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Monday, 7 September 2009

05/09/09 - 06/09/09

Wow today's post super long..
Went for a small gathering..
Coz Voon Hong came back from Kampar..
He'll be there for 3 years man..
This is only the first year..
Went to 1u..
Karmen, Mandy, Jaslyn, Voon Hong,
Jian Pin, Me, Joyce and her friend "N"..
Few of us ate at Wong Kok then walked around..
Then met up with Joyce and "N" at Burger King..
Hang around there..
Then they left one by one..
In the end there was me, jas, joyce and "N"..
It was only 10+..
So decided to go other place..
Wanted to go Ming Tien but the weather was super hot..
So went back to the hotel..
Had a cup of mixed Vocka..
Then me and jaslyn was super red faced..
I can drink but my face turns red damn fast..
And i'm also kinda allergic.. LOL..
Went home about 1130pm..

This is how my face looked like when i reached home..
Before that it was even redder..
My uncle said those who turn red easily won get drunk fast..
Jaslyn's face was also like tomato...
Talked alot of crap..
Laughed alot..
Tried to scare Joyce.. LOL..
She went outstation for a month man..
If only i can do that..
Thank god my parents were
asleep when i reached home..
If not sure kena ask why face so red..

Was supposed to meet up with
Jaslyn, Joyce and N..
But call joyce and her fren oso cant get..
Jaslyn Khew sumore tell me she's at Pyramid
and doesn't wants to meet up..
So canceled the plan..
But i still went to 1u..
With my mom and sis..
My sis wanted to cut her hair and we wanted
to take my mom to Chili's and My Honeymoon..
So when my sis was cutting her hair
i took my mom to Secret Recipe...
Had 2 cup of coffee which i forgot the name..
Lasagna, Tiramisu and Chocolate Indulgence..
Bill came up to 48+ i think..
When it comes to eating,
i won't be stingy..
Met up with Joyce and her friend awhile..
Then sat at the bench to do "people watching"
After my sis was done we went to Chili's..
Ordered fish, lamb and chicken..
Don't remember the name..
I was seriously bloated man..
Wanted to take my mom to My Honeymoon
for desert cz she loves to eat those foods..
But we're all damn full..
So nxt time only try..
Walked around then bought sushi for my dad..
Came home, went pasar mlm at about 730..
I was freaking tired and sleepy but i wanted to kepo..
Wanted to buy the brick game thingy..
But my family thinks that i'm retarded..
Saw one stall selling mask..
Darn cute wei...
Alot of choice and only Rm5..

Cute bo?

that's the new earring i bought at Topaz..
Rm25 and my mom complaing its exp..

see the necklace?
someone has the same one as mine..
bought together at the same place..

My deceased granddad's gold watch..
He's my mom's father...
The watch is not for me..
Given to my dad..
But it fits me perfectly..
And my dad says it looks good on me..

The one on the left is the one
i bought at Leisure mall for Rm45..
Center one is from B.U.M given
by my youngest aunt..
And right one is my granddad's watch..

Btw, remember this post?
The one dated 17/July/2009
The one with harisu?
Someone commented on it Sunday..
But he has no balls though..

Couldn't even get his facts right before he commented..
Eh fucking retard..
First of all..
I DON'T have a penis..
Coz i'm a girl..
And secondly,
did i mention that i was against her
or anything close to that?
Are u fucking blind or u cant read?
i wrote there,
"this is Harisu..
she's so damn hot/sexy/pretty..
but that lady/dude is just *bluegh*..
feels like vomitting.
if i see her again i'll advice her
to go for a few more surgeries.."
I think "Joel" doesn't have the capability
to understand english properly..
He must have asked someone to help his type the comment..
Too stupid to understand..
I clearly wrote there Harisu is hot/sexy/pretty..
and the dude i was referring to
was the fucking salesperson at Guardian..
Next time read properly before leaving comments asshole..
And grow some balls la dude..

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