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Monday, 13 July 2009


my bro..
the one in the black shirt..
i think he loves that shirt alot..
"oyster love potion #1"
can see him in it most of the time..
i'm half broke coz of him..
last sat bout 530 we went to cycle,
then went to eat at the new shop near my house..
we ate wantan mee since that was the main attraction..
then went to cycle awhile..
bout 7pm we waited for his fren..
for an hour or so..
so we left and went to the mamak first
asked his friend to find us there..
and my bro ate again..
roti telur x 2..
he wanted 2 but i didnt allow him..

we we're at the mamak beside giant..
there's a stall there now
selling food that taste like shit & exp (get to that later)
and clothes..

two pairs of boxers..
blue one's mine, white is my bros..
So damn cute kan..
luckily my dad didnt nag me for buying this..

i love koko jelly..
i wasnt even afraid of melamin..
during that time when everyone was panicking
i bought one packet of this..


see how high my hamster climbed..
this is one weird hamster..
when he's in a bigger cage all he does is sleep and eat..
now we put him in a smaller cage,
its so damn active..
reincarnation of SpiderMan..
now the small hamsters are in a bigger cage..
oh ya..
did i mention that one of the baby
is white and has red eyes?
soooo damn cute..
but i think its a lil slow..
sun morning (bout 1+am ^^)
i was harassing my hamster..
cyclops was sleepin then i decided to be an ass,
i try to wake it up using a stick..
it wasnt sharp and i din poke it hard..
i turned the hamster 180degree,
but no reaction..
he's is such a pig..


went to 1u at about 1130..
my main point - get shoes..
my sister's main point - new working clothes..
i end up with

shoes from B.U.M - Rm90..
socks from Padini - Rm13..
polo t from F.O.S - Rm50..
lunch at Garden - Rm32..
taxi - Rm?? *forgot*...

my mom said my shoe is extremely exp..
her reaction was O.o RM90??
my sis was dragging me all over the place..

Then finally she got something from Nichii..
I forgot wat it was coz i have short term memory..
wanted to go curve..
but didnt instead we went home..
it was only 5++
then about 8 went to pasar mlm..
bought kuaci for my hamster me..
and also a rubiks cube..
a small one, stupid me..
i thought i was easier coz its smaller =.="
then went to eat at the thai stall that just opened,
the place i bought the boxers..
food sucked..
the hooker hawker was a bitch..
and was fugly like hell, even looked like arowana..
but even the fish is cuter than her..
food tastes like shit..
tom yam sucked,
ais kacang sucked,
kerabu seafood sucked even more..
she thinks we're some kind of idiots
who have never tasted thai food..
feel like throwing chair at her stall..
bloody fker stil can talk back so loudly..

disclaimer: if anything really happened to her stall,
it has totally nothing to do with me..

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