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Monday, 17 August 2009

No Voice & Keep Snezzing.. Crap.. H1N1

I've been having sore-throat for the past few days..
And today i've been snezzing non-stop..

There was supposed to be a volleyball game on Sun..
But there was not enough players
So we postponed it..
My sis and I decided to go watch movie..
Before we left the house i had a bad stomach pain..
2mins later it started raining damn heavily..
Timing damn chun right..
Bout 5-10mins later the rain stopped..
Left the house..
Wanted to go Tropicana Mall,
but in the end, end up in OneUtama again..
Went to GSC to check on the timing..
But there was super many people..
And was kinda lazy to check..
Wanted to suggest TGV but i said TGI..
Lazy to go to the other end..
So suggested Neway..
First time 2 person sing k in a room..
The time : 2.30pm-5.30pm = 3hours..
Rm26 per person + Rm9 compulsory tidbits..
But the total was Rm70++..
We were singing from 2.30pm till around 6pm..
It's like they don't want us to leave..
Didn't give us the bill till we asked for it..
Sang super many songs..
My sis picked mostly oldies..
First 20songs i picked was from S.H.E..
Then there was Westlife, Backstreet Boys, Jay, Gary,
Shen Mu Yu Tong, Kay Tze, Timi Zhuo, Vincy,
& some hokkien singers which i dono their names..
Everytime someone comes in to serve i stopped singing..
Coz i cannot sing in front of anyone else
besides my siblings..
After we left we went to walk abit..
Saw one newly opened Japanese shop..
Wanted to buy the hair spray but didn't do so..
Reached Paramount at about 7pm..
Straight went to pasar malam..
Reached home before 8pm..
Had dinner, dead tired..
Nothing special happened..

Yesterday before leaving the house,
i asked my sis if i should wax all my hair up..
She asked me to wax all up,
then she laughed and said i looked like Astro Boy..
See what kind of a sister i have..

"Astro Boy"

Yesterday saw one video,
Ella' hair in one of the concert looks like mine..
This is not picture that i was looking for..
But it's the closest resemblance that i can find..
My hair kinda looks like that..
But mine's a little longer..
Soooo do NOT look like Astro Boy' hair..
My mom loves to ask me why don't i cut like Ella?
(coz her hair is more those lady like type even thou is short)
Now i can show her this pic and tell her it is like Ella' hair..

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