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Thursday, 3 September 2009


I tried to change my template..
But i gave up..
Damn hard..
For me la..
btw one of the baby hamster is gone..
Yesterday was 7/14 in chinese calendar..
and someone accidentally scare me..
At the KFC toilet.. Kns..
Their new shrimp thingy doesn't taste err nice..
Tried it yesterday..
I really love shrimp but this one is yuck..
Doesn't even taste like shrimp..
My boss's youngest daughter is so cute..
This morning i reached my office
to see my stuff all over the table..
And i saw one small ''present'' on
my table as well as my colleague' table..
She took my blade and wrapped it up..
My colleague' is her liquid paper..
So adorable..
and she even wrote on the back,
"From [her name]
- turn around"
and the front
"To : Johhana for u"..
My colleague' was the same except she wrote
"[colleague' name] jie jie for u"
How i wish there are kids or babies at my house..
That'll be so nice,
as long as it's not mine la..
I so do not think i would wanna give birth..
Coz it's gonna be sooooo painful man...

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