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Thursday, 23 July 2009

My Dream Car..

BMW 5Series..
Stylish, sleek..
looks damn cool in black..
if only i can afford one..
maybe in my dreams la..
that's why it's called "dream car''
Too expensive ..


Perodua MyVi SE..
this is not my dream car..
but i like it..
Especially the colour..
i only like it in this colour..
if i were to buy a car in the near future,
this would be my choice..

I'm kinda lazy to blog now
coz of the condition my blog is in now..
should i cut my hair or let it grow longer?
i wanted to let it grow longer..

something like this guy here..
but my f
riends i should cut it..
they say it's like grass now..
i want to
dye my hair either grey/ngap si cheng
(what do you call it in eng?)
highlight my hair
i shall decide before Cny..
new colour for new year..
yesterday i saw ppl started selling lantern..
and its only the sixth month of lunar calendar..
Oh ya..
i witness my hamster giving birth last night..
i was coming out halfway..
still red with blood..
and my reaction was,
3 more babies..
so damn cute..
*prays it will live*

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