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Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Getting slapped in the face
jz coz u fucking disagree with me..
that is the way to discipline someone?
Take the children of my uncle for example..
He never hit his kids..
And yet they're way more disciplined
any of my other relatives..
how bout all those other that have
been so-called disciplined?
They turned out to be worse than ever..
you said my children will treat me
the same way i treat u..
So does that mean u treat ur dad the same way?
I have taken more than jz slaps ok..
Cane, stick, belt..
Do u think i give a damn anymore?
It doesn't matter already..
I've taken all this since i was a kid..
I'm immune to it already..
You treat other people's children
better than ur own..
Maybe you just treat other
people better than me..
Who knows..
Maybe you just hate me..
Coz i'm not a person who knows
how to polish ur shoe for u..
Fuck it..
Don't wanna care anymore..

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