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Friday, 10 July 2009

weather is killing me

hates it when the wind blows my hair
from a different direction..
hates the sun..
loves egg tarts..

loves nuggets..
its 2pm and i thought it's 3..
proves how much i wanna go home.

sometimes i hate my customers..
ask for discount even if its 1buck..
free gift..
anything that is free..
imagine if i give them a roll of toilet paper..
went to pm again last night..
at bout 8++
jaslyn khew appear outside my house..
i tot she was crapping..
msg-ed mandy but no reply..
then walked around..
saw one guy that me & my fren used to like..
his name is momo..
mandy's dog = momochi..
i think he looks cuter now than last time..

she misses Wan Chean so much..


Cute kan?

p/s - I wanna get red highlight

it's only 3.03pm..
kill me pls..

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