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Saturday, 26 September 2009


My very cute 4years old nephew..
Mr. Solomon..
Extremely cute, handsome and very smart..
But can't sit still for even a minute..

Picture was taken @ my grandad's place..
This was the only time i've seen him sit at
one place for more than 2mins..
And he forces people to look at him
while he was blowing bubbles..
Damn cute..
He's seriously damn adorable..

That will look so gay if
they're not related..
After staying awake til 5am
in the morning..
One lives in PJ and the other in JB..
But they're still damn close with one another
whenever they meet up..
They walk, talk, sit, stand,
eat, sleep, shit together..
They been this way since they were kids..

Hush Puppies..
Me likey..
So comfy..
And the price is so cheap..

This was how long my hair is 2days after i cut it..
I cut it on 13/08 which means it's 15/08..
One and a half month later..
If i tried to do the same hairstyle
it will turn out to be..

Damn ridiculous rite..
Funny like hell..
Somehow i love playing with my hair..
Especially when its short..
I can wax it all up or down and all around..
Yes i looooovvvvve my hair..
But feel like letting it grow for
few more months before cutting it..
And i wanna change the style to
something more simple..

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