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Friday, 4 September 2009


Went to pasar mlm with Joyce & Jaslyn..
On the way there me and Jas saw one couple in a car,
in front of us at a traffic light..
Two of them were like hugging cuddling, kissing..
The girl bend down....
and disappeared...
Jeng jeng jeng.. LOL..
me and Jaslyn was like o.O
Bought my kuaci..
Then walked around awhile..
Decided to go yamcha at McD..
Eat my beloved nugget..
Wonder why humans have cravings..
i'm blogging less and less these days..
i'm getting sien d..
so damn bored everyday stay at home..
thank god i'm going out tomorow and sun..
Might catch a movie a guess..
But i want to play pool..
Haven't played in a long time..

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