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Friday, 18 September 2009


Reason for being absent for so many days..
My grandfather passed away..
Was involved in an accident..
Received a call on Sat 12/09 at 1045pm..
Said he was involved in an accident..
Suffered from a broken ribs..
Broken back bone..
Passed away at about 2-3am on 13/09..
Blood was all over the scene..
I can still see it when i came back the other day..
He was laid to rest on 15/09..
His tomb was just next
to my granny's tomb..
May he rest in peace..
We rushed back that instance..
I don't even know what time we reached..
The past week has been filled with
tears and laughter and testimonials..
And i met relatives i've never met..
I am a grand aunt to a 4year old boy..
Met him for the first time 2days ago..
I slept for 4 hours in 48hours..
Drank loads of coffee..
Was just stuck at home..
Reached here thurs at 6am..
My sis went to work but i slept til 1pm
and came back to work today only..
Still sleepy as hell..
Who body still tired..

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