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Wednesday, 30 September 2009


This morning the internet connection
was down again..
Called Streamyx again..
The fella told me there was
some kinda blockage and he just cleared it..
So i need to off the moden and turn it back on..
If i have to do that everyday i will die man..
After i restart the modem,
everything was ok..

Can die man..
I don't even know what it means..
Please try again later..
I've tried so many times but still the same response..
It's been like that for hours..
But all the other sites can be opened..

i want one of this..
So nice right the shoe..
Tetris inspired slip ons..
I've always wanted one of this slip-ons..
Did you know that green colour was my fave last time..
i almost spelled green as grenn..
My english is rotting away..
These days whenever i'm typing i need
to double check the spelling and all..

And i just realised something..
I don't like other people to say "hey"..
I'd prefer them to say Eh..
''Hey'' sounds err stranger-ish?
To me at least..

Some people are so stupid..
Ridiculously hilarious..
I will never do that man..
Not even for a thousand bucks..

One more thing i won't do is wear this shirt..
To Mickey & Minnie's lover..
I present to you..















Freaking stupid man..
So yucky..
If anyone i know wears this,
i will pretend not to know them and stay far away..

Eh, time for lunch..
Home cooked meal..
My mom just brought it..
Like small kid nia..

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Yeah right..
The stupid connection has been
sloooow like crazy..
But yesterday and this morning,
it was dead..
My colleague and me was decomposing..
Then afternoon called Streamyx..
This time not much complains from me..
Edwin or something like that
was quite helpful..

My toe is swollen..
And blue black..
Paining like hell..

Yes i know i have an ugly toe..
Looks kinda retarded..
Ingrown nail is really painful..
And scary too..
Since last week my toe has been hurting,
like hell..
I'm seriously bored..

Gatsby hairspray which is useless..
UberMan which i love the smell..
S.H.E who i love..
Part of the Mentos bottle which
was imported from Kedah..
i jz realised i have alot of chocolate
from Kedah which u cant find here..

And also orange bottled hand sanitizer..
Mandy gave me this last sun..
She thinks that i'm dirty
and need sanitizing..
It's actually because it's orange colour..
And it's goofy..
Not my fave Disney character..
But goofy like me..
On sunday me, Mandy and Karmen
went out to 1U to watch movie..
Karmen watched The Ugly Truth
while me and Mandy watched
The Ugly Truth and Where Got Ghost..

Well basically,
The Ugly Truth was nicer than i thought..
Katherine Heigl is sooo damn hot and sexy..
And the movie is crazily funny,
IF you can take dirty jokes..
Seriously i think the cencorship board
is FULL of boring people..
Since it's categorised as 18PL
then why still wanna cencor it..
Those who cant take it can
choose not to watch it wert..

Where Got Ghost?
Not as great as i thought it would be..
Everyone saying it's damn funny..
But for me it was just ok..
At parts it was intense and kinda scary..
I actually got shocked at the
second story, the one in the forest..
I kinda regret not gettin the McD glass..
I refused to get it coz there's no orange glass..
I think i gettin more crazy over the colour..

Saturday, 26 September 2009


My very cute 4years old nephew..
Mr. Solomon..
Extremely cute, handsome and very smart..
But can't sit still for even a minute..

Picture was taken @ my grandad's place..
This was the only time i've seen him sit at
one place for more than 2mins..
And he forces people to look at him
while he was blowing bubbles..
Damn cute..
He's seriously damn adorable..

That will look so gay if
they're not related..
After staying awake til 5am
in the morning..
One lives in PJ and the other in JB..
But they're still damn close with one another
whenever they meet up..
They walk, talk, sit, stand,
eat, sleep, shit together..
They been this way since they were kids..

Hush Puppies..
Me likey..
So comfy..
And the price is so cheap..

This was how long my hair is 2days after i cut it..
I cut it on 13/08 which means it's 15/08..
One and a half month later..
If i tried to do the same hairstyle
it will turn out to be..

Damn ridiculous rite..
Funny like hell..
Somehow i love playing with my hair..
Especially when its short..
I can wax it all up or down and all around..
Yes i looooovvvvve my hair..
But feel like letting it grow for
few more months before cutting it..
And i wanna change the style to
something more simple..

Friday, 25 September 2009


English Upside Down??

(click for larger view)

It's so awesome..
I heard others talking about the
pirate one..
But i've never seen it before..

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Getting slapped in the face
jz coz u fucking disagree with me..
that is the way to discipline someone?
Take the children of my uncle for example..
He never hit his kids..
And yet they're way more disciplined
any of my other relatives..
how bout all those other that have
been so-called disciplined?
They turned out to be worse than ever..
you said my children will treat me
the same way i treat u..
So does that mean u treat ur dad the same way?
I have taken more than jz slaps ok..
Cane, stick, belt..
Do u think i give a damn anymore?
It doesn't matter already..
I've taken all this since i was a kid..
I'm immune to it already..
You treat other people's children
better than ur own..
Maybe you just treat other
people better than me..
Who knows..
Maybe you just hate me..
Coz i'm not a person who knows
how to polish ur shoe for u..
Fuck it..
Don't wanna care anymore..

Friday, 18 September 2009


Reason for being absent for so many days..
My grandfather passed away..
Was involved in an accident..
Received a call on Sat 12/09 at 1045pm..
Said he was involved in an accident..
Suffered from a broken ribs..
Broken back bone..
Passed away at about 2-3am on 13/09..
Blood was all over the scene..
I can still see it when i came back the other day..
He was laid to rest on 15/09..
His tomb was just next
to my granny's tomb..
May he rest in peace..
We rushed back that instance..
I don't even know what time we reached..
The past week has been filled with
tears and laughter and testimonials..
And i met relatives i've never met..
I am a grand aunt to a 4year old boy..
Met him for the first time 2days ago..
I slept for 4 hours in 48hours..
Drank loads of coffee..
Was just stuck at home..
Reached here thurs at 6am..
My sis went to work but i slept til 1pm
and came back to work today only..
Still sleepy as hell..
Who body still tired..

Saturday, 12 September 2009


All the guys are the same..
Made a mistake and doesn't wants to admit
that they made a mistake..
And can't just let go of one thing..
They have to keep asking and asking..
Own mistake and keep forcing
others to say they're sorry..
Their head is so damn thick..

Friday, 11 September 2009


I talkin a funny way now
coz i have an ulcer on the left side of my tongue..
My mom jz brought me lunch..
Curry =.=""
And ladies finger.. Yuck..
How much i hate to eat it
even though it good for something which i forgot..

Yesterday Karmen asked to go yamcha..
The first thing i notice in the msg
was McD and Nugget..
Damn jialat..
Straight said ok..
Went at 8pm and reached went home bout 1030..

Maxis kisiao and became like Streamyx..
Msg cant be sent out..
Joyce called and tell me she
tried to msg me so many times..
Even my msges cant be sent out..
So both of us off and on back out phone..
Gao dim..
Received so many msg from her..
For the past week
i've been playing games from

Thursday, 10 September 2009


Coffee three days in a row..
Will result in something bad..
These days keep feel like eating
bread, sandwich and half boiled eggs..
And i'm always craving for McD nuggets..
Been exactly one week since i last had it..
Some people can be damn fan..
If once in a while
find me to chat then it's ok..
But not everyday la pls..
Sumore type in pinyin..
Read til become cock eyes d la..
Susah betul..
Read need to reprocess in the brain
so that i will understand what the fella saying..
Wana reply oso need to think so damn long..
I'm just crapping..
Too much caffeine going to my head..

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


09| 09 | 09
Big deal la...
Shitty line...
I'm seriously gonna die man..
Connection sux like hell..
All games cant load..
Not even one man..
Even facebook is hard to load..
Should've bought some books to read..
But that'll be boring as well..
How i wish something interesting will happen..
Looks like it's gonna rain..
Damn it..
Always rain at the wrong time..
Damn it..
I hope tomorrow the line ok d..
So frustrating..
Falling asleep..
Imagine you have 5 daughters..
You can go broke just buying sanitary pads..

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


firefox keep crashing..
go to hell!!

The other day,
i dreamt that i had a cut on my hand..

Everyone in facebook is going crazy over
"Fan Check" & "Pick A Friend"..
i almost went crazy yesterday..
My mail was spammed like crazy..
All from Facebook lifeless people
tagging and commenting..
And today i saw this,
"All those using the "FAN CHECK" application
please DELETE it and its PICTURES
as it contains virus and takes 24-48hours
to infect everyone on ur friends list!
Please copy to ur status to let
everyone know thankz.."
I don't really believe it's true..
Coz maybe someone was annoyed like me..
And decided to circulate this news..
I hope everyone is buying this news..
So that i won't get anymore spams from Facebook..

This morning the line was freaking slow..
Plus i can't sign in to msn..
Was only successful after about half an hour later..
Feel like drinking coffee..

i love S.H.E!

Monday, 7 September 2009

05/09/09 - 06/09/09

Wow today's post super long..
Went for a small gathering..
Coz Voon Hong came back from Kampar..
He'll be there for 3 years man..
This is only the first year..
Went to 1u..
Karmen, Mandy, Jaslyn, Voon Hong,
Jian Pin, Me, Joyce and her friend "N"..
Few of us ate at Wong Kok then walked around..
Then met up with Joyce and "N" at Burger King..
Hang around there..
Then they left one by one..
In the end there was me, jas, joyce and "N"..
It was only 10+..
So decided to go other place..
Wanted to go Ming Tien but the weather was super hot..
So went back to the hotel..
Had a cup of mixed Vocka..
Then me and jaslyn was super red faced..
I can drink but my face turns red damn fast..
And i'm also kinda allergic.. LOL..
Went home about 1130pm..

This is how my face looked like when i reached home..
Before that it was even redder..
My uncle said those who turn red easily won get drunk fast..
Jaslyn's face was also like tomato...
Talked alot of crap..
Laughed alot..
Tried to scare Joyce.. LOL..
She went outstation for a month man..
If only i can do that..
Thank god my parents were
asleep when i reached home..
If not sure kena ask why face so red..

Was supposed to meet up with
Jaslyn, Joyce and N..
But call joyce and her fren oso cant get..
Jaslyn Khew sumore tell me she's at Pyramid
and doesn't wants to meet up..
So canceled the plan..
But i still went to 1u..
With my mom and sis..
My sis wanted to cut her hair and we wanted
to take my mom to Chili's and My Honeymoon..
So when my sis was cutting her hair
i took my mom to Secret Recipe...
Had 2 cup of coffee which i forgot the name..
Lasagna, Tiramisu and Chocolate Indulgence..
Bill came up to 48+ i think..
When it comes to eating,
i won't be stingy..
Met up with Joyce and her friend awhile..
Then sat at the bench to do "people watching"
After my sis was done we went to Chili's..
Ordered fish, lamb and chicken..
Don't remember the name..
I was seriously bloated man..
Wanted to take my mom to My Honeymoon
for desert cz she loves to eat those foods..
But we're all damn full..
So nxt time only try..
Walked around then bought sushi for my dad..
Came home, went pasar mlm at about 730..
I was freaking tired and sleepy but i wanted to kepo..
Wanted to buy the brick game thingy..
But my family thinks that i'm retarded..
Saw one stall selling mask..
Darn cute wei...
Alot of choice and only Rm5..

Cute bo?

that's the new earring i bought at Topaz..
Rm25 and my mom complaing its exp..

see the necklace?
someone has the same one as mine..
bought together at the same place..

My deceased granddad's gold watch..
He's my mom's father...
The watch is not for me..
Given to my dad..
But it fits me perfectly..
And my dad says it looks good on me..

The one on the left is the one
i bought at Leisure mall for Rm45..
Center one is from B.U.M given
by my youngest aunt..
And right one is my granddad's watch..

Btw, remember this post?
The one dated 17/July/2009
The one with harisu?
Someone commented on it Sunday..
But he has no balls though..

Couldn't even get his facts right before he commented..
Eh fucking retard..
First of all..
I DON'T have a penis..
Coz i'm a girl..
And secondly,
did i mention that i was against her
or anything close to that?
Are u fucking blind or u cant read?
i wrote there,
"this is Harisu..
she's so damn hot/sexy/pretty..
but that lady/dude is just *bluegh*..
feels like vomitting.
if i see her again i'll advice her
to go for a few more surgeries.."
I think "Joel" doesn't have the capability
to understand english properly..
He must have asked someone to help his type the comment..
Too stupid to understand..
I clearly wrote there Harisu is hot/sexy/pretty..
and the dude i was referring to
was the fucking salesperson at Guardian..
Next time read properly before leaving comments asshole..
And grow some balls la dude..

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Friday, 4 September 2009


Went to pasar mlm with Joyce & Jaslyn..
On the way there me and Jas saw one couple in a car,
in front of us at a traffic light..
Two of them were like hugging cuddling, kissing..
The girl bend down....
and disappeared...
Jeng jeng jeng.. LOL..
me and Jaslyn was like o.O
Bought my kuaci..
Then walked around awhile..
Decided to go yamcha at McD..
Eat my beloved nugget..
Wonder why humans have cravings..
i'm blogging less and less these days..
i'm getting sien d..
so damn bored everyday stay at home..
thank god i'm going out tomorow and sun..
Might catch a movie a guess..
But i want to play pool..
Haven't played in a long time..

Thursday, 3 September 2009


I tried to change my template..
But i gave up..
Damn hard..
For me la..
btw one of the baby hamster is gone..
Yesterday was 7/14 in chinese calendar..
and someone accidentally scare me..
At the KFC toilet.. Kns..
Their new shrimp thingy doesn't taste err nice..
Tried it yesterday..
I really love shrimp but this one is yuck..
Doesn't even taste like shrimp..
My boss's youngest daughter is so cute..
This morning i reached my office
to see my stuff all over the table..
And i saw one small ''present'' on
my table as well as my colleague' table..
She took my blade and wrapped it up..
My colleague' is her liquid paper..
So adorable..
and she even wrote on the back,
"From [her name]
- turn around"
and the front
"To : Johhana for u"..
My colleague' was the same except she wrote
"[colleague' name] jie jie for u"
How i wish there are kids or babies at my house..
That'll be so nice,
as long as it's not mine la..
I so do not think i would wanna give birth..
Coz it's gonna be sooooo painful man...

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


My baby's baby gave birth last night..
2 babies this time..

I can't believe someone said i'm old..
i'm only 19 ok!!
Not old at all..
Still a teenager..

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I almost didn't sleep last night..
Crazy mosquitoes every where..
This sunday i'm going out..
Don't really have a plan yet..
Most prob will catch a movie..
Oh ya..
i finally got to catch K.A.M.I..
For me it's sooo nice..
Loved it..
The end part so sad..
I teared a little..
and the yesterday there was a show with an
interview with Yasmin Ahmad..
I almost teared again..
Every Merdeka i'll get up at 7 or 8 something..
Not coz i'm patriotic or what..
it's coz my dad'll wake up damn early
to watch those parade and stuff..
And he'll on the volume til damn loud..
So end up i no need to sleep..
I'm so unpatriotic =.="
This year every celebration has been down toned..
coz of the economy and H1N1..
Malaysians are definately not
taking H1N1 seriously..
How many people you know that
actually wears a mask when they go out?
I'm having cravings again..