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Friday, 17 July 2009

forgot what i wanted to blog about..
this morning just realised that
i left my bag in Jaslyn' car..
when i asked her to pass it back to me..
Her reply? - "see got wat inside.."
I'm still craving for McD nuggets
even though i had like 9pieces last night..
i'm so in love with nuggets right now..
myb later buy from KFC.. C:
so wanted to slap someone yesterday..
went to Guardian at Ss2 to get hair wax..
wanted to get purple colour..
but it wasnt on the display ..
then i asked the cashier..

Me : yang ni warna purple takde ke?
Tranny : ada.. *shows f**k face ,walks over to shelf*
Tranny : yang ni la.. *pointing to the pink one*
Me : ..... *feels like slapping her*
Tranny : eh tak sama ke? purple takde la..

stupid tranny..
u think i colour blind ah?
nothing against tranny..


does she even look like she was a man??!!

(before & after)

this is Harisu..
she's so damn hot/sexy/pretty..
but that lady/dude is just *bluegh*..
feels like vomitting..
if i see her again i'll advice her
to go for a few more surgeries..

i watched alot of videos in the office..
Hilarious sial..
I even had stomach cramp..
I'm too lazy to link it here..
But sharing is caring right?
HERE <--------
See i'm so nice..

1 comment:

Joel said...

dude i think you're just upset you couldn't get any from harisu...who cares what she looked like or had when she was born...she's freaking beautiful now! and hey, if they can do that for her there is definitely hope for you. that small penis you were born with can be fixed! you won't be with a girl and your pants come off and she just starts laughing when she sees your little worm. that must be awfully embarassing. i'd rather be a girl than have a tiny penis. your life must be awful, so i feel sorry for you.