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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

How To Spell Love?

The other day my mom asked my
"why you only like S.H.E?"
Coz only they are worthy..
Other bands are nothing compared to them..
Everytime they release a new album,
or listening to their old songs/watching all videos
i feel like falling in love with them
all over again..
The other day i saw one clip on youtube..
OMG la..
Their harmony at the beginning was incredible..
*This is the clip*

Someone posted this on a thread
"First of all i like both jolin and Hebe
but honestly as a celebrity/singer,
jolin only beats Hebe by one thing = dancing..
looks, of course Hebe is prettier..
Singing...Umm they're on two different levels,
jolin is probably the concrete while
Hebe is the lights at the top of the
Eiffel tower that is sitting on the concrete.
Personality wise, jolin is kind of a b*#^$ sometimes,
and slutty, but Hebe is younger and less tainted i guess..
So if i were to choose one, definately Hebe.."

I totally agree..

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