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Monday, 24 August 2009

Watch This!

Went to watch movie yesterday..
At One Utama again..
Woke up at 11am and couldn't sleep back..
Asked my sis to get up and asked
if she wants to go and watch movie..
Bath and stuff..
Fed my babies.. ^.^
Left the house at twelve something i think..
Bought tickets first..
First choice was Disney's "Up"..
Then choose another movie..
Which is "On His Emperor's Secret Mission"..
"On His Emperor's Secret Mission" - 2pm..
"Up" - 4.10pm..

Went to eat at Garden..
Walked around..
Went to the cinema..
Bought popcorn..

First movie..

"On His Emperor's Secret Mission"
Starring :
: Louis Koo (Royal Dog)
: Barbie Hsu (Faithfull)
:Tong Dawei (Royal Tiger)
: Liu Yang (Gemini)
: Lam Tze Chung (Royal Pig)
: Leung Ka Yan (Clement)
: Yuen King Dan (Clementine)

Director: Wong Jing

Louis Koo is one of the 12Royal Guards..
His name is Ah Kao..
Barbie Hsu is his fiance..
Sandra Ng is the Empress..
and i'm lazy to give movie review..
But the movie is decent,and funny..
It's kinda retarded and ridiculous, in a good way..
Go Watch It..

Sexy lips..
Like Jolin Tsai / Angelina Jolie..

This part funny sial..
They kissed.. Peewit..
This guy is so stupid but smart..
He's a scientist..
He's the guy who created "Transformers"..
He's the guy who created "Jamban"

I like the ah kua guy on the left of Sandra Ng..
Last time all his characters are damn macho..
But as a guy with no balls he kinda yeng..
He's Unicorn starred by Louis Fan (樊少皇)

That's a girl (Gemini : Liu Yang)..
Daughter of some guy that
has been framed & killed by the eunuch..

Parent's of Barbie Hsu in the movie..

Second Movie

Disney's "Up"
This movie damn nice..
Must watch..
Must must must watch..
Sad and funny and nice and funny and sad..
Before the story starts,
they show us where babies came from..
And also where the rain comes from..
Dog is man's best friend,
whereas a stork is a clouds best friend..
The movie start off with Carl Fredricksen
watching a documentary of Charles Muntz..
Then later he met Ellie..
Watch yourself..

-Doug, The Talking Dog-
Who's cute and annoying..
In the cone of shame..

-Charles Muntz-
Childhood hero of Carl..

Kevin, a she bird which he thought was a male..
Russell, talks as much as my bro but cuter..
Doug, the talking dog..
Carl, grumpy old man on an adventure..

Russell and his scouts thingy..

So nice la the movie..
Makes me wanna cry..
But of coz control macho..

There's alot of movies coming up..
And i feel like watching:-
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Princess and The Frog
  • Cloudy With A Chance Of MeatBall
  • G - Force
  • Dance Flick
  • Where Got Ghost

    What else..
    "Where Got Ghost" is a
    chinese movie from singapore..
    Will be coming out next month i think..
    Movies again..

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