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Saturday, 18 July 2009


How i wish i have a full length mirror in my office..
I'm not vain..
I'm just a little narcissistic..
I wish that my first car is an
Orange colour Myvi..
but for now can continue dreaming first..
speaking of which,
i had nightmare last night..
damn scary..
did i ever mention that i hate polka dots?
and i'm afraid of the dark?
went for breakfast this morning..
the same place i went for wantan mee last week..
1. ordered milo ice but the fella gave me HOT milo..
2. the soup has no taste..
3. the wantan is spoilt..
wtf la..
then i lao sai at the office..

i hate it when that happens..
the food really taste damn bad..
disappointment betul la..

i feel like blogging in BM..
should i?

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