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Thursday, 20 August 2009


Went to see the doc on tues night..
Vomitted into the drain outside the clinic..
Can feel all the food coming out..
And the taste of the waffles..
Took MC, so i didn't come to work yesterday..
Doc said it was just normal flu..
And the red dots is 'chut ma'..
i donno wat u call it in english..
The flu is gone but the red dots are still getting more..
It also kinda itches from time to time..
Slept the whole day yesterday..
Woke up a few times to go to the toilet..
Then at 12sumtin finally awake..
Ate med, lunch..
Put in some songs..
Then fell asleep at 3sumtin..
Woke at around 5.30pm coz my dad
went to fetch my sis and goin for dinner..
Went to bath then went to dinner..
The last time that i slept for so long was..??..
Am so slepy rite now..
Slept at one sumtin
coz my friend msg-ed me last night..
My body is kinda itching now..
And my flu was better yesterday even thou
i ate the med twice only..
Forgot my med this morning..
i feel the flu coming back..

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