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Wednesday, 15 July 2009


the lady next door said my hair yeng..

Look what happened to my msn..
the icon thingy is totally black..
wonder what happened to it..
Oh ya..
Weirdness runs in the family..

^ see what i mean?
he (my cousin) actually called me
and asked back for his egg plant..
the one he planted in Barn Buddy in FaceBook..
then sends me harassing messages on fb
my reaction?
i almost fainted on the spot..
seriously damn zadao..

Meaningful Conversations
Between Me & Jaslyn
thru sms..
last night..
jaslyn : noobs..
me : boobs..
jaslyn : breast..
me : tek tek..
jaslyn : nipple..
me : tits..
we always have this conversation..
body parts..
thru sms..
jaslyn : wake up d!
me : pig..
jaslyn : no lo..
me : yes..
jaslyn : no..
me : yes..
jaslyn : no..
continues on and on....
thru sms..
most of the times..
me : where got?
jaslyn : got lo..
me : where got?
jaslyn : got lo..
me : where got?
jaslyn : got lo..

we do this most of the times..
I HATE Barney..
the stupid gay dinosaur that looks like
he suffocated to death in a plastic bag..
and the stupid annoying voice & song..
This is how Barney looks like..
But i think he would look much better
if she he looks like this

She thinks Barney rox..
dont mind the quality of the pic..
coz i'm using the laoya 1.3mp camera phone..

See how much i use my phone..
its the original phone cover..
the other day someone said i sms in such a fast way..
but i still think i'm slow..
One lady just came in..
Her perfume
can suffocate me to death..
and when i die i will look like Barney..
makes me wanna faint..
i think its some cheap perfume that
she bought at Chow Kit..
smells really bad..

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