rain on Mon, Thurs and Sun..
Coz there will be pasar malam..
And if it rains i cant go..


I told you i print screen rite..
She reli hopeless..
I don't have to explain to her anything..
I don't care if you block me on msn..
As i said i dont give a damn..
Up til this day you still dont know that its ur fault..
And go around blaming ppl..
Reli feel like cursing you..
And curse your zhou zhong sap pat toi..
So damn freaking annoyed by you..
I wanna copy and paste the whole conversation here..
But its damn wu liao..

^ Be weary of your friends
and make sure you weed out
the BAD ones

Oh ya..
Yesterday watched another singapore movie..
The 12 Lotus..
Its nice and touching..
And funny..
Almost laughed myself to death..
And the songs featured in the movie is nice as well..
Especially love the scene where
Liu Lian Hua takes her GuanYin
to the saloon and the part she pays with the credit card..
Funny like hell...

If only i can cut and dye my hair like this..
But blonde most probably i wont..
Coz this is Msia..
I dont wanna look like i escaped from Lala Land..
I actually wanted to pierce my eyebrow..
Kia si...
and most probably i will be killed by my family..
First chopped into 100pieces..
Then put into the blender to be grinded..

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