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Tuesday, 8 September 2009


firefox keep crashing..
go to hell!!

The other day,
i dreamt that i had a cut on my hand..

Everyone in facebook is going crazy over
"Fan Check" & "Pick A Friend"..
i almost went crazy yesterday..
My mail was spammed like crazy..
All from Facebook lifeless people
tagging and commenting..
And today i saw this,
"All those using the "FAN CHECK" application
please DELETE it and its PICTURES
as it contains virus and takes 24-48hours
to infect everyone on ur friends list!
Please copy to ur status to let
everyone know thankz.."
I don't really believe it's true..
Coz maybe someone was annoyed like me..
And decided to circulate this news..
I hope everyone is buying this news..
So that i won't get anymore spams from Facebook..

This morning the line was freaking slow..
Plus i can't sign in to msn..
Was only successful after about half an hour later..
Feel like drinking coffee..

i love S.H.E!

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