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Saturday, 15 August 2009


i saw my hamster eating the baby this morning..
Last month the mommy gave birth to 3 babies..
One white, two black..
The white one is really small in size..
Its like less than half of the siblings size..
Last night i saw him eating..
I wanted to snap a pic to show the size difference..
But i was too lazy..
This morning when i check on them i saw it lying there..
I was thinking "oh shit is it alive?"
Coz last night my stupid bro said that
his friend told him it was gonna die soon..
It was already hard..
So sad..
Wanted to take it out after going to the toilet..
That was when i saw the mommy/siblings eating it..
Saw the intestines..
I was sad then i was disgusted..
Now i'm still sad..

I waxed all my hair up today..
For me it's nice la..
Coz i love my hair..
But my sis say looks damn stupid..
I tried waxing it up last night..
That's when she said that..

See the small eyes..
Can't blame..
Just wake up..

Yesterday went to yam cha at Yippie cup,
with Mandy, Karmen & my sis..
Played Jenga, Snap, 'Stone' (LOL)..
Talked crap, laughed alot..
And Mandy you lost..
So tomorrow you have to go volleyball..

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