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Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Stupid bitch....
Is it all the people with the
name Agnes are bitches??
I so damn want to rant..
But i'm too lazy to do so..
Stupid bitch ruined my mood la..
Feel like slappin her in the face man..
Make me repeat so damn many times..
Hello bitch,
it's the fucking procedures la ok..
you think i want your i.c so much izit?
wtf can i do with ur ic number??
Pls use ur fking brain to think la ok..
i rob the bank and leave ur ic number there??
mother trucker retarded biatch..
So what if ur the Puchasing Manager..
Big deal la...
If purchasing from other company is easier,
then don't purchase from my company la...
Explained to her the reason but
she still wants to ask the same question..
Why must i give my ic?
I dont believe in giving my ic..
Don't give la..
Don't buy a-cond..
Go make your own la..
Damn 7 lansi lo...
Blardee fool...
Make me damn pissed off..
She repeat the same question about 10X..
And each time she gets louder and louder..
And bitcher...
Have to do business with this kinda ppl reli can die..

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