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Friday, 14 August 2009


i dIN w@nNa cUt de nehxz..
buT hOr @t d3 3Nd L3..
cUt li@o lo0.. <-- lala talk..
Yesterday was supposed
to go to pasar malam..
Out of a sudden,
Jaslyn Khew asked me to go Sunway..
So tell Joyce she ok i ok Jaslyn ok..
Her bf was supposed to go with us..
But in the end..
He didn't coz he was afraid we won't like it..
=.=" tak bagi muka.. ask him to go dowan sumore..
At least better than someone..
Die oso wanna follow the gf around..
Then now break d.. tai sei..

Then 6sumtin Jas fetched me at Kfc..
Went to her house..
There was a little boy there..
Jared or Jarred o sumtin..
So damn cute..
Asked so many questions..
Ex : " Why you wear your pants so low wan?"

We left at about 630 coz it was drizzling
and we're afraid her mom wouldn't let us out..
Went to fetch Joyce..
We were making fun of her and her house locks..
The traffic wasn't slow or fast..
Reached there at - - - time..
Then first place we went was toilet..

Had dinner at Gasoline..
Didn't want to sit inside coz need to take out shoes..
But since they insist biarlah..
Let them smell some salted fish..
Then Joyce' friend came to find us..
His name was Hao or something..
Walked around..
They wanted to buy baby-t for their promoter stuff..
Went to a few shops..
Didn't buy.. But Joyce bought an umbrella.. Lol..
Then Hao said he wants to cut his hair..
They asked me to cut together..
Coz my hair long like grass d..

Went to APT..
It was 4++ forgot the price..
But didn't cut there..
Coz there was only one stylist
and three person was waiting..
So we went to another saloon..
It was named "A-Saloon"
Cut and wash for male and female is Rm38..
Kinda cheap right..
So decided to cut there after 'thinking' for 10mins..
Can online there sumore..
i jakun never see before,
coz the one at Cheras doesn't have comps..
i loved the way she washed my hair..
So nice..
Damn comfortable..
She's cute and kinda looked like my cousin..
At this time Jaslyn & Joyce disappeared..
They went to buy the baby-t..
Hao was also cutting his hair..
Then my turn to cut..
The lady's pretty..
Her name is Jenny..

but i kinda dislike the name..
Coz of Jenny from The L Word..

And i cant stop staring at her..
Coz she got nice... hair..
long and silky..
So nice....
Was there till 10.15..
There was one arabian there..
She went to the back and
the whole place was covered up..
And one of her son accidentally swalled
liquid from the glow in dark stick coz he broke it..
And the shampoo girl was freaking out
looking for Listerine..
She was telling in mandarin but no one understood her..
After 5mins only someone finally knows
what she was saying..
5 mins before we left..
Another arabian lady came in..
She wants to wash and cut also..
It was super late already man..
How stupid can she be?
my hair is super duper short now..
It's the shortest i've ever had..

On the way back,
in Jaslyn's car..
me, jaslyn, joyce..
My phone received message..
(3 of us use same msg tone)
Jaslyn : ur fon or my phone?
Me : my fon la if not?
Me : eh ur mom msg me la..
Joyce : bluff wan..
Jaslyn : serious ah?
Me : yala if not?
Jaslyn : wat she said?
Me in a serious tone :
where are you? wat time you all coming back?

Jaslyn : *stone*
Joyce : *stone*
Me : *stares*
Joyce : Lying wan la her..
Me : *laughs hysterically*

p/s : i love my hair ^_^
no pics..
coz if u wanna see,
come play volleyball at taman mega..
this sunday at 5pm..

p/p/s : The address..
A-Saloon Sdn Bhd..
Lot F2, 77, First Floor,
Blue Atrium, Sunway Pyramid,
No.3, Jalan PJS 11/15,
Bandar Sunway, 46150, P.J, M'sia..
Tel : 03-5638 0388
Fax : 03-5638 0389
Try to get your hair done there..
And it's seriously cheap..

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