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Thursday, 6 August 2009

Fashion Show

This is Ah Boy..
He's my model for the day..

-Casual Look-

can wear to prom..

-Smart Casual-
This one can wear to people's wedding..

-Semi Casual-

-Traditional Chinese Costume-
Also known as "Samfu"
Suitable for CNY..


-Officer Costume-

I'm too damn free..
Suddenly get this idea while playing
Pet Society..
I still haven't found a part time job..
I must earn more + save more..
my mom doesn't want me to work at KFC..
She asked me to interview at Salvation..
as if i can work there..
as if they will hire me..
one guy asked me "why are you so quiet?"
btw i wanna get S.H.E new book..
is it out in Msia yet?

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