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Friday, 23 October 2009

Eh, Finally.. Wtf..

Yesterday i wanted to update..
i type halfway then 4got bout it..
Three days ago,
i wore shoes even though
my toe was hurting like hell..
For 3days straight i wore shoes..

Then last night..
i went to see Dr.Cheah..
I was so afraid that he might
PLUCK my nail...
yala i noe i damn kiasi..
He checked then asked me to go
to the other room..
And me to sit on the bed thingy..
Put a piece of A4 paper under my foot..
Then make small talk with my mom..
Yea i noe i damn retarded,
still need my mom teman me..
He took de thing that look like a tam tong..
I was like OH NO~~
was grabbing my cap and all..
Damn mensiasui-kan..
The doc no mercy punya..
Pain til i almost died..
He even take some dono what to poke the wound..
I didn't even look..
Mother trucker..
i was shouting/laughing at the same time..
Reli pain til beh tahan ok..
Pain til dizzy/feel like vomitting/weak/blackout..
Wtf man..
The doc stil can laugh at me..
I was in so much pain that i almost kicked him..
When i came out, one aunty was staring..
And asked my mom what's wrong..
even more malu..
Then another aunty came and asked..
I was like wtf..
Took the med then went home..
Was so damn weak til cant walk..
Reach home went to lie down (in pain)
Went to vomit..
The whole plate of my dinner came out..
Ate med..
Still pain..
Wanted to sleep..
But didn't..
Went to the room..
My friend called..
Talked for 35mins..
ntg else d..
Went to slep at about 1?

The other day,
went for dinner at somewhere behind curve..

Restoran Key Way Sdn Bhd..
No.1-1, Jalan Pju5/18, Dataran Sunway,
Kota Damansara, 47810, P.J, S'ngor..

Reasonable price,
love the taste..
Go and try..
There's also seafood..
5 person the total is Rm80+..
And the amount of food we ate is not little..

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