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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Swine Flu @ A-H1N1

  • Fever - Not Sure
  • Runny Nose - Check
  • Sore-Throat - Check
  • Diarrhea - Check
  • Vomitting - Not yet but feel like
  • Nausea - Check
  • Coughing - A Little
  • Lack Of Appetite - Not Really
  • Lethargy - A Little

I have like 5 of the symptoms..
But i have small red dots appearing on my hands..
And i'm damn sure it's not chicken pox..
I'm not really worried but,
i want to go visit the doc..
I feel hot and cold man..
First min cold the next min hot..
Then keep repeating..
Now my front part feels hot..
But the front feels cold..
Wtf man..

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