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Friday, 11 September 2009


I talkin a funny way now
coz i have an ulcer on the left side of my tongue..
My mom jz brought me lunch..
Curry =.=""
And ladies finger.. Yuck..
How much i hate to eat it
even though it good for something which i forgot..

Yesterday Karmen asked to go yamcha..
The first thing i notice in the msg
was McD and Nugget..
Damn jialat..
Straight said ok..
Went at 8pm and reached went home bout 1030..

Maxis kisiao and became like Streamyx..
Msg cant be sent out..
Joyce called and tell me she
tried to msg me so many times..
Even my msges cant be sent out..
So both of us off and on back out phone..
Gao dim..
Received so many msg from her..
For the past week
i've been playing games from

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