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Monday, 5 October 2009

Because I Love You~

Semalam I pergi berjalan-jalan
di 1utama dengan family I..
Sebab sudah lama tak keluar dengan family..
Kita pergi makan di Pizza Hut..
Pastu jalan lagi..
Beli barang..
Pastu makan lagi..
Lepas makan jalan..
Lepas jalan makan..
Entah kenapa,
tapi baru baru ini i asyik terasa lapar aje..
Mak i kata i punya perut ada masalah..

Finally i changed my phone cover..
How much i love my new case..
From the hot pink (EWW!)
to white colour..
I wanted whole thing orange..
But takde..
Actually the centre piece is orange..
But need to take to phone shop to change..
And the fella suggest if nothing wrong
then better dont change..
Once i reached home,
i took out my 'tools' and opened it..
The whole of my phone left the body nia..
Seriously is damn complicating..
So i just change the front and back..

White is the best colour for phone..
In my opinion la..
Both my phone is in white..
But the other phone case is also dying..

Eh Karmen..
You can't say my phone is gay anymore..
The other day i was saying something damn gay..
And her reaction was,
"Better than your phone la..
Pink colour.. More GAY!!"
I was like =.=""
So now it's straight..

I also got myself something
i've wanted for a long time..
I had alot of this since i was a kid..
But all spoil..

I saw one in orange last few week..
But i didn't but it..
Now left blue colour nia..
And my sis is telling me she is
so tempted to buy one..
How much i love to play this
kind of games..

Guess what?
Me, Jas and Joyce have been chatting
online almost everyday..
And there have been so many typo
that made us LOL..
Literally laughing out loud..
There's pissy, kukui,
berak shoe, sai lai, lmo..
And we were talking about the incident
that happened in 2007..
We crashed into the taxi
instead of the taxi crashing into us..
Sometimes i miss those moments..

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