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Thursday, 30 July 2009


Bought a cap yesterday..
From an online web..

Its exactly the same except for the back part..
mine is black in colour..
but thats not why i bought it..
jz felt that its nice..

Jaslyn Khew..
look what i found..

A purple dinosaur that i hate..
But you love him so much..

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

fuck babi!! pergi mampus!!

Fucking hate babi..
u think u so damn fucking smart izit now?
so damn smart no need to call me and ask la..
this fucking babi called my office..
asking some stuff..
i was fucking polite even though de jibai's damn rude..
i even speaked in babi language so that he can understand me..
coz all babi is lazy and too stupid to learn other languages..
i jz asked where he's calliing from...
and his answer is
"Jabatan Kerja Raya JKR Jalan Salahuddin, BODOH!"
i was damn fuckin pissed..
i wanted to hang up on him but i didn't..
then he hung up..
mother fucker..
who the fuck u think u are?
even my boss who pays me doesn't scold me that..
jibai punya babi..
kalau awak hebat sangat, pandai sangat,
tak payahlah tanya saya..
kalau saya dah bodoh sangat
yang awak pergi tanya saya buatpe?
maksudnya awak tu lagi bodoh la..
kenapa bodoh? sebab tak makan babi..
sebab tu la bodoh macam babi..
eh tak lah..
babi lagi pandai..
kurang ajar..
mak bapak hari-hari tak senang nak ajar ye?
sebab sibuk nak buat anak sebab tu lah tak senang..
kalau tak tau ajar janganlah lahir banyak sangat..
merata tempat..
buat maksiat..
kalau aku nampak muka engkau..
mesti aku terajang sama kau..

Jaslyn Khew..
Now i noe y u hate babi..
i don hate all..
jz a handfull of them..

Monday, 27 July 2009

Yasmin Ahmad (July 1, 1958 - July 25, 2009)

A critically-acclaimed multi-award winning
film director, writer script writer..

My first thought when i heard the news
of her suffering a stroke & was in a coma state :
"hope she'll live.. if she doesn't malaysian movies no hope d''
It was really shocking for me..
I found out the news of her passing at about 1am on 25th..
It's very sad for me..
I really love her movies alot..
From now on it'll be very hard
to find a great Malaysian made movie..
And no more touching commercials..

Tan Hong Ming In Love
Who's Your Friend?
How Do You Spell Dinosaur? (race)

Some of her tv commercial that i love ^

Talentime (2009)

Muallaf (2008)

Mukhsin (2007)

Gubra (2006)

Sepet (2004)

Rabun (2003)
Couldn't find the info on this movie..

Awards & Nominations
1. Malaysia Video Awards for Best Director (1999)
- Forgiving Petronas commercial

Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia'
Golden Kancil Award for Best Advertising Agency (1999/2000)

Malaysia Video Awards
- Silver awars for Best Scriptwriting (2000)
Yuzy Petronas Road Safety Campaign

Malaysia Video Awards

- bronze award for Best Scriptwriting (2000)
Vas Dentures

Malaysian Film Festival
- awards for Most Original Story and Best Film (2005) Sepet

Malaysia Film Festival

- awards for Best Screenplay and Best Film (2006) Gubra

Berlin International Film Festival

- Grand Prix award by the
Kinderfilmfest International Jury and
Generation K-Plus Crystal Bear Special Mention (2007) Mukhsin

- source Wikipedia

R.I.P. Yasmin Ahmad (July 1, 1958 - July 25, 2009)

Saturday, 25 July 2009


not to cut my hair..
i shall cut my hair in oct..
which is 2months from now..
wonder how it will look like..
hope it will look as nice as


which is kinda impossible..
i'm kinda lazy to cut my hair..
but i keep complaining that my hair is long..
i'm not vain..
i just love my hair alot..

i was also thinking maybe
i let my hair grow longer then cut like the pics above..
but it looks kinda weird right?
-Any Suggestions?-

p/s - i'm kinda looking for part time job..
help me look around?

Friday, 24 July 2009


“when a person treat you good,
accept it and repay it in a good way
Taking advantage on people who treat u good
is always a big no no!!”

-how i wish she will see this-

Thursday, 23 July 2009

My Dream Car..

BMW 5Series..
Stylish, sleek..
looks damn cool in black..
if only i can afford one..
maybe in my dreams la..
that's why it's called "dream car''
Too expensive ..


Perodua MyVi SE..
this is not my dream car..
but i like it..
Especially the colour..
i only like it in this colour..
if i were to buy a car in the near future,
this would be my choice..

I'm kinda lazy to blog now
coz of the condition my blog is in now..
should i cut my hair or let it grow longer?
i wanted to let it grow longer..

something like this guy here..
but my f
riends i should cut it..
they say it's like grass now..
i want to
dye my hair either grey/ngap si cheng
(what do you call it in eng?)
highlight my hair
i shall decide before Cny..
new colour for new year..
yesterday i saw ppl started selling lantern..
and its only the sixth month of lunar calendar..
Oh ya..
i witness my hamster giving birth last night..
i was coming out halfway..
still red with blood..
and my reaction was,
3 more babies..
so damn cute..
*prays it will live*

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


some shit is wrong with my blog..
can someone teach me how to fix it??
coz i'm a html retard..
btw i'm getting more crazy over orange colour..

Saturday, 18 July 2009


How i wish i have a full length mirror in my office..
I'm not vain..
I'm just a little narcissistic..
I wish that my first car is an
Orange colour Myvi..
but for now can continue dreaming first..
speaking of which,
i had nightmare last night..
damn scary..
did i ever mention that i hate polka dots?
and i'm afraid of the dark?
went for breakfast this morning..
the same place i went for wantan mee last week..
1. ordered milo ice but the fella gave me HOT milo..
2. the soup has no taste..
3. the wantan is spoilt..
wtf la..
then i lao sai at the office..

i hate it when that happens..
the food really taste damn bad..
disappointment betul la..

i feel like blogging in BM..
should i?

Friday, 17 July 2009

forgot what i wanted to blog about..
this morning just realised that
i left my bag in Jaslyn' car..
when i asked her to pass it back to me..
Her reply? - "see got wat inside.."
I'm still craving for McD nuggets
even though i had like 9pieces last night..
i'm so in love with nuggets right now..
myb later buy from KFC.. C:
so wanted to slap someone yesterday..
went to Guardian at Ss2 to get hair wax..
wanted to get purple colour..
but it wasnt on the display ..
then i asked the cashier..

Me : yang ni warna purple takde ke?
Tranny : ada.. *shows f**k face ,walks over to shelf*
Tranny : yang ni la.. *pointing to the pink one*
Me : ..... *feels like slapping her*
Tranny : eh tak sama ke? purple takde la..

stupid tranny..
u think i colour blind ah?
nothing against tranny..


does she even look like she was a man??!!

(before & after)

this is Harisu..
she's so damn hot/sexy/pretty..
but that lady/dude is just *bluegh*..
feels like vomitting..
if i see her again i'll advice her
to go for a few more surgeries..

i watched alot of videos in the office..
Hilarious sial..
I even had stomach cramp..
I'm too lazy to link it here..
But sharing is caring right?
HERE <--------
See i'm so nice..

Thursday, 16 July 2009

should i get the book?

Ella, Hebe, Selina

So damn cute..
---> see this video

they're releasing a book soon..
having the urge to run to the store..
there's voice clip of them talking about
their stories on MyFm..
So damn touching T.T
makes me wanna cry..
now watching clips of S.H.E on YouTube..
funny like mad..
Esp the one where
Hebe slips during dance practice..

and also the one
she fell during an interview on live tv
and the guy didn't even laughed..
it i was there..
i would've laughed til i faint..

One of the reasons i love them
is coz they're not fake..
how i wish i have friends that are like them..
anyone know where i can get
dvd of their concerts?
i cant seem to find it any where..
Let me know.. ^^

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


the lady next door said my hair yeng..

Look what happened to my msn..
the icon thingy is totally black..
wonder what happened to it..
Oh ya..
Weirdness runs in the family..

^ see what i mean?
he (my cousin) actually called me
and asked back for his egg plant..
the one he planted in Barn Buddy in FaceBook..
then sends me harassing messages on fb
my reaction?
i almost fainted on the spot..
seriously damn zadao..

Meaningful Conversations
Between Me & Jaslyn
thru sms..
last night..
jaslyn : noobs..
me : boobs..
jaslyn : breast..
me : tek tek..
jaslyn : nipple..
me : tits..
we always have this conversation..
body parts..
thru sms..
jaslyn : wake up d!
me : pig..
jaslyn : no lo..
me : yes..
jaslyn : no..
me : yes..
jaslyn : no..
continues on and on....
thru sms..
most of the times..
me : where got?
jaslyn : got lo..
me : where got?
jaslyn : got lo..
me : where got?
jaslyn : got lo..

we do this most of the times..
I HATE Barney..
the stupid gay dinosaur that looks like
he suffocated to death in a plastic bag..
and the stupid annoying voice & song..
This is how Barney looks like..
But i think he would look much better
if she he looks like this

She thinks Barney rox..
dont mind the quality of the pic..
coz i'm using the laoya 1.3mp camera phone..

See how much i use my phone..
its the original phone cover..
the other day someone said i sms in such a fast way..
but i still think i'm slow..
One lady just came in..
Her perfume
can suffocate me to death..
and when i die i will look like Barney..
makes me wanna faint..
i think its some cheap perfume that
she bought at Chow Kit..
smells really bad..

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


1. Do you know how to use bobbypins?
* yea i used before..
loooooong time ago..

2. Do you hate a friend’s boyfriend/girlfriend?
* used to..

3. What is your favorite movie?
* err.... alot cant think of one now..

5. Do most people like you?
* hope so..

8. What does your hair look like at the moment?
* not like dragonball

9. What did you say last?
* ya ya..
my colleague was saying
i look like my mom..

10. Are you mad right now?
* nope..

11. What are you listening to?

12. Who is your favorite person?
* err..
is there such thing?

15. Do you love your dad?
* sometimes

16. Do you have any pets?
* 2 adult hamster
3 baby hamster
1 old dog..

17. What did you do today?
* not much..
just a normal routine..

21. Do you have a printer?
* ya..

22. Do you have a crush on anyone?
* don think so..

23. Do you know anyone famous?
* me la..

25. Dogs or cats?
* puppy

27. Do you prefer short or long hair on the opposite sex?
* which ever looks good on them..
but most probably short

28. Favorite color?
* orange

30. Where is your phone?
* pockets..

31. Who was your last 4 texts from?
* joyce, jaslyn..

32. Where was your default picture taken?
* - - -

33. What’s your middle name?
* no middle name..

34. Your current relationship status
* single..

35. Does your crush like you back?
* don think so..

36. What is your current mood?
* no mood.. sleepy..

37. What color shirt are you wearing?
* green..

38. Are you feeling romantic or frisky?
* frisky..

39. If you were with your crush right now, what would you do?
* do nothing..
too shy to talk i guess..

40. If you could go back in time and change something, would you?
* i would change alot of things..

41. where was the last place out of town that you went to?
* 1U?

42. Ever had a near death experience?
* don think so..

43. Something you do a lot?
* sms/watch tv/eat kuaci.. LOL..

45. Who can you tell anything to?
* myself..

46. Name someone with the same birthday as you?
* nicole kidman..

47. when was the last time you cried?
* some time ago..

48. Where are you right now?
* office..

49. If you could have one super power what would it be?
* ability to read & control minds..

50. What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
* eyes/hair..

51. Who is your favorite celebrity train wreck?
* christina aguilera..

52. What is a Saying that you believe?
* nothings is forever,
promises are meant to be broken..

53. Favorite color(S)?
* same as #28 =.="
* orange..

54. What is one thing that annoys you on tv?
* bad acting, stupid commercials,
those who cant speak properly,bad subtitle..
cant speak BM, English, Chinese
properly to save someone's grandmother's life,
this is my "one" thing..

55. Do you still like kiddy movies?
* *nods vigorously*
i love most of it..

56. What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
* H2O..

57. do you speak any other language?
* yes.. and other dialects too..

58. What’s your favorite smell?
* dono..

59. describe your life in one word?
* roller coaster (is it even a word?)

60. Have any tattoos?
* never did never will..

61. What are you looking forward to the most?
* nothing much..

62. What are you thinking about right now?
* what can i do to earn more $$

63. What should you be doing?
* work? but there's no work for me to do..

64. Who was the last person that made you upset/angry?
* my dad..

65. What are you listening to?
* same as #11..

66. Do you like working in the yard?
* ya i think so..

67. What color are your nails?
* no colour

68. Do you act differently around the person you like?
* subconciously i think yes..

69. What is your natural hair color?
* dark black..

70. Why did you cry the last time you did?
* secret..

Monday, 13 July 2009


my bro..
the one in the black shirt..
i think he loves that shirt alot..
"oyster love potion #1"
can see him in it most of the time..
i'm half broke coz of him..
last sat bout 530 we went to cycle,
then went to eat at the new shop near my house..
we ate wantan mee since that was the main attraction..
then went to cycle awhile..
bout 7pm we waited for his fren..
for an hour or so..
so we left and went to the mamak first
asked his friend to find us there..
and my bro ate again..
roti telur x 2..
he wanted 2 but i didnt allow him..

we we're at the mamak beside giant..
there's a stall there now
selling food that taste like shit & exp (get to that later)
and clothes..

two pairs of boxers..
blue one's mine, white is my bros..
So damn cute kan..
luckily my dad didnt nag me for buying this..

i love koko jelly..
i wasnt even afraid of melamin..
during that time when everyone was panicking
i bought one packet of this..


see how high my hamster climbed..
this is one weird hamster..
when he's in a bigger cage all he does is sleep and eat..
now we put him in a smaller cage,
its so damn active..
reincarnation of SpiderMan..
now the small hamsters are in a bigger cage..
oh ya..
did i mention that one of the baby
is white and has red eyes?
soooo damn cute..
but i think its a lil slow..
sun morning (bout 1+am ^^)
i was harassing my hamster..
cyclops was sleepin then i decided to be an ass,
i try to wake it up using a stick..
it wasnt sharp and i din poke it hard..
i turned the hamster 180degree,
but no reaction..
he's is such a pig..


went to 1u at about 1130..
my main point - get shoes..
my sister's main point - new working clothes..
i end up with

shoes from B.U.M - Rm90..
socks from Padini - Rm13..
polo t from F.O.S - Rm50..
lunch at Garden - Rm32..
taxi - Rm?? *forgot*...

my mom said my shoe is extremely exp..
her reaction was O.o RM90??
my sis was dragging me all over the place..

Then finally she got something from Nichii..
I forgot wat it was coz i have short term memory..
wanted to go curve..
but didnt instead we went home..
it was only 5++
then about 8 went to pasar mlm..
bought kuaci for my hamster me..
and also a rubiks cube..
a small one, stupid me..
i thought i was easier coz its smaller =.="
then went to eat at the thai stall that just opened,
the place i bought the boxers..
food sucked..
the hooker hawker was a bitch..
and was fugly like hell, even looked like arowana..
but even the fish is cuter than her..
food tastes like shit..
tom yam sucked,
ais kacang sucked,
kerabu seafood sucked even more..
she thinks we're some kind of idiots
who have never tasted thai food..
feel like throwing chair at her stall..
bloody fker stil can talk back so loudly..

disclaimer: if anything really happened to her stall,
it has totally nothing to do with me..

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Chocolate Indulgence

have you seen a person crossing the road
like a chicken?
meaning crossing the road without
looking left and right
and sms-ing at the same time..
it's not like a chicken can sms la,
you get what i meant right?

that chicken person is me..
my sis always says that..
but i just realised it yesterday..
i walk like the road belongs to me..
went to sec14 after work..
to get back the stupid brick phone..
then went to buy cake..
Secret Recipe Chocolate Indulgence..
so damn nice..
then waited for taxi..
waited about 1hour 1minute then left..
i'm not exactly someone with patience..
i actually walked all the way back home..

degil punya orang..
i just hate to wait..
unless if there was someone there with me..
and i also hate ppl who tend to be late..
unless if they have a good excuse
if they're important ppl to me..

I just found out the meaning of
Cash On Delivery..
proves how retarded i am..

Friday, 10 July 2009

weather is killing me

hates it when the wind blows my hair
from a different direction..
hates the sun..
loves egg tarts..

loves nuggets..
its 2pm and i thought it's 3..
proves how much i wanna go home.

sometimes i hate my customers..
ask for discount even if its 1buck..
free gift..
anything that is free..
imagine if i give them a roll of toilet paper..
went to pm again last night..
at bout 8++
jaslyn khew appear outside my house..
i tot she was crapping..
msg-ed mandy but no reply..
then walked around..
saw one guy that me & my fren used to like..
his name is momo..
mandy's dog = momochi..
i think he looks cuter now than last time..

she misses Wan Chean so much..


Cute kan?

p/s - I wanna get red highlight

it's only 3.03pm..
kill me pls..

Thursday, 9 July 2009


Song Hye Gyo
Kim Tae Hee

Who do you prefer?
I prefer Song Hye Gyo..
But they're both equally pretty & cute..
Autumn In My Heart was the only
korean drama that i actually watched
without missing an episode (and cried every episode)..
I was still in primary sch that time..
*i think*