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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Chocolate Indulgence

have you seen a person crossing the road
like a chicken?
meaning crossing the road without
looking left and right
and sms-ing at the same time..
it's not like a chicken can sms la,
you get what i meant right?

that chicken person is me..
my sis always says that..
but i just realised it yesterday..
i walk like the road belongs to me..
went to sec14 after work..
to get back the stupid brick phone..
then went to buy cake..
Secret Recipe Chocolate Indulgence..
so damn nice..
then waited for taxi..
waited about 1hour 1minute then left..
i'm not exactly someone with patience..
i actually walked all the way back home..

degil punya orang..
i just hate to wait..
unless if there was someone there with me..
and i also hate ppl who tend to be late..
unless if they have a good excuse
if they're important ppl to me..

I just found out the meaning of
Cash On Delivery..
proves how retarded i am..

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