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Thursday, 16 July 2009

should i get the book?

Ella, Hebe, Selina

So damn cute..
---> see this video

they're releasing a book soon..
having the urge to run to the store..
there's voice clip of them talking about
their stories on MyFm..
So damn touching T.T
makes me wanna cry..
now watching clips of S.H.E on YouTube..
funny like mad..
Esp the one where
Hebe slips during dance practice..

and also the one
she fell during an interview on live tv
and the guy didn't even laughed..
it i was there..
i would've laughed til i faint..

One of the reasons i love them
is coz they're not fake..
how i wish i have friends that are like them..
anyone know where i can get
dvd of their concerts?
i cant seem to find it any where..
Let me know.. ^^

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