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Saturday, 29 August 2009

Friday, 28 August 2009

What Does H1N1 Stands For?

Ham 1
Nugget 1
That's what my cousins said..

Thursday, 27 August 2009


My boss's kids came to office yesterday..
So they were using the comp..
And i was almost bored to death..
Sitting there falling asleep..
i had the weirdest dream last night..
i hope the public holiday on 20th
will be pushed to Tuesday since it falls on Sunday..

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bull Crap!

BARELY a week after singer and
motivational speaker Ustaz Akhil Hayy got hitched,
his ex-wife is claiming to have been
flooded with marriage proposals from VIPs.

Maizawaiti Zainal – better known as Maiza –
told Metro Ahad her handphone had been
swamped with text messages from VIPs
asking her to be their girlfriend or wife.

“Yes, I’ve been receiving SMSes from
VIPs and corporate leaders but none
of them mean anything to me,” said Maiza,
33, whose divorce was finalised on July 15.

She said she did not reply to the messages
as she wanted to concentrate on
building a new life as well
as taking care of her children.

“If I’m destined to be with someone,
then so be it,” she said.

Akhil, 40, married singer Waheeda, 31,
on Aug 16 after having previously
insisted they were nothing more than good friends.

The tabloid also reported that Akhil
was planning to take legal action
against those who had been defaming him in their blogs.

“If they still go on writing such derogatory
remarks and posting these comments
in the blogs, I will not hesitate to take action,”
he warned.

Article From The Star - The Denial


In my opinion,
he looks more like a terrorist..
I don't even know who the heck is he..
As an Ustaz..

Does she look like a home wrecker?
Used to think she's quite ok..
I liked her Wassini (is a nasyid song)..
and also thought she was kinda pretty..
but now?

i'm not responsible for what i wrote.. LOL

Monday, 24 August 2009

Watch This!

Went to watch movie yesterday..
At One Utama again..
Woke up at 11am and couldn't sleep back..
Asked my sis to get up and asked
if she wants to go and watch movie..
Bath and stuff..
Fed my babies.. ^.^
Left the house at twelve something i think..
Bought tickets first..
First choice was Disney's "Up"..
Then choose another movie..
Which is "On His Emperor's Secret Mission"..
"On His Emperor's Secret Mission" - 2pm..
"Up" - 4.10pm..

Went to eat at Garden..
Walked around..
Went to the cinema..
Bought popcorn..

First movie..

"On His Emperor's Secret Mission"
Starring :
: Louis Koo (Royal Dog)
: Barbie Hsu (Faithfull)
:Tong Dawei (Royal Tiger)
: Liu Yang (Gemini)
: Lam Tze Chung (Royal Pig)
: Leung Ka Yan (Clement)
: Yuen King Dan (Clementine)

Director: Wong Jing

Louis Koo is one of the 12Royal Guards..
His name is Ah Kao..
Barbie Hsu is his fiance..
Sandra Ng is the Empress..
and i'm lazy to give movie review..
But the movie is decent,and funny..
It's kinda retarded and ridiculous, in a good way..
Go Watch It..

Sexy lips..
Like Jolin Tsai / Angelina Jolie..

This part funny sial..
They kissed.. Peewit..
This guy is so stupid but smart..
He's a scientist..
He's the guy who created "Transformers"..
He's the guy who created "Jamban"

I like the ah kua guy on the left of Sandra Ng..
Last time all his characters are damn macho..
But as a guy with no balls he kinda yeng..
He's Unicorn starred by Louis Fan (樊少皇)

That's a girl (Gemini : Liu Yang)..
Daughter of some guy that
has been framed & killed by the eunuch..

Parent's of Barbie Hsu in the movie..

Second Movie

Disney's "Up"
This movie damn nice..
Must watch..
Must must must watch..
Sad and funny and nice and funny and sad..
Before the story starts,
they show us where babies came from..
And also where the rain comes from..
Dog is man's best friend,
whereas a stork is a clouds best friend..
The movie start off with Carl Fredricksen
watching a documentary of Charles Muntz..
Then later he met Ellie..
Watch yourself..

-Doug, The Talking Dog-
Who's cute and annoying..
In the cone of shame..

-Charles Muntz-
Childhood hero of Carl..

Kevin, a she bird which he thought was a male..
Russell, talks as much as my bro but cuter..
Doug, the talking dog..
Carl, grumpy old man on an adventure..

Russell and his scouts thingy..

So nice la the movie..
Makes me wanna cry..
But of coz control macho..

There's alot of movies coming up..
And i feel like watching:-
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Princess and The Frog
  • Cloudy With A Chance Of MeatBall
  • G - Force
  • Dance Flick
  • Where Got Ghost

    What else..
    "Where Got Ghost" is a
    chinese movie from singapore..
    Will be coming out next month i think..
    Movies again..

Friday, 21 August 2009


My sis has been infected by me..
Finally today i found out
that it's called measles..
Thanks to Emily ('s mom)..

"I have come in my Father's name
and you do not receive me;
if another comes in his own name,
him you will receive"
-John 5:43-

Thursday, 20 August 2009


Went to see the doc on tues night..
Vomitted into the drain outside the clinic..
Can feel all the food coming out..
And the taste of the waffles..
Took MC, so i didn't come to work yesterday..
Doc said it was just normal flu..
And the red dots is 'chut ma'..
i donno wat u call it in english..
The flu is gone but the red dots are still getting more..
It also kinda itches from time to time..
Slept the whole day yesterday..
Woke up a few times to go to the toilet..
Then at 12sumtin finally awake..
Ate med, lunch..
Put in some songs..
Then fell asleep at 3sumtin..
Woke at around 5.30pm coz my dad
went to fetch my sis and goin for dinner..
Went to bath then went to dinner..
The last time that i slept for so long was..??..
Am so slepy rite now..
Slept at one sumtin
coz my friend msg-ed me last night..
My body is kinda itching now..
And my flu was better yesterday even thou
i ate the med twice only..
Forgot my med this morning..
i feel the flu coming back..

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


So damn free..
And so damn sick..
There's getting more and more red dots..
And also diarrhea..

See what my uncle commented..

I'm so not Ah Beng/ Ah Lian..
Even though someone called me that before..

So lame..
Lost in your eyes..

Finally found a pic that resembles my hairstyle..
So nice kan..
Mana ada macam Astro Boy?
This guy is Saiful from Malaysian Idol..
And he's reli reli reli reli reli reli reli reli girly..

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Swine Flu @ A-H1N1

  • Fever - Not Sure
  • Runny Nose - Check
  • Sore-Throat - Check
  • Diarrhea - Check
  • Vomitting - Not yet but feel like
  • Nausea - Check
  • Coughing - A Little
  • Lack Of Appetite - Not Really
  • Lethargy - A Little

I have like 5 of the symptoms..
But i have small red dots appearing on my hands..
And i'm damn sure it's not chicken pox..
I'm not really worried but,
i want to go visit the doc..
I feel hot and cold man..
First min cold the next min hot..
Then keep repeating..
Now my front part feels hot..
But the front feels cold..
Wtf man..

Monday, 17 August 2009

No Voice & Keep Snezzing.. Crap.. H1N1

I've been having sore-throat for the past few days..
And today i've been snezzing non-stop..

There was supposed to be a volleyball game on Sun..
But there was not enough players
So we postponed it..
My sis and I decided to go watch movie..
Before we left the house i had a bad stomach pain..
2mins later it started raining damn heavily..
Timing damn chun right..
Bout 5-10mins later the rain stopped..
Left the house..
Wanted to go Tropicana Mall,
but in the end, end up in OneUtama again..
Went to GSC to check on the timing..
But there was super many people..
And was kinda lazy to check..
Wanted to suggest TGV but i said TGI..
Lazy to go to the other end..
So suggested Neway..
First time 2 person sing k in a room..
The time : 2.30pm-5.30pm = 3hours..
Rm26 per person + Rm9 compulsory tidbits..
But the total was Rm70++..
We were singing from 2.30pm till around 6pm..
It's like they don't want us to leave..
Didn't give us the bill till we asked for it..
Sang super many songs..
My sis picked mostly oldies..
First 20songs i picked was from S.H.E..
Then there was Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Jay, Gary,
Shen Mu Yu Tong, Kay Tze, Timi Zhuo, Vincy,
& some hokkien singers which i dono their names..
Everytime someone comes in to serve i stopped singing..
Coz i cannot sing in front of anyone else
besides my siblings..
After we left we went to walk abit..
Saw one newly opened Japanese shop..
Wanted to buy the hair spray but didn't do so..
Reached Paramount at about 7pm..
Straight went to pasar malam..
Reached home before 8pm..
Had dinner, dead tired..
Nothing special happened..

Yesterday before leaving the house,
i asked my sis if i should wax all my hair up..
She asked me to wax all up,
then she laughed and said i looked like Astro Boy..
See what kind of a sister i have..

"Astro Boy"

Yesterday saw one video,
Ella' hair in one of the concert looks like mine..
This is not picture that i was looking for..
But it's the closest resemblance that i can find..
My hair kinda looks like that..
But mine's a little longer..
Soooo do NOT look like Astro Boy' hair..
My mom loves to ask me why don't i cut like Ella?
(coz her hair is more those lady like type even thou is short)
Now i can show her this pic and tell her it is like Ella' hair..

Saturday, 15 August 2009


i saw my hamster eating the baby this morning..
Last month the mommy gave birth to 3 babies..
One white, two black..
The white one is really small in size..
Its like less than half of the siblings size..
Last night i saw him eating..
I wanted to snap a pic to show the size difference..
But i was too lazy..
This morning when i check on them i saw it lying there..
I was thinking "oh shit is it alive?"
Coz last night my stupid bro said that
his friend told him it was gonna die soon..
It was already hard..
So sad..
Wanted to take it out after going to the toilet..
That was when i saw the mommy/siblings eating it..
Saw the intestines..
I was sad then i was disgusted..
Now i'm still sad..

I waxed all my hair up today..
For me it's nice la..
Coz i love my hair..
But my sis say looks damn stupid..
I tried waxing it up last night..
That's when she said that..

See the small eyes..
Can't blame..
Just wake up..

Yesterday went to yam cha at Yippie cup,
with Mandy, Karmen & my sis..
Played Jenga, Snap, 'Stone' (LOL)..
Talked crap, laughed alot..
And Mandy you lost..
So tomorrow you have to go volleyball..

Friday, 14 August 2009


i dIN w@nNa cUt de nehxz..
buT hOr @t d3 3Nd L3..
cUt li@o lo0.. <-- lala talk..
Yesterday was supposed
to go to pasar malam..
Out of a sudden,
Jaslyn Khew asked me to go Sunway..
So tell Joyce she ok i ok Jaslyn ok..
Her bf was supposed to go with us..
But in the end..
He didn't coz he was afraid we won't like it..
=.=" tak bagi muka.. ask him to go dowan sumore..
At least better than someone..
Die oso wanna follow the gf around..
Then now break d.. tai sei..

Then 6sumtin Jas fetched me at Kfc..
Went to her house..
There was a little boy there..
Jared or Jarred o sumtin..
So damn cute..
Asked so many questions..
Ex : " Why you wear your pants so low wan?"

We left at about 630 coz it was drizzling
and we're afraid her mom wouldn't let us out..
Went to fetch Joyce..
We were making fun of her and her house locks..
The traffic wasn't slow or fast..
Reached there at - - - time..
Then first place we went was toilet..

Had dinner at Gasoline..
Didn't want to sit inside coz need to take out shoes..
But since they insist biarlah..
Let them smell some salted fish..
Then Joyce' friend came to find us..
His name was Hao or something..
Walked around..
They wanted to buy baby-t for their promoter stuff..
Went to a few shops..
Didn't buy.. But Joyce bought an umbrella.. Lol..
Then Hao said he wants to cut his hair..
They asked me to cut together..
Coz my hair long like grass d..

Went to APT..
It was 4++ forgot the price..
But didn't cut there..
Coz there was only one stylist
and three person was waiting..
So we went to another saloon..
It was named "A-Saloon"
Cut and wash for male and female is Rm38..
Kinda cheap right..
So decided to cut there after 'thinking' for 10mins..
Can online there sumore..
i jakun never see before,
coz the one at Cheras doesn't have comps..
i loved the way she washed my hair..
So nice..
Damn comfortable..
She's cute and kinda looked like my cousin..
At this time Jaslyn & Joyce disappeared..
They went to buy the baby-t..
Hao was also cutting his hair..
Then my turn to cut..
The lady's pretty..
Her name is Jenny..

but i kinda dislike the name..
Coz of Jenny from The L Word..

And i cant stop staring at her..
Coz she got nice... hair..
long and silky..
So nice....
Was there till 10.15..
There was one arabian there..
She went to the back and
the whole place was covered up..
And one of her son accidentally swalled
liquid from the glow in dark stick coz he broke it..
And the shampoo girl was freaking out
looking for Listerine..
She was telling in mandarin but no one understood her..
After 5mins only someone finally knows
what she was saying..
5 mins before we left..
Another arabian lady came in..
She wants to wash and cut also..
It was super late already man..
How stupid can she be?
my hair is super duper short now..
It's the shortest i've ever had..

On the way back,
in Jaslyn's car..
me, jaslyn, joyce..
My phone received message..
(3 of us use same msg tone)
Jaslyn : ur fon or my phone?
Me : my fon la if not?
Me : eh ur mom msg me la..
Joyce : bluff wan..
Jaslyn : serious ah?
Me : yala if not?
Jaslyn : wat she said?
Me in a serious tone :
where are you? wat time you all coming back?

Jaslyn : *stone*
Joyce : *stone*
Me : *stares*
Joyce : Lying wan la her..
Me : *laughs hysterically*

p/s : i love my hair ^_^
no pics..
coz if u wanna see,
come play volleyball at taman mega..
this sunday at 5pm..

p/p/s : The address..
A-Saloon Sdn Bhd..
Lot F2, 77, First Floor,
Blue Atrium, Sunway Pyramid,
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, 46150, P.J, M'sia..
Tel : 03-5638 0388
Fax : 03-5638 0389
Try to get your hair done there..
And it's seriously cheap..

Thursday, 13 August 2009

Beginning from today,
cinemas is Msia is showing Talentime again..
Please go and watch it..
I feel like watching it (again)..
But i don't know if i have the time..
Pray i can go this sunday..

I'm Awesome!

I love my hair,
i'm awesome..
My hair is nice today,
i'm awesome..
I have a mirror in my pocket,
i'm awesome..
I'm still craving for McD Nuggets,
i'm awesome..
My parents are at Johor,
i'm awesome..
I hate responsibility,
i'm awesome..
I'm eating egg tarts,
i'm awesome..
My colleague told me someone died
at one shop near my office,
i'm awesome..
Volleyball this sunday if enough players,
i'm awesome..
All those who can't go,you suck,
i'm awesome..
Somehow i love to frown,
i'm awesome..
His balls got slashed coz of 50cents,
i'm still awesome..

Going to pasar malam later..
Maybe can get nuggets..

p/s : i'm awesome.. XD

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


My colleague was freaking out
coz there was a baby liazrd on her chair..
But she wasn't as freaked out as me the other day..
The baby lizard got on my sleeve somehow..
Seriously damn shocked ok..
I damn geli of lizards..
And yesterday one guy came and fix the alarm..
i wanted to go to the toilet,
and he sounded the alarm..
Was seriously loud..
Til i have headache..
And my eardrums almost spilt..
The connection went bad..
Msn keep signing out..
Internet cant connect..
stupid alarm damn keng..

my phone low on batt..
somehow it didn't charge..
Wana sms oso susah..
I've been craving for weird food recently..
Half boiled eggs,
McD nuggets,
Curry mee,
and loads more..

It's been raining heavily for the past few days..
I hate this time of the year..

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


The True God, Jehovah, says;
"Jesus is my chosen Son,
listen to Him"
[Luke 9:35]

"But the Lord, Jehovah is the True God"
[Jeremiah 10:10]

Monday, 10 August 2009


The other day,
i cleaned my room..
If you have been to my room
you will know how war zone looks like..
I've decided to erm,
be a better person i guess?
I've been living my life however i wanted it..
I've done alot of damage i guess..
Even though i don't do drugs and all..
I know i've not been a good kid/person..
But i will try to change,
for the well being of my loved ones..


Was on the phone with my 5th Aunt..
She msg-ed me..
Then i called her..
Talked about 5mins++
She laughed so damn loud..
Her voice can break my ear drums..
Suddenly miss my relatives..
Even thou sometimes they make me
crazy to the max..
But anyhow they're still blood and flesh..
So much stuff has been going on lately you know..
Nothing's in place right now..
Have faith in God..
Onle HE can make it right..
And i believe he will..


I bought another pair of shoes yesterday..
Actually i jz bought a pair of shoes on 12th July..
Somehow i like it more before i bought it..
One thing i like is that it makes me
at least half an inch taller..


i'm having weird cravings..
First was durian,
then half boiled eggs,
egg tarts,
my colleague and i was telling ghost stories
she asked me if i heard of
ghost pinching people..
actually my friend told me once in sec sch..
My colleague said when u have blue black
like someone pinched you,
but you don't feel any pain
means it was caused by ghost..
Then she showed me the blueblack on her legs..
I just realised i've never been fishing before..


"Do You Believe?"

One day a 6 year old girl was sitting in a classroom..
The teacher was going to explain evolution to the children..
The teacher asked a little boy:
"Tommy do you see the tree outside?"

TOMMY: Yes..
TEACHER: Tommy, do you see the grass outside?
TOMMY: Yes..
TEACHER: Go outside and look up
and see if you can see the sky..
TOMMY: Okay.. (He returned a few minutes later)
Yes, I saw the sky..
TEACHER: Did you see God?
TEACHER: That's my point..
We can't see God because he isn't there..
He doesn't exist..

A little girl spoke up and wanted
to ask the boy some questions..
The teacher agreed and the little girl asked the boy:
"Tommy, do you see the tree outside?"

TOMMY: Yes..
LITTLE GIRL: Tommy do you see the grass outside?
TOMMY: Yessssss..
(getting tired of the questions by this time).
LITTLE GIRL: Did you see the sky?
TOMMY: Yessssss..
LITTLE GIRL: Tommy, do you see the teacher?
TOMMY: Yes..
LITTLE GIRL: Do you see her brain?
LITTLE GIRL: Then according to what we
were taught today in school,
she must not have one!



Is this nice?
I like it..
But its kinda long and hard to maintain..
And it's all over the face..
But i still like it..

How bout this one?
The colour is nice..
I've always liked this colour..
I think this is easier to maintain than the first one..
I like this style too..

And this one?
But the colour is too..
Lala for me..
Even though it's still nice la..
I like it also..

And this one?
Nice oso..
Hair is not dyed..
Still nice right?
I like..
Can't take it d..
I wanna go cut my hair soon..
I think i should print out some photos
for the hairstylist to see..
In the whole of my 165cm i love my hair most..
Like seriously..
Actually the few pics i shown the style is almost the same..
Just different colour..
And the fringe is a lil different..

- pics from google

Friday, 7 August 2009



Thursday, 6 August 2009

Fashion Show

This is Ah Boy..
He's my model for the day..

-Casual Look-

can wear to prom..

-Smart Casual-
This one can wear to people's wedding..

-Semi Casual-

-Traditional Chinese Costume-
Also known as "Samfu"
Suitable for CNY..


-Officer Costume-

I'm too damn free..
Suddenly get this idea while playing
Pet Society..
I still haven't found a part time job..
I must earn more + save more..
my mom doesn't want me to work at KFC..
She asked me to interview at Salvation..
as if i can work there..
as if they will hire me..
one guy asked me "why are you so quiet?"
btw i wanna get S.H.E new book..
is it out in Msia yet?

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

I hate

People who whine for no reason/small matter..
People who reply slow/no reply..

People who reply halfway then no reply..

People who don't pick up phone call..

People who don't return phone calls..

People who's always late..
People who waste my time..
People who breaks promises..

People who are sexist..

Today is the 15th of the sixth month
in the Chinese Lunar Calender..
Which means 15days from now,
it'll be the beginning of Hungy Ghost Festival..

i still haven't get the concert dvd..

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

How To Spell Love?

The other day my mom asked my
"why you only like S.H.E?"
Coz only they are worthy..
Other bands are nothing compared to them..
Everytime they release a new album,
or listening to their old songs/watching all videos
i feel like falling in love with them
all over again..
The other day i saw one clip on youtube..
OMG la..
Their harmony at the beginning was incredible..
*This is the clip*

Someone posted this on a thread
"First of all i like both jolin and Hebe
but honestly as a celebrity/singer,
jolin only beats Hebe by one thing = dancing..
looks, of course Hebe is prettier..
Singing...Umm they're on two different levels,
jolin is probably the concrete while
Hebe is the lights at the top of the
Eiffel tower that is sitting on the concrete.
Personality wise, jolin is kind of a b*#^$ sometimes,
and slutty, but Hebe is younger and less tainted i guess..
So if i were to choose one, definately Hebe.."

I totally agree..