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Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Yeah right..
The stupid connection has been
sloooow like crazy..
But yesterday and this morning,
it was dead..
My colleague and me was decomposing..
Then afternoon called Streamyx..
This time not much complains from me..
Edwin or something like that
was quite helpful..

My toe is swollen..
And blue black..
Paining like hell..

Yes i know i have an ugly toe..
Looks kinda retarded..
Ingrown nail is really painful..
And scary too..
Since last week my toe has been hurting,
like hell..
I'm seriously bored..

Gatsby hairspray which is useless..
UberMan which i love the smell..
S.H.E who i love..
Part of the Mentos bottle which
was imported from Kedah..
i jz realised i have alot of chocolate
from Kedah which u cant find here..

And also orange bottled hand sanitizer..
Mandy gave me this last sun..
She thinks that i'm dirty
and need sanitizing..
It's actually because it's orange colour..
And it's goofy..
Not my fave Disney character..
But goofy like me..
On sunday me, Mandy and Karmen
went out to 1U to watch movie..
Karmen watched The Ugly Truth
while me and Mandy watched
The Ugly Truth and Where Got Ghost..

Well basically,
The Ugly Truth was nicer than i thought..
Katherine Heigl is sooo damn hot and sexy..
And the movie is crazily funny,
IF you can take dirty jokes..
Seriously i think the cencorship board
is FULL of boring people..
Since it's categorised as 18PL
then why still wanna cencor it..
Those who cant take it can
choose not to watch it wert..

Where Got Ghost?
Not as great as i thought it would be..
Everyone saying it's damn funny..
But for me it was just ok..
At parts it was intense and kinda scary..
I actually got shocked at the
second story, the one in the forest..
I kinda regret not gettin the McD glass..
I refused to get it coz there's no orange glass..
I think i gettin more crazy over the colour..

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