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Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I almost didn't sleep last night..
Crazy mosquitoes every where..
This sunday i'm going out..
Don't really have a plan yet..
Most prob will catch a movie..
Oh ya..
i finally got to catch K.A.M.I..
For me it's sooo nice..
Loved it..
The end part so sad..
I teared a little..
and the yesterday there was a show with an
interview with Yasmin Ahmad..
I almost teared again..
Every Merdeka i'll get up at 7 or 8 something..
Not coz i'm patriotic or what..
it's coz my dad'll wake up damn early
to watch those parade and stuff..
And he'll on the volume til damn loud..
So end up i no need to sleep..
I'm so unpatriotic =.="
This year every celebration has been down toned..
coz of the economy and H1N1..
Malaysians are definately not
taking H1N1 seriously..
How many people you know that
actually wears a mask when they go out?
I'm having cravings again..

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