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Saturday, 31 October 2009

My toe is hurting again..
And before gettin my pay,
i've already calculated that i will be
broke for November..
There goes my hope for shopping..
Since Malaysia is such a hot country,
i shall start buying more short pants..
Cny is in 105more days..
Hope i get big bonus..
Then can start shopping..
I will use at least half of it for clothes & shoes..
and restyling my hair..

i haven't cut my hair for almost 3 months..
It's freaking long now..
and it's killing me..
I'm not gonna grow long hair anymore..
Long hair damn mafan..
Wasting of money coz need to buy
shampoo & conditioner..
Waste water when washing..
Waste electricity coz need to use hair dryer..

Friday, 30 October 2009

EH EH... >.<

Finally i learnt how to post video..
Damn failure..

Thursday, 29 October 2009


this is my 301st post..

Last nite,
went to yamcha..
With Mandy, may yan & Jackie..
last minute call me out..
And she does what she does best..
Changed the location over and over again..
With may yan & jackie around,
things will never get bored..
Really miss those times..
We used to stand outside the class
and talk at the coridor..
So much has changed..
even thou we still keep in touch
but not so fun like last time..

I feel this week dam sueh..
All those fkin customers really pissing me off..
You think you're our only customer?
Only you have to work and others don't?
Fk you la..
and this fella share name as one of my fren..
and even sounds like her..
Luckily they stay at different area..
If that person is someone i know,
i would really................

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Stupid bitch....
Is it all the people with the
name Agnes are bitches??
I so damn want to rant..
But i'm too lazy to do so..
Stupid bitch ruined my mood la..
Feel like slappin her in the face man..
Make me repeat so damn many times..
Hello bitch,
it's the fucking procedures la ok..
you think i want your i.c so much izit?
wtf can i do with ur ic number??
Pls use ur fking brain to think la ok..
i rob the bank and leave ur ic number there??
mother trucker retarded biatch..
So what if ur the Puchasing Manager..
Big deal la...
If purchasing from other company is easier,
then don't purchase from my company la...
Explained to her the reason but
she still wants to ask the same question..
Why must i give my ic?
I dont believe in giving my ic..
Don't give la..
Don't buy a-cond..
Go make your own la..
Damn 7 lansi lo...
Blardee fool...
Make me damn pissed off..
She repeat the same question about 10X..
And each time she gets louder and louder..
And bitcher...
Have to do business with this kinda ppl reli can die..

Monday, 26 October 2009


This is nice..
Went to watch on last fri with Jas,
and also her Cg frens..
And highlight of the night was..
pain til can die...
And ivy was there.. o.O
But we sat like 500km apart..
But the movie is really funny..

Sat went out whole night
with Leon, Doreen and my bro..
Went to yc, went to find my uncle
who jz came down from Genting,
ate at Jalan Alor, sent his mom back..
Then went to find his friends at D'sara..
Was out til 6++
Reach outside my house at bout 630am..
Then Leon was talking/advising til 7am..
Changed, washed my face, msg-ed my fren..
Went to sleep..
Unbelievably my dad didn't nag like hell..

Friday, 23 October 2009

Eh, Finally.. Wtf..

Yesterday i wanted to update..
i type halfway then 4got bout it..
Three days ago,
i wore shoes even though
my toe was hurting like hell..
For 3days straight i wore shoes..

Then last night..
i went to see Dr.Cheah..
I was so afraid that he might
PLUCK my nail...
yala i noe i damn kiasi..
He checked then asked me to go
to the other room..
And me to sit on the bed thingy..
Put a piece of A4 paper under my foot..
Then make small talk with my mom..
Yea i noe i damn retarded,
still need my mom teman me..
He took de thing that look like a tam tong..
I was like OH NO~~
was grabbing my cap and all..
Damn mensiasui-kan..
The doc no mercy punya..
Pain til i almost died..
He even take some dono what to poke the wound..
I didn't even look..
Mother trucker..
i was shouting/laughing at the same time..
Reli pain til beh tahan ok..
Pain til dizzy/feel like vomitting/weak/blackout..
Wtf man..
The doc stil can laugh at me..
I was in so much pain that i almost kicked him..
When i came out, one aunty was staring..
And asked my mom what's wrong..
even more malu..
Then another aunty came and asked..
I was like wtf..
Took the med then went home..
Was so damn weak til cant walk..
Reach home went to lie down (in pain)
Went to vomit..
The whole plate of my dinner came out..
Ate med..
Still pain..
Wanted to sleep..
But didn't..
Went to the room..
My friend called..
Talked for 35mins..
ntg else d..
Went to slep at about 1?

The other day,
went for dinner at somewhere behind curve..

Restoran Key Way Sdn Bhd..
No.1-1, Jalan Pju5/18, Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara, 47810, P.J, S'ngor..

Reasonable price,
love the taste..
Go and try..
There's also seafood..
5 person the total is Rm80+..
And the amount of food we ate is not little..

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Watch This..
or else i hate you..

Yesterday reach home from work,
eat dinner,
watch some tv,
went to bed..
U think i slept till this morning??
Some idiot called me at 10..
Woke me up to ask me stupid question..
Then my bro told me, my cousin's coming over..
Went out to yamcha til bout 12++..
Eat, talk, laugh, joke, crap..
Bath after i reached home..
Then i can't sleep..
I think it's coz of coke..
Sms with "pissy".. (lol)
Slept at about 3am..
Surprisingly i don't feel sleepy at all this morning..

I think i am balding..
My hair is getting thinner and thinner..
I don't know if it's the cap or what..
But for sure i am balding..
pre-mature balding..
help me...
i can't go bald..
i'd rather die.. (or so i think)
What to do wei?
and also...
wearing slipper to work causes black feet..
And slipper with jeans?
Makes me feel like all those lala..

Monday, 19 October 2009

BoyZone - Better

Our love has changed
It's not the same
And the only way to say it
is say's better

I can't conceal
This way I feel
For all the times we spend together
Forever just gets better

Seem what I'm try to say is
You make things better
And no matter what the day is
With you here it's better

I stand by you
If you stand by me
I think it's time that I reveal it
Cause I believe it
It's better

Seem what I'm try to say is
You make things better
And no matter what the day is
If you're here it's better

Ooh the more I write song to you
I'm fall in love with everything you do


Seem what I'm try to say is
You make things better
And no matter what the day is
With you here it's better

Our love has changed
It's not the same
And the only way to say it
is say's better

Friday, 16 October 2009


i type til so long den everything gone..
jz now ppl emo-ing..
now all gone..
Wtf la...
lazy to re-type it..

i think i should go see the doc tonite..
But srsly..
i'm scared that i will cry..
i sket pain..
i'm so afraid i cant think st8
and oredi typing in this manner..

For those who like ur sushi fresh..
Pls watch --> this video..
For those who like to eat fresh fish..
Is this fresh enough? --> fresh fish..

Thursday, 15 October 2009


i wore slippers to work today..
the nail part really..
blood & pus..
pain til beh tahan..
and i sprained my right ankle yesterday..
when i told joyce,
her reaction was 'hahahaha so bad luck'
what kind of friends i have..
my colleague ask me go see doctor..
but my mom said the doc will
cabut the whole nail out..
i'm kinda afraid it will hurt..
and it seems kinda disgusting..
imagine if the nail is not at the place its supposed to be..
i can stand people beating me...
i cant tahan people pinch me and this kinda pain..

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My comp has been laggin since few days ago..
And today finally i found out the reason..
Cafe World..
This game caused my comp to lag like hell..
And i restart my comp at least 10times today..
The whole thing just stopped..
Nothing moves..
After i close the game everything went back to normal..

my toe is killing me..

Monday, 12 October 2009

Stephen Patrick David Gately (17 March 1976 – 10 October 2009)

My fave in Boyzone..
Such a waste he passed away at
a young age..
He's only 33 man..

Last sat my cousin bro came over for prayers..
Then his gf came over after finishing her class..
Eat and chat..
Then went for dinner/yamcha at about 8+..
Sit at the mamak til about 11sumtin..
Decided to make tea..
So went back to his house
which is at Sg.Buloh to get the tea leaf & stuff..
Reached there at 12+..
Hang around for awhile..
Then went over to my house..
Heated the spaghetti that Leon made..
Then he made tea..
5of us played Monopoly - Transformers version..
drink, eat, talk, play, laugh..
Fun fun fun..
Then few of us was hungry..
Decided to go out to eat..
It was already around 5am i think..
Went to Sec14 Mcd..
Then my cousin-sis-in-law (lol) was getting sleepy..
Leon fetched us back then he went home..
When i reached home it was 5.45am..
Did some stuff get changed..
Went to bed thinking i can sleep in..
I wake at 9+ sleep back then wake at 11..
Cant sleep d..
It was fun..
I like staying up late when i'm with
my relatives..

I watched Dance Flick last night..
It was a lil funny but mostly sucked..
Paul Blart was nicer + funnier..

Friday, 9 October 2009


Life was easier back then..
How i miss those times..

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Mango Loh

Yesterday my friend msn-ed me..
"Sam! I nit help!"
Then she continued..
"I need tuna in RC"
Damn zadao..

Yesterday was supposed to go murni..
But in the end May Yan asked to change location..
Let's see who went..
May Yan, Jacky, Yoke Cheng and her bf (Hong),
Mandy, Karmen, Voon Hong, Jaslyn & Me..
Those who reached early went to Wong Kok and waited..
After about half an hour all reached..
Then went to this place near
Taman Sea primary sch..
It's like all those china restaurant that
people normally go with their family..
You know those order a few type of dish + rice..
My first time to going to this kind of place with friends..
After finish eating went to Ss2 KTZ..
Ate mango loh..
In the end changed location again..
To McD..
Then continue talking and stuff..
When we group together all we do is
talk, laugh, eat, talk and laugh..
And of course we update one another with our lives..
I miss school..
The times where we can
meet everyday..
talk everyday..
laugh together everyday..
eat together everyday..
If given a choice i would still go back if
the same people will still be there..
Yesterday at Jaslyn's place i asked her
if i should wax my hair..
She said "wax la"..
After i waxed she came back to the room,
her reaction?
She started laughing and tell me i look funny..

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Guess What?

My english deteriorate like mad..
Actually i didn't know how to
spell the word deteriorate..
I went and google-ed it..
i'm such a failure..
I shall try to improve on my english..
I'm not too lazy to do so..

I just realised that i like to put paper
or stuff like that in my back left pocket..
And i will always forget about it..
The receipt from Neway since last few weeks
is still in my jeans i think..
Shall go back and check..
This morning my mom asked me
why did i bring clothes to change,
where am i going..
I should've answered her "clubbing"
Wonder what her reaction would be..

Everytime i pass by a saloon,
i am so tempted to go in and cut my hair..
I wanna let it grow longer first..
Till somewhere below the shoulder..
And after i cut it..
It will be something like this..

But this one i feel not so nice..
Nike has nicer hair..

Nice right?
Nice right??
Nike is so adorable..
But i don think i will cut my side til so short..
Maybe a little longer..

Can see the highlight?
My parents kinda disallow me to highlight my hair..

I like this picture..
So cute..
I bought another type of wax last night..
And also hair spray from Brylcreem..
But i find it..
Not so good..
Maybe coz my fringe too long..
No worries dude..
I cut my fringe last night..
Damn expert..
Not the first time i cut my own hair..
Seriously wana change hairstyle d..

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


I just found out that Doraemon
is available in English..
And i bought one this morning..

tomorrow i am going for dinner..
At murni..
With friends..
After so many months,
finally i get to see Yoke Cheng and May Yan again..
The last time i saw them was in may i think..
Can't wait..
Oh btw..
been having weird dreams for
the past few nights..

if i have nightmare tonight
i'm gonna kill u for sure..
Shit ass video..

Monday, 5 October 2009

Because I Love You~

Semalam I pergi berjalan-jalan
di 1utama dengan family I..
Sebab sudah lama tak keluar dengan family..
Kita pergi makan di Pizza Hut..
Pastu jalan lagi..
Beli barang..
Pastu makan lagi..
Lepas makan jalan..
Lepas jalan makan..
Entah kenapa,
tapi baru baru ini i asyik terasa lapar aje..
Mak i kata i punya perut ada masalah..

Finally i changed my phone cover..
How much i love my new case..
From the hot pink (EWW!)
to white colour..
I wanted whole thing orange..
But takde..
Actually the centre piece is orange..
But need to take to phone shop to change..
And the fella suggest if nothing wrong
then better dont change..
Once i reached home,
i took out my 'tools' and opened it..
The whole of my phone left the body nia..
Seriously is damn complicating..
So i just change the front and back..

White is the best colour for phone..
In my opinion la..
Both my phone is in white..
But the other phone case is also dying..

Eh Karmen..
You can't say my phone is gay anymore..
The other day i was saying something damn gay..
And her reaction was,
"Better than your phone la..
Pink colour.. More GAY!!"
I was like =.=""
So now it's straight..

I also got myself something
i've wanted for a long time..
I had alot of this since i was a kid..
But all spoil..

I saw one in orange last few week..
But i didn't but it..
Now left blue colour nia..
And my sis is telling me she is
so tempted to buy one..
How much i love to play this
kind of games..

Guess what?
Me, Jas and Joyce have been chatting
online almost everyday..
And there have been so many typo
that made us LOL..
Literally laughing out loud..
There's pissy, kukui,
berak shoe, sai lai, lmo..
And we were talking about the incident
that happened in 2007..
We crashed into the taxi
instead of the taxi crashing into us..
Sometimes i miss those moments..

Friday, 2 October 2009


Somebody save me..
The line has been lagging like hell..
Even Facebook can't be opened..

you know what?
I realised the name "Jaslyn Khew"
has appeared many times in my blog..
You should be proud man..

Let's start a contest..
In a weeks time the person who can get
the correct amount of the times
her name appeared on my blog
gets free lunch on me..

I have weird friends..
One asked me to go play lantern..
Another one asked me to buy lantern for her..
If it's those normal ones ok la..
Coz easy to find..
She wants Winnie The Pooh or Piglet..
Anyone know where to get this?
One more has became silai..
Kena jaga baby, wash clothes,
she also plays mahjong and watches drama..

And me sitting in front of the comp,
thinking of what to eat for lunch..
I'm sick of eating the same food everyday..
My friend suggested me to eat porrigde..

David Archuleta has nice voice and a cute face..
His eyes are gorgeous and i love his songs..

Hannah Montana The Movie is hilarious..
I've watched it twice..
I like Hannah Montana..
But i kinda hate Miley Cyrus..
I know it's kinda weird right..
Since they're the same person..
Can't believe there's people who didn't know that..

After such a loooooong time,
finally MyFm played Wan Chean's song..
But i was on the phone at that time..

Some customers are so damn stupid
Some are damn annoying..
Some are damn rude..
Feel like shouting at them..
But still need to keep cool..
Coz without customers,
my boss no income..
My boss no income,
i wont get paid..

I'm just being random..
And i spelt it as ramdon..
Me and my colleague talking crap..
Coz we're too damn bored..

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Random #

I was going through my old emails..
and found some pictures that i received..
A very cute photo of me when i was 10..
These pictures was taken before
a friend leaves for Sabah..
So sad..
Found her back on friendster last year i think..
Which means lost contact for 8years..
Meet up few months back..
Not much change besides the size..
Wanna see my cute face?

Not clear?

Damn cute kan..
Some will ask,
"what happened to you?"
Err.. Hormones?
I know i am waaay cuter now..

I found a pic that PROVES
how much JASLYN KHEW
is in LOVE with ME!!

Don't deny it..
I know how much u love me..
I know ur so gonna deny it..

I bought a Doraemon comic
this morning after breakfast..
And i still haven't read it yet..
No time..