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Monday, 3 August 2009


It's the beginning of another month..

1. Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it?

- the one one my left index finger..
my sis pushed my hand and i cut myself against de metal grill..

2. What is on the walls in your room?


3. What does your phone look like?
- white & black and another one is hot pink.. LOL

4. What music do you listen to?
- all types besides heavy metal i guess..

5. What is your current desktop display?
- Sky & Sea..

6. What do you want more than anything right now?
- seriously? family's health and that all of my relatives can be together..

7. What time were you born?
- tak tau..

8. Are your parents still together?
yes, still very together..

9. What are you listening to?
- radio..

10. Do you get scared of the dark?
- if i say no its a lie..
everone knows i'm afraid of the dark..

11. The last person that made you cry?
- err.. don't remember..

12. What kind of hair/eye color do you like on the same sex?
- err.. hair is as long as it looks nice on them..
eye is brown or hazel green..

13. Do you like pain-killers?
- if i like them means i'm drug addict..

14. Coffee or energy drinks?
- coffee for sure..

15. Fave pizza topping?
- err... all..

16 If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
- alot of things..

17. Who was the last person you made mad?
- don't remember..

18. Do you speak another language?
- yea.. malay,chinese,english..

19. What was the last gift someone gave you?
- err.. err... don't remember..

20. Do you like someone?
- not anymore..

21. Are you double-jointed?
- eww.. no..

22. Favorite friends?
- err.. all same level..

23. What's your dream car?
- BMW!!!!

24. Would you fall in love knowing that the person is leaving?
- if i did it's not like i can control it..

25. Say a number from 1-100.
- 18..

26. Blonde or Brunette?
- Brunette

27. What is the phone number that shows up on your phone the most?
- Jaslyn Khew & Joyce..

28. What annoys you the most?
- alot of things..

29. Have you been out of Malaysia?
- nope..

30. Your weakness?
- bad temper i guess..

31. What was the last gift you gave?
- can't remember.. hmm...

32. What is your favourite holiday?
- Chinese New Year.. 6more months.. LOL..

33. Ever done a prank call?
- yeah, when i was a kid..

34. What were you doing before this?
- talking to my colleague about her stupid fren..

35. What do you get complimented about most?
- my sense of humour and my sexy voice.. LOL

36. What would you do if alcohol become illegal?
- err.. nothing..

37 What do you want for your birthday?
- driving license, new phone, laptop, a car ^_^

38. Were you named after anyone?
- nope..

39. Do you wish on stars?
- why would i wanna do that for? i pray to god..

40. Do you like your handwriting?
- my handwriting is damn ugly..

41. What is your favourite vegetable?
- bluek.. not really any fave..

42. Any bad habits?
- alot.. i bite my nail, i curse, etc, etc..

43. What is your most embarassing cd on the shelf?
- there's one chinese album.. donno wat's the name..

44. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
- hmm.... i think so..

45. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell?
- yea, accidentally..

46. Do looks matter?
- not really.. but kinda.. wat am i saying..
as long as i can look at you without puking..

47. How do you release your anger?
- depends on how angry i am at the moment..

48. Where is your second home?
- 1st here in pj, 2nd in kedah, 3rd in perak ^_^

49. Do you trust others easily?
- not anymore..

50. What was your favourite toy when you were little?
- one teddy bear, blue + white in colour.. i still miss it..
my mom threw it away when i was at sch.. T.T

51. Are you afraid of growing up?
- ya.. a little..

52. Do you use sarcasm?
- most of the time..

53. Are you religious?
- err.. not religious enough..

54. Do you get along with your parents?
- 30% of the time..

55. What is the most pain you have ever experienced?
- it all hurts like hell..

56. Do you un-tie your shoes when you take them off?
- nah..

57. Last thing you spilled?
- jz realised i haven't spilled things in a long time..

58. Do you have any pets?
- 1 dog, 2 adult hamster,3teenaage hamsters,3baby hamster..

59. Favourite colours?

60. What's the latest book you read?
- Bible i guess.. don't read much..

61. Do you want everyone to answer these questions?
- err.. depends on them..

62. What's your dream vacation?
- never really thought of it..

63. Last thing you ate.drank?
- ate bread, drank nescafe/water..

64. Last person you talked to on the phone?
- some random person from Prudential and also Panasonic..

65. Do you believe in love at first sight?
- yeah =D

66. Favourite drink?
- Pepsi/Coke/water..

67. Favourite zodiac sigh?
- Gemini = me..

68. What is your favourite sports?
- volleyball..

69. What is your hair colour?
- was jet black but now is brownish..

70. Eye colour?
- brown..

71. Tall or short?
- short..

- 1 elder sis + 1 younger bro..

73. Favourite month?
- First month of Lunar Calender.. Lol..

74. Do you like sushi?
- can live without it..

75. Last thing you watched?
- How i met you mother..

76. Favourite day of the week?
- Sunday..

77. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
- yes.. very..

78. Summer or winter?
- summer i think..

79. Relationships or one night stands?
- relationships..i kinda despise those who have ONS..

80. Who is most likely to repost this?
- no one..

81. Who is least likely to repost this?
- no one..

82. Is anyone in love with you?
- nah..

83. Biggest fear(s)?
- afraid of dark, ghost, hell, lizards..

84. Loud or quiet?
- depends on who i'm with and how high i am.. haha..

85. Favourite movie?
- alot but can't think of one now..

86. In the past have you met someone who has changed you life?
- yeah i think so..

87. Have you ever rejected someone's call on purpose?
- a few times..

88. Facebook or MySpace?
- MyBook.. Lol.. facebook..

89. Morning or night?
- Night..

90. Do you spend you life on facebook?
- not really..

91. Describe yourself in one word..
- funny?

92. Dream job?
- don't really have one..

93. Do you believe in after-life?
- means wat? heaven & hell yes..

94. What do you think of marriage?
- i think is crappy.. LOL..
not really.. but people these day think of it that way..
get married one day divorced the next..
kahwin 4 cerai 4 then kahwin 4 lagi = STD/AIDS..

95. Have you done something you regretted in the past year?
- ya.. i think so..

96. Is there someone you want to be with right now?
- relatives from my father's side..

97. If you get plastic surgery, what would it be?
- hmm..........

98. Whow was the last person you watched a movie with?
- siblings..

99. W
hat was it?
- don't remember..

Tag a bunch oh people..

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